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  1. motley2659

    Worth Dual Booting a Mac Classic (System 6 & 7)?

    \ There are very few commercial games that require System 7 that run on a 68000 Compact Mac. The later Electronic Arts stuff like Syndicate and Theme Park require System 7 and will work on a Compact Mac in B/W, but also require 68020 minimum which would limit you to an SE/30 or Classic II. Same thing with Chessmaster 3000. IMHO, The only adavantage of using System 7 on a 68000 Compact Mac would be for networking.
  2. motley2659

    Downgrading from Mac OS 8.1 to 7.5

    I finally got it working. Steps: 1) Boot with 7.5 Network Access Floppy Disk or Disk Tools 2) Insert Drive Setup (IDE) CD (burned) 3) Delete 1GB partition and format 4) Reboot with 7.5 Floppy Disk 5) Insert 631CD Restore with 7.5.1 and Install 6) Install 7.5.3 update on CD (burned) 7) Install 7.5.5 update on CD (burned) Luckily this model has a CD-ROM drive that reads ISO 9960 ok or I would have been up the creek, or buying more accessories on eBay. Elfin: you are correct, 24bit addressing is not supported on this model, which I found out after install. Unfortunately, Lowend Mac and other sources reports that it does support 24bit. I'm much happier with 7.5 over 8.1. Even with no 24bit addressing, compatibility with older software has been much improved. Plus the System and Finder only take up 3.5MB of RAM instead of 8.5MB under Mac OS 8.1. My only complaint is that 7.5 won't read Multi-Session CD's and 8.1 will. So that means I have a bunch of CDr platters with empty space since I can't reuse the discs.
  3. motley2659

    Downgrading from Mac OS 8.1 to 7.5

    Us simpletons sometimes don't realize we are simpletons and ask questions on message boards. I was going to post another thread entitled "Where do I plug my Xbox 360 controller into my Mac Plus" but I caught myself. Thanks.
  4. motley2659

    Downgrading from Mac OS 8.1 to 7.5

    The latter. Either just 7.5 and the apps I've already installed or have a completely formatted drive and install 7.5.3 from scratch. Coming from the DOS/Windows world of vintage PC's I'm used to doing the usual fdisk, format, install the operating system. With vintage macs, it doesn't seem to be as simple as that To be clear, the only scenario (that I've tried) where the IDE hard disk is NOT recognized is booting the system with the 7.5 disk tools set, AND clicking on Apple's Hard Drive Setup. The Apple Hard Drive Setup itself is the program that does not recognize the IDE drive. When I boot with 7.5 disk tools floppy, my hard drive (with 8.1) appears and it is accessible. Also if I boot into OS 8.1 and I start the 7.5.3 installer, that installer recognizes the IDE drive Secondly, I understand what you are saying with the System Enabler, but remember, this is the 19 part file from Apple that merges into one large 40MB 7.5.3 installer. There are no floppy disks to insert the System Enabler into like on a retail floppy set. What about trying this in the following steps. 1) Boot with System 7.5 floppy disk 2) Open hard drive on desktop 3) Drag 8.1 system folder from hard disk into trash 4) Click on System 7.5.3 folder and start installation 5) Install System enabler Also I still don't know which installation to pick on the System 7.5.3 installer: there is Easy, Custom, Clean, and one other I forgot the name
  5. motley2659

    Downgrading from Mac OS 8.1 to 7.5

    I made a 7.5 bootdisk and it doesn't recognize the IDE drive. It says "SCSI device not found". The full installer does recognize the drive, though. Yeah, I just have single 1GB HFS partition, so I'm not really following all this. Are you saying that I need to make another HFS partition on my drive in order to install a new operating system? If so, I guess I need to use Apple Disk Tools on a floppy, but I did this and it doesn't recognize the IDE.
  6. motley2659

    Downgrading from Mac OS 8.1 to 7.5

    Yes, I'm booted into 8.1 as normal. The 7.5.3 installer is in a folder on my desktop. System 7.6 doesn't allow me to switch into 24bit addressing mode. That's the primary reason I want to go with 7.5.3. I'm looking for the best OS for old B/W stuff, as well as color games that only run in 24bit (eg Rex Nebular) and newer stuff for 68040 processors. As bse5150 said, I'm pretty sure the 1GB IDE is in HFS.
  7. Okay, I bought a Macintosh Performa 631CD, with 36MB and a 1GB IDE Hard Drive. The seller installed Mac OS 8.1 but it is too slow, and it has terrible compatibility playing many programs and games I've installed, so I want to replace it with System 7.5. So I downloaded the Apple 7.5.3 19 part floppy disk images and the combined disk image is sitting in a folder on my desktop. So what do I do now? I don't understand all the install options: Do I do a "clean install" or a custom install. I initially started a custom install and checked everything to install and it kept giving me prompts asking if I want to replace every file and program with the older version. I cancelled the installation. I don't want to pick the wrong option and make my new Mac not bootable.
  8. motley2659

    Nubus Card questions- Centris 650

    Thanks for the answers. Yeah, the Audiomedia card in my Centris looks exactly like that picture on the right. The reason I asked about gaming and 16 bit sound output is because Digidesign has this posted on their driver download page So according to them, it does output 16 bit stereo sound for games that support that feature. What's confusing is how do you know if a game supports this feature or not for 68K Macs? If you are playing from the 68K binary in a CD-ROM game, it seems like it would send the 8 bit stereo information to Sound Manager by default. If so, the 16 bit capability of the card seems pointless even with the "handshaking" between the card and Sound Manager/Quicktime. I guess I'll have to experiment when I get it tomorrow.
  9. Hi, I'm still a newbie with old Macintoshes so bear with me. I'm getting a Centris 650 in the mail in a few days and it comes with two Nubus cards installed. The first is an unknown video card and the second is (I think) a Digidesign Audiomedia card. My questions are: 1) Do Nubus audio and video cards speed up system performance? If so, how much and how can you tell? 2) I'm not doing any audio recording but I will be playing games and multimedia cd-roms. Does the Audiomedia card improve sound for games, or did all 68k-era compatible games just output 8 bit sound natively since most 68K Macs weren't capable of doing 16 bit sound? 3) This Centris 650 has ethernet built-in via an AAUI-15 connector. Is there any system performance or internet speed difference in getting a dedicated Nubus ethernet card, or is this on-board ethernet sufficient?