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  1. Scott Baret

    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Recap the board. Most Macs which lose their internal speaker do so because of this. Also, check the contacts of the speaker on the board at its connector. It's less of an issue with the 475 or other newer LCs (the contact pads do create problems sometimes on the original LC, which uses a different speaker assembly) but still worth investigating. That being said, caps are likely your primary culprit.
  2. Scott Baret

    Tips for speeding up an SE

    If you get your SE up to 4MB and want to use a RAM disk, I'd advise RamDisk+ by Roger D. Bates. It's an old shareware utility, and you can actually switch it to be your startup disk so that the system is accessible from it. It will speed things up a little bit. Even going to a Quantum ProDrive LPS will speed up the drive. Also, check to see how many INITs, cdevs, fonts, and DAs you really need. Pare down the fonts and DAs with the Font/DA Mover. Remove any unnecessary extensions from the System folder. All will save on RAM and make things a little snappier.
  3. Scott Baret

    Vintage Hardware Health?

    It could have been designed to have been always-on, and while I'm not familiar with that exact peripheral, I do have one without a power switch, a LaserWriter 4/600 PS, which was intentionally designed to be left on in low-power mode 24/7. However, given the age of the printer, I decided it should only be on when it's in use to minimize wear and tear on the electronics, especially since it's getting harder to find printers for parts/people willing to ship these old printers. As such, I bought a run-of-the-mill power strip (the kind sold for $5 nearly anywhere--I think I got this one at Walgreens) and flip the switch as though it's a power switch whenever I want to print from it. It's not the prettiest solution, but it's cheap, practical, and gets the job done.
  4. Scott Baret

    How to bless an original system suitcase.

    Old versions of the system didn't have the Mac icon on the System Folder. As Dog Cow points out, MFS is one of the big reasons behind this. I believe it was sometime around 4.1 or 4.2 when the icon started to appear. If you run a later version of the System (like 6) and need to bless a System Folder, there are a few ways to do it. The most commonplace method is to drag the System file out, then back in. This usually does the trick. There are also utilities out there to do it, including one of Apple's own. I believe it was only ever included on the developer CDs from the 90s, however! (They're worth tracking down for little gems like this--and also complete reinstalls of Performa System Software).
  5. Scott Baret

    Does anyone know where to buy the Macintosh Security Kit?

    There's a third-party one on eBay right now, not sure if that would be acceptable here as a substitute: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-Plus-case-lock-tab/202891145332?hash=item2f3d413074:g:a9sAAOSwG5teMHfn
  6. Scott Baret

    La Porta's Finds

    Good call on always taking the Torx with you when you buy a Mac. I admittedly did the same with the SE/30 I bought today. I opened it up on the padded seat of my car so I could check for a leaked battery before I bought it. This isn't the first time I've done it, either...once brought the tools into a coffee shop and opened a Classic II in front of a crowd of people...
  7. Scott Baret

    A Perfect Condition SE/30

    The only thing wrong with this is the mouse is a bit yellow. I’ve never done Retrobrite before but since I know I have a pristine mouse lost somewhere in my storage unit just in case, I think I found my first item to try with it!! Any tips for a first timer who lives in a city with a lot of cloudy days?
  8. Scott Baret

    A Perfect Condition SE/30

    Few things in life are perfect, but this SE/30 definitely is cosmetically. It does boot, but given the lack of sound, it’s going to get new caps before I use it. The hard drive is also bad, so I’m going to make this the ultimate dream machine, sticking a big ol’ 2 gigger in there and finding the correct RAM for a 128MB configuration. From there, it’s just a matter of determining which software to run on it. Office 4.2.1 is already a given.
  9. Scott Baret

    The 2020 Experience

    From my own experiences: System 6 goes to 1920. System 7 goes to 1920. I don't have anything with OS 8 up right now (anyone want to recap my PowerBook 190?) OS 9 does work. The SetDate control panel is a good option for going into 2020 and beyond. I ran it on a 7.1 LC and a 6.0.8 SE and both were able to set 2020.
  10. Scott Baret

    IIci Cache Card

    Honestly, it's a good question, as I dropped that card off at the recycler. It just didn't seem like a big deal for my particular Iici. Anyone have experience with recapping a busted cap on a Iici card, as in one that went during use?
  11. Scott Baret

    Price Check: Classic II

    I'd go for it. At worst, you get some good parts.
  12. The "squirrel cage", also termed the "rat cage" by some, was phased out in early 1988. The noise wasn't the principal complaint, however. Many felt the fan was responsible for screen interference; this could have also been the result of the horizontal-facing video board (which isn't recommended for the newer fan, either). I have also witnessed this firsthand in SEs, long before the capacitors became the chief concern among SE analog board problems. All SE/30s left the factory with a blade fan, but it is theoretically possible to put the old analog and video board combination inside an SE/30. As I recall, Apple offered a fan replacement program for some time for SE owners. It must not have been all that popular, however, as I don't see many 1987 SEs with the newer fans. Apple used two blade fans in North American SE models. There's a DC Pico Ace 25 and an Elina-Fan. The Elina seems to be the slightest bit quieter. Of course, the real noise factor can be a hard drive. Both the MiniScribe and older Quantum 3.5" drive, usually installed in an SE with a factory hard drive, were notoriously noisy drives. (However, perhaps to compensate, the SE has a speaker which projects better than any compact Mac as a result of placement and front bezel design).
  13. Scott Baret

    Imagewriter II ribbon cartridge sources?

    @maceffects, if you need a guarantee for someone who will buy a ton of ribbons, look no further. If all the kids decide to use Kid Pix when I have the lab set up, I can plow through one or two a month. (It also teaches patience when this happens...remember the "Waiting for AppleTalk ImageWriter" message on the network?)
  14. Scott Baret

    LC575 screen

    Regarding 13 vs 14 inches...that actually comes about because of how Apple used to measure monitors. The 13" and 14" Apple Trinitron displays are the same size. The reason? When the Hi-Res Display first came out, Apple measured by how much was actually viewable, assuming the height and width were set to the defaults (with the black border around them). Many competitors only measured the size of the physical screen. Sometime around 1993, that changed, and the extra inch was tacked on despite the monitors being the same size, both physically and in terms of viewing area. The 575 display should fit fine into a Macintosh Color Display, which was the Trinitron standalone from the same time period as the 500 series. It may also work with the Hi-Res Display, Apple's earlier Trinitron product. Since CRTs are hard to dispose of, both from an environmental and legal standpoint, it's worth keeping, especially if you do acquire one of those displays or another 500 series someday and find it's in need of a display. The CRT itself usually lasts practically forever; other components in the monitor itself can go and if the CRT does need replaced, it's going to likely be from a scratch, burn-in, or some phosphor issue caused by overuse (though I've rarely seen this on Trinitrons, both TVs and computer monitors).
  15. Scott Baret

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    Could Ultrasonic work on a StyleWriter I? I've got one that won't print from any cartridge.