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  1. 68k family

    Performa 476 Restoration

    Awesome progress. can't wait to see the results.
  2. 68k family

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    The card more than fits in my Quadra 650. I had read that it didn’t fit in the 700 and the lid closing entirely but apparently, it is possible for it to fit and close completely but the sound will be an issue because the 700 never had an internal CD rom. Dont know about the 900 and 950... never even seen one in real life.
  3. 68k family

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    That is correct. It will also work in the Quadra 800/900/950 and Centris 650. It will work in the Quadra 700 but you won’t be able to close the case since the card is too tall.
  4. 68k family

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    I’m going to have to check which one I downloaded... it made two disks (I know the dos card version was only one) and when windows loads after install, it throws up errors. I’ll have to try it again. Thanks.
  5. well, this has been a fun project. I don’t have a 6100 or the proper PDS adapter card to use my 486 DX2 dos card in my Centris 610 (which doesn’t work anyway at the moment.) so I decided to try it in my Quadra 650. I didn’t have any of the Dos or windows disks, so I found those, same with the Apple Dos Card software. The only remaining hurdle is the sound blaster drivers. I haven’t been able to get that working at all. I thought getting the display drivers was going to be horrid but that wound up not being too bad. Does anyone have the Apple disk for the sound blaster drivers or know what version of the sound blaster 16 driver installer this needs to work? Thanks!
  6. 68k family

    Warning PB180C Owners!!

    Makes me wonder about mine. So far my 190CS, Duo 230 & 2300c still work great. My 520c that I haven't been able to boot in years now has me worried. Can't find a damn power adaptor for that anywhere.
  7. 68k family

    Color StyleWriter pro

    Anyone still use a Color StyleWriter pro? What are you all still using for printing?
  8. 68k family

    SuperMac spectrum/24 IV

    I downloaded the drivers and de-binhexed them... Next problem is apparently StuffIt 4.5 isn't adequate enough to extract the archives.
  9. 68k family

    SuperMac spectrum/24 IV

    No I have a good working battery. Just put a new one in a week ago. I'm going to download the drivers and see what happens.
  10. 68k family

    SuperMac spectrum/24 IV

    I have this video card in my quadra 650 and every time I restart its back to black and white. Anyone have the drivers/control panels for this card?
  11. Want to get millions of colors on my 20" multiple scan display at a high resolution. Am I all wet here on a 68k Mac? The onboard video won't do it so what Nubus card do I need?
  12. 68k family

    Centris 610 no boot

    I had caps done recently - replaced with ceramics I believe. But that's not to say one of those went bad.
  13. 68k family

    Centris 610 no boot

    Well damnit anyway...I've been horribly busy, haven't been here in a long time and I've recently been using my centris a lot lately and it has worked flawlessly.. Until last night. I turn it on and after the boot chime I get the chimes of death - instantly. The monitor never wakes up, no image is displayed. The keyboard posts. The CD rom or floppy are never accessed (ejected) I disconnected everything and even removed the ram and vram. Same thing. I reseated everything and same story. Any ideas?
  14. 68k family

    Quadra 700 with SCSI2SD?

    I am thinking about picking one up for a Mac IICI I picked up. Hard drive was toast.
  15. 68k family

    Quadra 700 with SCSI2SD?

    Yeah, those drives I got from you are pretty awesome. I have one in my centris 610 and the other in my quadra 800.