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    new 99 dollar 500mhz 68020?

    John,software emulation and fpga are not the same isn't it?,can you buy a real fast i7 for 99 euro/dollar?,but I am not here to argue,some very talented man puts alot of energy in preserving and upgrading a processor wich we all love I hope,the only way we not so talented could support him is with our money,if we bundle our forces instead of argue maybe one day we can have new 68k computers,be it APPLE MAC,AMIGA or ATARI

    new 99 dollar 500mhz 68020?

    The developer,Gunnar,is very openminded,but he does all the hard work on his own,if we could support him it would accelerate the proces enourmously.We could have a cheap FPGA board with a very fast 68k MAC,AMIGA,ATARI,the hardware is here,only needs some good FPGA developers to write the code.

    new 99 dollar 500mhz 68020?

    The core Majesta uses is a crippled version with one execution unit,the full core has two of them so much faster,it is blazing fast,there wouldnt even be a need for an Mac,it could run on the FPGA alone.

    new 99 dollar 500mhz 68020?

    Guys excuse me,It is indeed the apollo core,is full 68020 compatible,it is as fast as a 500mhz 020 cause it is superscalar,has two execution units,fast fpu and many other improvements,it runs this fast on common Cyclone 5 Altera,nothing too exotic,there are Xilinx Zync 7010 boards for 99 dollar now,Zync 7010 contains fast Artix 7 fpga logic and is big enough for a very fast 68k mac,it has 1 gig ram,HDMI,usb,ethernet,all this on a credit card sized board. Maybe we could do a kickstarter campaign to hire in some developers?
  5. Would there be interest in a new 99 euro 500mhz 68020 mac with 24bit graphics and 16 bit audio?