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  1. lisa2

    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    I can vouch for using A2server, as NJRoadfan said it is not just for Apple 2's and is a great solution for connecting older Macs. You may also want to look at MaciPpi. It is another great pre-configured Netatalk solution.
  2. lisa2

    Identifying Cards in a II+

    The card in slot 1 is a parallel printer adapter. On the end of the attached cable is a 36 pin Centronics (Amp) connector. It's understandable that is can be confused with a SCSI cable, the common connector for SCSI is a 50 pin version of this same style Amp. connector. The construction of the board/cable looks Japanese, most likely this a interface board that came with/from a printer manufacturer like Epson/Oki/NEC etc.
  3. lisa2

    Problem with FloppyEmu

    I have a AEHD+, my opinion is that they are not rare. While it does support Macintosh 1.44 disks, the main reason to have one back in the day was for compatiblilty with PC formatted disks. Using AEHD+ you can not boot from a 1.44 disk on a older non-FDHD mac. I also have a couple of floppyEmu's, and I disagree with the title of this thread, the fact that older Mac's do not support MFM disks is not a "problem" with the floppyEmu. The floppyEmu emulates a floppy disk and drive at a hardware level, it works very doing this. thank you, Rick
  4. D1 looks like a surface mount LED to me, does is light up?
  5. lisa2

    Best Hard Drive option for IIgs

    Your missing an option: ADTPro Virtual Drive
  6. lisa2


    That is what I was afraid of. You have major damage to the IO and mother boards. At get this working again, you will need to replace (or repair) those boards and possibly the card cage pan. In reference to your original post, you do not have a Lisa 1 anymore, but a Lisa 2 that needs a lot work, but is still worth saving. Rick
  7. lisa2


    It's clear from the photo that the system was converted (upgraded) to be a Lisa 2 (this was very common at the time). Before you attempt to turn it on, open the back cover and see if the white battery pack in the lower right corner of the IO board (the large green PCB facing you with the cover off) is present and take some close up photos of the area. I fear that if it's been sitting in the box since 1987 you will have battery damage. Also, in your photo you have a Macintosh mouse and a Macintosh Plus keyboard in addition to the lisa keyboard and mouse. Rick
  8. lisa2


    It was upgraded?? Most Lisa 1's were upgraded to become Lisa 2's (MacXL's), this is what makes the ones that weren't upgraded rare and the ones that were upgraded not-so-rare. Does the system (or you) still have the 5 1/4" disk drives and faceplate? Was the battery removed? Photos would be a help. Rick
  9. lisa2

    Turbo SE accelerator

    Yes, it does appear to have a PDS pass-thru connector on the back edge, but it is only labeled P1 so with out documentation I cant be sure what it is. The board has 4 SIMM sockets on it each populated with 1 Meg SIMMS, the ROMs are pulled from the SE logic board and installed on the Turbo SE board. There also is a small amount of RAM on the SE logic board, only 2 SIMMs, I am guessing they are 256K but I did not verify this. There appears to be no hacks on the main board, everything is cleanly interfaced thru the PDS slot. The finder reports the system as having 4Meg RAM, Speedometer reports the system as running about twice the speed of a stock SE, but Speedometer does not see the FPU. Sound seems to work OK. Rick
  10. lisa2

    Turbo SE accelerator

    I have a Mac SE with a Mac Memory Turbo SE accelerator. This board has a 16Mhz 68000, a 68881 math coprocessor, and 4 Meg RAM. It works very well, but I do not have any drivers or documentation for it. Does anyone out there have more information (or the software) for this board? Thanks, Rick
  11. Yes, MacIP.net is back working now. This is a very useful tool, Thank you! Rick
  12. Just got my MacIPpi setup working this week and it's seems that MacIP.net is down. I know that mactjaap (I think this is the owner) watches these boards, hopefully this is temporary, lot's of good information on his site. Rick
  13. While connecting an external monitor may be helpful in determining if the the system is outputting any video signal, be aware that the Lisa does not output a standard composite signal and requires a very specialized monitor.
  14. If the COPS chips is bad/missing or the IO board is not installed the Lisa will "just turn on" when you plug it in.
  15. FYI, the GSOS does support appletlak laserwriters by downloading postscript code into the laserwriter that emulates an imagewiter printer.