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  1. MrCoffee

    Dead SE/30

    Is it the sound of the HD spinning up and setting the heads over the parking area track just once, or do you hear the ton of seeks and transfers that are normally associated with the boot up process? Honestly, I dont remember, but I believe i hear the drive trying to boot, or at least a lot of seeking..... will check it again. (Got furstrated not having the second box to work on, so I plugged a G3 iMac into where the SE/30 was.)
  2. MrCoffee

    Dead SE/30

    Hey hey, My SE/30 seems to have died. It powers on, but nothing, no display, other then hearing the HD cycle. No idea what happened to it other then age. I am looking for a replacement, but if anyone has any suggestions of a possible fix, it would be great. Thanks, MrC
  3. MrCoffee

    128k Mac - What were apple thinking!

    I have to agree, this is one of the most interesting threads I have read on the 128/512. When I get home I will have to add some of my systems to Mac128's Database... )
  4. MrCoffee

    Good comms program for SE,SE/30, etc

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help. I actally found a fll version of Red Ryder on the Boston Computer Society website for download.. Cheers!
  5. Hi everyone, I am trying to find a decent comms program to use with a couple of my 68k Macs. I use to use Red Ryder all the time, and it is the only comms app I can think of.... (ok, I am getting old...). Does any one have a suggestion on which comm program I might still be able to get ahold of? Thanks!
  6. MrCoffee

    Colour Classic carcass!

    The CC is a great find.... I got my two from a dumpster one day... took them home and power them right up, no issues, not a single problem.... well only one minor problem... the guy that owned the dumpster made me take the 15 or so LC, LC II, and LC III systems too... Of course my wife didnt speak to me for a couple of weeks when I backed up to the house and unloaded it all.... but thats ok, I like the quiet...