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    Macintosh classic resistor values

    The more immediate concern is all the Vias below it, gonna need patching.
  2. techknight

    Color Classic CRT Magnetic Issue

    the aperture grille likely shifted in transit. Only solution is to replace the CRT. This is assuming that the degaussing circuit still works internally. When you flip the power switch and powerup the machine after a long rest, you should hear that "kick"
  3. Well the GALs/PALs need reverse engineered, and equivalent functions re-written for the XC series of chips. Maybe the XC9536 like what I used in the RAM card. GALS/PALs arnt made anymore.
  4. techknight

    Portable backlit issue

    The fact that your battery boots another portable does not mean a thing. it really doesnt. The circuitry in these machines were poorly designed and had super critical tolerances. What boots one machine may not boot another. Check the voltage on your battery. Period. Also make sure the battery cover is installed. it trips an interlock that if not present the battery is actually NOT in the circuit. Also, did you wash the board? Wash it again. Then again, and again. Then bake it, and wash it again. you need to drive out all the cap goo from the inner layers of the PCB. Then try again.
  5. techknight

    Mac Classic II randomly restarts

    Ive been around the block a few times.
  6. I might be getting my hands back onto the old ACHI rework station I used to use back in the X360 days. Honestly though, I have no use for it as I dont do BGA rework anymore. It was a royal PITA when I did. Every step had to be exactly perfect or things would go wrong in a hurry. So if I can get my hands back on it again, It would be available to who needs it. It requires a 220V circuit though. The last time I used it was doing repairs on a failed 500Mhz Sonnet L2 card. The chip was ceramic so it wont popcorn. the PCB however....
  7. techknight

    SE/30 connection between ASC and sound chips

    This is common. There is a control line that likes to go open between the ASC and the GLU. Check that first. Then check the address/data bus lines afterwords. This line gets affected by the same cap that affects UE8.
  8. techknight

    Death chime and Simasimac on Mac SE/30

    Told you it was RAM related. Whether it was the board or the RAM itself, thats what the bad chimes mean on an SE/30. I should have paid more attention, to the RAM that was installed in your board, I never had much luck with the through hole style RAM on a SIMM holding up to time.
  9. techknight

    I have no logic!

    When I saw the topic of this thread, I thought of something entirely different. You break legs off the ROM, you certainly need to replace it.
  10. techknight

    Mac Classic II randomly restarts

    Then use a scope with a set trigger just below 5V and do a one shot capture. when it dips, itll trigger the scope.
  11. haha. I feel the same now with all my blackbird stuff. Everything I own is parts units because of the brittle plastic. Thats why I wish the CAD/3D printing stuff went somewhere.
  12. I only ever found the 117, and it was in a parts machine. Its got issues though, it will randomly freeze or bomb until it warms up. Cache issue possibly. I ended up finding the apple official one as well.
  13. I only have the 117 version as well. Seems as thats the only ones I see, and I only ever saw that one. The newer faster ones are alot more rare, and honestly due to that, your less likely to find willing participants.
  14. techknight

    couple of general se/30 questions

    Yes its original, and I have yet to see one fail.
  15. techknight

    Micron Xceed Color 30 fail

    Welp a 74F74 is a Dflop, and since its near the oscillators, its probably part of the frequency divider network. Why it failed? really hard to say but I bet its not a lone-wolf. Hope it is, but eh i dunno.
  16. I am wondering if it would be easier to use a FFC breakout connector and an off the shelf ribbon. Just my thoughts.
  17. techknight

    Wrong capacitors for SE/30?!

    Yes it can if the IC fails completely. It is common.
  18. techknight

    couple of general se/30 questions

    It will get worse then fail entirely. How do you know which one? Thats the whole point! you hit them one at a time until you find the one that is causing the fault.
  19. techknight

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    Oh yea, I love these monitors. they are cute, small, and look good with the machines. I snapped up a few extra parts including a Flyback for the ones I have.
  20. techknight

    Mac Classic II randomly restarts

    You need to get a multimeter and keep an eye on your voltages. See where they are hovering at. The fact that you started with a shorted MOSFET makes me highly suspicious there is more damage in the power supply than meets the eye. Start there.
  21. techknight

    couple of general se/30 questions

    Well thats just it with failing electronics. When they warm up, the better it gets. If you have already recapped the analog board and power supply, then you have a noisy transistor that gets better with heat. I couldnt see anything in the video other than a bad case of "vertical video syndrome". I did see the F-line copro crash when you clicked trash. Yikes! unstable voltages can cause this along with corrupted System, etc. Get a can of freeze spray (or upside down canned air) and hit some ICs and Transistors on the analog board. Figure out which one is causing this. Chances are, its probably in the power supply more than the AB.
  22. Maybe, but I dont see the 68k.io code, so to me, its abstracted so I cant see how it REALLY works. Would be awesome to me to see it so I could understand it better. Because there are gaps here personally I would like to fullfill. For a minute, I thought 68k.io was an internal webserver that ran on the openwrt platform or something, but it isnt. its an actual webserver with an actual https cert.
  23. techknight

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    Well before you get too much further, you need to clean up all that carbonization, and then resolder those joints. Chances are as long as the switch contacts didnt weld themselves shut, Thats all it needs.
  24. Dude. This could have been a darn good RetroChallenge project. Wow. Impressive. But, what is 68k.io? and how is it in involved?
  25. techknight

    Apple M1296 12" RGB: Loud bang

    Welp this is common if something hard shorts ahead in the circuit path, and you have shit solder joints. Its going to go at its weakest point, and in this case, there were bad solder joints on the switch which blew out. Need to do some resistance checks across the AC circuit on the monitor, as well as testing the safety capacitors, as well as the bridge rectifier. Now from a quick glance of the picture, the fuses are ahead of the switch, not behind it. So if the fuses didnt blow, (which they probably didnt) its likely due to just your solder joints. they are HORRID on that switch so its of no surprise. It could not handle the surge current and it went. violently.