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  1. luddite

    Sharing ImageWriter II Help!

    Does the IWII have the LocalTalk option card installed?
  2. I've always used CopyII+ for formatting drives, but mine are all IDE, so I'm not sure if you need to do anything special for SCSI. Once you've got it formatted just copy over PRODOS and BASIC.SYSTEM and you're good to go. Bear in mind that the Apple II scans the slots from highest to lowest at startup, so if you want it to automatically boot from the HDD you'll need to put it in slot 7.
  3. luddite

    Winter & 300 Baud

  4. luddite

    Apple II animation

    I'm floored... that's amazing in so many ways...
  5. luddite

    Winter & 300 Baud

    Looks like I'll be out this time as well, too much going on... as for 300 Baud, it will be out "sometime" after xmas. If anyone wants to guest-host the WW, send me a PM.
  6. luddite

    Homebrew PRAM Batteries

    I have 2xAA's in my IIgs, I just bought a battery holder from Radio Shack... The clock's drifted by a few minutes in the last five years (presumably due to the voltage being a tad low), but aside from that it works fine.
  7. The Apple version does show the full screen, but it is quite squashed.
  8. luddite

    OS 9.2 - Memory to run well?

    iCab is another good browser option.
  9. luddite

    Restoring an LC 575 and LC 580

    This is a free society and therefore I respect your inalienable right to be wrong...
  10. luddite

    Restoring an LC 575 and LC 580

    But then you lose the majestic "crouching sphinx" esthetics of the 575!
  11. luddite

    Restoring an LC 575 and LC 580

    580 case plastics are crap and the 575 already has a trinitron (I think)... I win
  12. luddite

    Restoring an LC 575 and LC 580

    It's worth noting that not all 575s have CD-ROM drives... but aside from that, I personally think finding a way to install 7.5.3 from floppies should be mandatory for all new recruits – it builds character Do either of them have ethernet? If not, I'd make that priority number one... it will make your life a lot easier and the NICs for those are (generally) cheap and plentiful. The 575 is a better machine than the 580... I have a couple that still get used daily. If you feel like throwing a few bucks at it, you can get a quick and easy performance boost with a 32MB RAM module and a 7200RPM hard disk. Both are pretty affordable upgrades if you shop around.
  13. It's one of those things that's too uncommon to have a predictable market value... I've seen them go for upwards of $600. If it's the Apple branded one it's got more value to a collector, but I believe the equally rare third-party ones are supposed to be better. Hopefully the seller doesn't really know what he's got and you can swing a good deal...
  14. luddite

    OS 9.2 - Memory to run well?

    192 MB should be plenty unless you're planning to do A/V or graphics.
  15. luddite


    I think a lot of Passport software used dastardly copy protection... I tried to crack - er liberate - a few but had no luck. Don't think I have TurboTrax hidden anywhere though