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  1. Metalchic

    Power Macintosh 5500/225

    i dont supose there are any geforce cards i could use either? i've got a geforcefx series pci card might that work?
  2. Metalchic

    Power Macintosh 5500/225

    well can it be flashed by me for a macintosh computer? i've been useing this card in a PC works just fine. (now its the 8500 now that runs HOT)
  3. Metalchic

    Power Macintosh 5500/225

    flashed for macintosh?
  4. i hear this mac has a PCI slot, (i'm pretty sure it does since the ones at the school did but mabye they were diffetrnt models. can i put an ordinary Radeon 7000 PCI card in this macintosh and load up drivers under OS9 for it and it works? (the mobo may not be in an all in one case but mabye it will i can always hook up an xternal monitor)
  5. Metalchic

    512 x 384...what monitors can I use for this resolution?

    if you can find drivers for it i dont see why any kind of monitor cant do it, i can force my ENViSION monitor up to as high as 1900x1080x32@60 and down to as low as 320x280x32@220 useing my ATi Catalyst control panel.
  6. Metalchic

    Can't get internet to work

    if you want internet via a standard ethernet network (like what windows machines ocnnect to) then you have to amke sure the AppleTalk isnt connectiung though the Ethernet by going to the AppleTalk control panel and either disableing AppleTalk or selecting it to a onborad Serial Port. in the TCP/IP control panel and set the conencton to the Ethernet then set it to DHCP or to manual and enter the information for conencting to your internet in manualy.
  7. Metalchic

    Colour Classic: a System 7 networking puzzle

    try removeing the appleshare extensipon from your extensions folder. see what it does from there, isualy tho deleteing the ENTIRE preferences folder the folder itself and everyhting then makeing a new direftory namd Preferences to take its plce then rebooting should wipe the memory of the auto connect.
  8. Metalchic

    PowerMacG3/300 DT

    wheni duig it out again well see
  9. Metalchic

    Dell Latitude CPi

    any drivers compadible with 2k work on XP, they might not be digitaly signed (wtich XP will throw a fit about) but tehy still work. the special visual features acn be turned off so that it looks alot like 2k it helps with the speed as well.
  10. Metalchic

    The Problem with Mice

    its possible that the IC chip has to do with the way the macintosh Polls the hardware. perhaps the computyer that one wihtout it assumes theres one keyborad and one mouse and doesnt poll the devices.
  11. Metalchic

    PowerMacG3/300 DT

    No G3 ever shipped in a Mac has 2 MB L2 cache. Peace, Drew then why does the label on my now dead G3 DT computer say "266MHz G3, 2MB L2 Backside Cache, 2MB ATI Rage Pro AGP, 24x CROM Drive, 4GB Hard drive" on a little sticker just to the above right hand side of the place where hte power cord pugs in if your looking at the back of the case.
  12. Metalchic

    PowerMacG3/300 DT

    the Biege PowerMacintosh G3 266 DT computer has 2MB L2 Cache
  13. Metalchic

    ha macintosh powerbook

    theroreticly if you have a cardbus mac under os9 you should be able to use the airport software to operate a cardbus wifi card
  14. Metalchic

    ha macintosh powerbook

    yeah but if your gonna run a cardbus mac i would go the direction of a linksys wireless G card cus its just as stable but alot faster.
  15. Metalchic

    ha macintosh powerbook

    its an ORiNOCO Gold Edition relabled card. it works with any non-CArdBus compliant macintosh with a PCMCIA slot.