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  1. bmacsys

    AMD Athlon Tower

    You can't get install video codecs or restricted drivers with Debian can you?
  2. I had one. I would pass on it.
  3. Tyler, I did find your page right off. When I click on the two files nothing happens. I am using a pc running Ubuntu. I will have to try again with a Mac. Thanks.
  4. Its getting harder and harder to dig up old drivers!
  5. It has to be cloned and not copied. SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner are the ticket.
  6. How concentrated is your bleach solution? I'm thinking of trying this myself. I probably went 40% bleach. I rinsed then used a bit of Comet for a little abrasiveness, rinsed and bleached again. Let dry in hot sunshine. Worked good.
  7. bmacsys

    DIMM doesn't fit in 7300...

    The 7200/120 isn't that bad. I think the bad rap stems from not being able to upgrade the processor till Sonnet came out with that weird G3 on a pci card upgrade. Positives for the 7200 in its day- You could put a decent amount of ram in its 4 slots. You could upgrade to 4 megs of vram. It was faster than a 7500/100. Has a great case. The 7200 that is. The 8200 I know had a shitty case. Anyway, who cares the 8200 had a shitty case? They only sold them in Europe. So the 7200 wasn't bad if you didn't plan to upgrade the processor. Which most people don't do. Most people aren't like us in this forum. They never crack open a computer case. ]'> PS- was only kidding about the Europe crack.
  8. bmacsys

    How to get CPU out?

    Yeah, the key is working out each side a little bit till you have it nearly all the way out. Then grab it on two sides and gently lift it up/
  9. Don't apologize. You speak good English. Great job on the IIci. I have had luck using a solution of bleach and leaving the Mac in the sun to make mildly yellowed cases come back to life.
  10. bmacsys

    DIMM doesn't fit in 7300...

    For completeness, we should mention the 7200 based Power Computing Clones. These include the PowerCurve, PowerTower (non-Pro), PowerCenter, and PowerCenterPro. All those machines will not work with EDO memory either, because they use the same chipset as the 7200. However, PCC said that there's no danger of damage to the machine with EDO memory the way there is with the 7200, it simply won't work. I can attest to frying a 7200/120 board with EDO dimms.
  11. bmacsys

    Another this weekend - Umax S900

    No, the master cpu would work if you dropped it in a 7500 or 8500 or 9500. The second cpu was the proprietary cpu. The two cpu's were attached by a ribbon cable. The cpu's could be mixed and matched. The main cpu could be a 233 MHz with a 46 MHz bus speed. The secondary cpu could be 200 MHz with a 50 MHz bus speed. The machine would then run at the speed of the slower processor. In this case 200 MHz with the 50 MHz bus speed.
  12. Hotline was in its day a great little piece of software. For its intended use it was nifty. I used to transfer files between my Mac's and it toasted regular file sharing for network copy speed.
  13. bmacsys

    Another this weekend - Umax S900

    THe pci slots had some strange bridge. Trag is an expert on that.
  14. bmacsys

    Another this weekend - Umax S900

    There is nothing more disappointing then a dual processor Mac that runs the classic Mac OS. Totally worthless except for a few Photoshop functions. The highlight in the case of the Umax was when running the Umax DP Libraries you saw a cool looking extension load when you booted the Mac.
  15. bmacsys

    Another this weekend - Umax S900

    It should. Is the card is good? What is happening? Did you seat the card well?