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  1. Thanks for the reply, but this procedure is for LOS 3.1 7/7 and on floppy. I need a way for LOS 1.0 in a profile image. Pitou!
  2. Hello, A friend and myself succeed making a Lisa 1 work. We copied a LOS 1.0 image to a Profile using BLU. The Profile boots fine. However, we're trying to deserialize the image to be able to launch LisaCalc or LisaDraw. I search through the image using a Hex editor based on the deserialize doc for Lisa 3.1 7/7 and no luck. Here is the image we used: http://www.bitsavers.org/bits/Apple/Lisa/office_1.0/los1.0_sn0010_wTools.img It seems that the serial number is 0010. I looked through bytes looking for $0A or $10 but no luck again. Any idea on how we could deserialize a Profile image? Thank you. Pitou!
  3. Pitou

    Apple 3 LLF diskette image

    I found it here: https://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/images/apple3/system/ https://mirrors.apple2.org.za/ftp.apple.asimov.net/images/apple3/system/Apple3-ProFile-5-MB-Low-Level-Formatter.po I've LLF 2x ST-506 in my profiles and it worked fine. Pitou!
  4. I'm now getting the startup chime. However after a couple of seconds, I get another sound/chime. I tried the RAM simms in another MAC and they are good. Can you tell me what it could be related to? Thank you. Pitou!
  5. Hello, Anyone knows where I can find the Apple 3 Low Level Format floppy disk image? Thank you. Pitou!
  6. I replaced the CPU but still the same. I'm about to try a new 68882 FPU. My guess is that the fx needs both the CPU and FPU in order to boot what's in the ROM SIMM. Will let you know. Pitou!
  7. I have to admit that I'am very happy!
  8. Yes the speaker was connected. I am lucky enough to have another logic board. I replaced many logic chips and still no luck. I'm thinking the main 68030 CPU might be blown. It happened before on another Mac II. I played around with the scope, but it's a bit hard without the schematics. I'll hunt for a new CPU. Do you know if I should at least get the startup chime *without* the 68882 co-processor? Also, to get it, I must have at least for banks of RAM filled. Is that right? Thank you. Pitou!
  9. You were right, it was the video board. Precisely, it was the 7824CT regulator. Resistor R1 was brownish and was running very hot. I replaced the resistor, but that wasn't enough. Replaced the 7824CT and no luck again. Finally I had to replace ceramic caps C32 and C1 along with 7824 (as it was blown again) and R2 just to make sure. C2 and R2 were also replaced before. Now it's running rock steady. Pitou!
  10. Hello, My Lisa just started to stretch the image vertically too much. I tried adjusting the pots. Recapped the video board. Measured the "Height" pot and it seems fine between 0 ohm and around 96 kohm. It started stretching slowly and finally got this (refer to the attached picture) Could it be related to the power supply? Any idea? Thank you. Pitou!
  11. Hello, I have a Mac IIfx that I just recapped. I now turns on, but I get no chime/sound at all. I tested the ROM SIMM and RAM simms in another Mac and it's fine. Any ideas/pointers? Thank you. Pitou!
  12. I meant "or" I simply have a bad rom
  13. Success! The culprit was the 4th rom (0642) as expected. Now I'm wondering if that is the error on the early production and I simply have a bad rom. Pitou!
  14. FYI, I desoldered the 4 rom chips and read them. By comparing them with good known ones, I found that on the 4th rom (342-0642- , 1 byte is different at offset $AD95. $8A instead of $AA. All 3 others are fine. I also read the 4th rom 3 times just to make sure. I have a spare 0642 rom. I will install sockets and try it. Will keep you posted. Pitou!
  15. I just find this on this website: http://macfaq.org/hardware/logicboard.shtml Could this be related? Does this error prevent the Mac from starting up? I might plan to desolder the 4 rom chips and read them. I guess that any EEPROM 64k x 8 could replace the existing one. Am I right? Can you suggest any EEPROM number that will do the job? Thank you. Pitou!