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  1. Scott Baret

    Millenium bug after 20 years?

    CC, I agree with your assessment on 2000-2001 seeming a lot like "nineteen ninety ten" and "nineteen ninety eleven", and this of course extends beyond computers and technology in general. 2001 seems much more like 1998 than 2004 despite there being a three year difference between both years, plus or minus. I also feel the beginnings of the internet and the internet in general define generations. I know some may disagree with me, but I feel people who remember a time before the internet are a different generation than those who can't really remember that. I like to use 1988 as my defining year for this; most people born in 1987 or earlier would remember those days considering the internet made it big around 1994. Regarding the actual start of a millennium, it's always xyz1. Likewise, a decade is x1 and a century is xy1. (x, y, and z represent any digit between 0 and 9). Regarding the bug, have you checked out the SetDate control panel? There's also a System 6 version now!
  2. Scott Baret

    Performa 200 - Original Loaded Software?

    Sounds good, keep me posted!! I don't have the Legacy Recovery CD so I can't vouch for it, although I'd guess it would only have the system software and not the ClarisWorks, etc. I do have the System 7.0 CD and the only software other than system utilities on it is HyperCard 2.0.
  3. I'm attempting to restore my Performa 200 to its original state. These computers never came with system restore disks; original owners needed to use Apple Backup to create them. (This was surprisingly common on cheap PCs at the time too; I own an IBM PS/1 which also has a backup program and came without disks for Windows 3.1, DOS 6, and the pre-installed MS Works 2.0). The good news? I was able to restore the Performa system software from backup. The bad news? I didn't get a backup of the other software. I know all Performas came with ClarisWorks, and the 200 definitely came with version 1.x based on the timeframe. I own a complete boxed copy of ClarisWorks 1.0 so I know I'm in good shape there. I also have Mouse Practice. What else came with the Performa 200? It strikes me as too early to have anything BUT ClarisWorks. Some newer ones did come with other programs (I know the 550 had Super Munchers and I think a bunch of models had Quicken) but I can't seem to recall any other titles offhand for this and even have gone so far as to look things up! I do have an 80MB drive in it so I know that's an original part. The 200 only came with that capacity if I remember correctly. I also have recapped analog and logic boards. It's just the software bit that is really getting to me here!! Someone on here had a boxed 200 a few years back so someone is bound to know around these parts!! Additionally, I'm missing the manuals...anyone have an extra they'd want to sell?
  4. Best thing to do for a failed flyback is to find a machine that got eaten alive by battery goop and pull the analog board/flyback from it. Not only do you get the flyback, you get a power supply, an analog board, some drives, and a speaker. There may even be other components on the board if the leak isn't too bad (chips, RAM, etc).
  5. Update on something weird: I opened the Mac up, disconnected and re-connected the power supply, then moved the monitor off to the side and disconnected the ADB chain. No interference! I reconnected it. Again, no interference. Then, I put the computer and monitor on top of each other as usual. If there's any interference there, it's only me looking too hard and seeing what probably is just normal CRT behavior. This Mac had some sound issues when an Apple II card was installed, and it seems the Apple II card had done something to the logic board where it would short things out. I felt getting rid of all connections may help. LC is re-capped so caps aren't the issue on the main board. Any more ideas? Any way to prevent this in the future?
  6. Monitor has interference when cursor is moved or new text appears. This comes in the form of horizontal lines that are light gray against white. It's not an ADB issue due to modifier keys not causing this problem.This usually only happens or can be noticed on blank white screen.The monitor seems fine otherwise.I'm guessing potentially the boards/caps, potentially the fact it's on a circuit at an apartment building when many people have A/Cs running. Never have had this issue until recently. I do have a spare board with new caps to swap in if need be, but I'd like to rule out anything else first--specifically the CRT itself.Thoughts? I'm hoping it's just something on the boards since I do know an analog board swap has fixed similar issues on compact Macs.
  7. Scott Baret

    StyleWriter I - no ink on paper

    My StyleWriter I won't output any ink on the paper regardless of which cartridge I use. I have used two new ones and blamed it on a defective one the first time. Now, it won't do anything with the other cartridge despite having purged the cartridge multiple times. Everything sounds fine otherwise within the printer. What is my next step here?
  8. Scott Baret

    LC no sound

    ADDENDUM TO ABOVE: Remember how I said it played fine on the other LC IIs? This includes a few which have been recapped.
  9. Scott Baret

    LC no sound

    I have a very strange problem on one of my LC IIs. The board was re-capped and most sounds play normally, but the music on Midnight Rescue does not. It comes out very, very faintly from the speaker. One thing to note is that the music on that game is not played from .snd resources but rather from SONG resources. This is the sort of sound that newer OS releases break, although I'm running 6.0.7 on this machine (and it plays normally on all of my other LC IIs). I've tried re-installing the program with no success. Could this also be related to the chip?
  10. Scott Baret

    Macintosh SE Disk Drive Replacement

    I got a floppy cleaner last year on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0028B7138/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It fixed the issue with my LC's drive, caused by reading a dirty floppy and gunking up the head. Even if your drive has an issue deeper than what this can solve, it's still a useful tool to have around if you have other Macs. Keep in mind most people didn't regularly clean their floppy drives when these computers were being used on a daily basis and 20-30 years of dust have accumulated inside them.
  11. Scott Baret

    SE/30 hard drive LED mod

    Nice! I also put a blue LED in an SE once and it looks really neat! I too like the red LED on the SE. They seemed to come exclusively with the 20MB MiniScribe; larger capacity Quantums almost always had the amber light (although I have seen a few very late model SEs with green LEDs--they may not be original though).
  12. Scott Baret

    A 1993 Manufacture Mac Classic?

    Was the Classic manufactured longer in countries outside the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan? I found a Classic with what appears to be a 1993 manufacture date and Classic II-style speaker holes on eBay today. It's located in Egypt. Any insight would be helpful here, especially if we have any friends from that part of the world on here! Here's the computer in question: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-Classic-M0420-Powers-On-Sold-As-Is/173277079784?hash=item28581e68e8:g:dG0AAOSwqlFaqB0p
  13. Some re-capped machines do seem to have a slight boot delay. I've seen this in some of the re-capped LCs I have on hand.
  14. Scott Baret

    Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    I'm planning on buying a bulk pack of batteries for the lab I use with the kids and installing them, then replacing them in 4 years. The ones I have at home are easier since I can keep a closer eye on them. As soon as the battery fails, out it comes.
  15. Scott Baret

    Vintage Rubber Feet + Bare Wood = Very Bad?

    I can do one worse. This past fall, I got an ADB keyboard and one of the feet was a little worn. I left it in my car for a day before taking it in. The foot melted on the seat of my car. It took a good hour and lots of elbow grease (and Turtle Wax interior cleaner) to get that mark off. Beware of the feet on LCs, too...they can get wonky over time.