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  1. Nasir Gebelli I just noticed these interviews posted recently by Apple Time Warp... http://appletimewarp.libsyn.com/nasir-gebelli-part-1-of-3 http://appletimewarp.libsyn.com/episode-4-nasir-gebelli-part-2-of-3 http://appletimewarp.libsyn.com/episode-5-nasir-gebelli-part-3-of-3
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    Vote for Apple II

  3. mmphosis

    RetroChallenge Winter Warm-up 2008

    I'm late, but I am busy making HELLO WORLD programs for the original Apple 1. Although I am cheating because I don't actually have an original Apple 1 computer. There aren't many around, so I built "Isaac" an Apple 1 emulator that runs on my slightly retro iBook to run the programs. http://www.geocities.com/mmphosis/apple2/contest/2008/retrochallenge.net.html