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  1. I was at a favorite thrift store of mine and I found 2 IIe's with various card in them got both for $25 before taxes, neither of them are working (one just sounds like it has a bad power supply, the other has a board issue) but I have the biggest basement of parts for IIe's so It will work out. One even had the quark keys installed with fuctions printed on several of the keys. It also has a static discharge bar installed on it that is broke but still funny to see something say touch me first. I also would say there cases are real clean condition.
  2. Patnukem

    Apple //e Newbie Question

    when it says apple II at the top you should be able to type unless you have a floppy drive hooked up then it will want a floppy to do anything.
  3. Patnukem

    Apple IIe - Pop pop, fizz fizz

    i could always send you out one for cheap it you need one pm me.
  4. Patnukem

    Apple IIe - Pop pop, fizz fizz

    I sell lots of IIe's and this only happened to one customer, I think it was caused by the aging caps in it, I was not there so I can not say for sure, another power supply should fix it or you could very easily just swap out the old caps for new ones and see if it fixes it. I have seen several types of power supplies used on the IIe's so it would be hard to find an exact schematic but it should be straight forward.
  5. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    Here are some pictures The front of the computer all cleaned up, Here is a picture I showed before but now that I adjust the video it is much nicer looking, Here here are the profile tags that were dull and had no more paint on the so I took off a small layer of the Grey to reveal the metal underneath I think it looks a lot better then before,
  6. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    well I finally got my power on today and everything on my lisa is working again (I had to repair the Profile install of LOS) but after a fresh install it started right up. I only have small adjustments such as a few keys and adjusting the video switches on the inside. The db25 cable I got seemed to work just fine after breaking pin 7 off.
  7. Patnukem

    Games you'd like to see ported to Apple II...

  8. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    small update: I got my cable today but can not trying it since my power is still out will post as soon as I can get power and try out the whole thing again.
  9. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    I ordered a cable that should be here in the next couple of days, Ive put off making the IDEFile until I have more money to spend on it, but the board is ready to go.
  10. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    yeah I have several spares (Thanks to my huge collection of apple IIe's and parts. The same cap is in at least one type of apple psu for IIe's.) Switched it out and it fired right back up to solid ready light. Since I think it broke because of my homemade cable getting bumped and then shorting, Now I have to order a cable I do not know If I want a cheap parallel serial cable (then take pin 7 out) or a real apple profile cable. Either way I will have to wait for it to arrive before I can fully test the profile again.
  11. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    well it worked for a bit then the computer shut off. I was going to take out the PSU so I could get the computer back on, I bumped my homemade profile cable and it sparked and blew a cap in the profile. Anyway before that I did get the lisa os installed on the HD and started it. But I fixed both so we will see when I get a new cable and hope the HD did not die (when fixed the ready light still comes all the way on). here is a picture of it running LOS for the first time. and the capacitor that popped.
  12. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    My blank disks came in and I got system 3.1 all the lisa apps and lisa workshop disks made. So we can only hope the profile will show up tomorrow and I can get this thing going. I did test the first system disk and it did not boot but after cleaning the drive out it booted right up, this drive still operates smoothly mechanically and it still has the felt pad unlike the 512k I had that needed a new felt pad and a oiling.
  13. Patnukem

    Apple lisa repair.

    eh it ended I kinda would like a broken one with a good shell since I have an early 1984 mac mouse guts, that should work in the lisa one.
  14. Patnukem

    Power Macintosh 7200/120

    im glad it will be getting use please take good care of it for me
  15. Patnukem

    Red Power Macintosh 5500

    wow reminds me of post apocalyptic movies when they have the older computer that they have made up to look warn down a bit I like it defiantly has personality.