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  1. well that's the first one i tried, seemed the most logical, 640x480 60hz is the most basic VGA resolution.. but no, black screen. holding down 'e' seems to delay boot time before the 'happy mac' screen even further - it is already a bit long since i installed the card, i guess it's scanning for a supported monitor. but no, that didn't help. i was really happy when i got this card that it can do 1024x768x256 but something is probably wrong with it. thanks, i did.. but to no avail. btw the original cable was happily doing 640x480 67hz from the builtin iici video for me, and it still does. in fact, if i set the adapter's DIP switches to '145' which corresponds to the internal video's resolution and refresh rate, it works flawlessly too. i'm beginning to thing there is something wrong with my futura card. maybe it's a PAL/NTSC problem?
  2. I am using a standard VGA cable with the adapter, as my old cable wouldn't even fit (that already has DB15 on the one end). And yes, the first one I tried was 3 and 4, with all the variations of DIP switch settings. Still just a black screen. : (
  3. Hello, So as part of a project to upgrade my IIci, I picked up one of these cards from eBay. Until now I have been using a strange but useful cable that has a DB15 plug on one end and a standard VGA on the other. The built-in graphics worked just fine with my 19" Samsung flat screen monitor. For the record, the monitor works like a charm even with weirdo machines like my SGi Octane 2, it only needs a 13W3 adaptor. Long story short, no matter how I set the rotary dial on the Futura card, the monitor only displayed a misaligned glowing black image. So I got myself one of those 10 DIP switch DB15>VGA adapters, thinking that it will help. But it doesn't. The funny thing is that if I check the info panel on the monitor, it confirms that the signal is the right resolution and refresh rate, but it is still only displaying a glowing black image. If i change the colour depth in the Monitors control panel to 24 bit (Millions), it becomes a trippy slightly striped beige-yellowish image. What am I doing wrong? Is my card faulty? Anyone have any experience with this or willing to help debug it with me? Believe me I've been through a tonne of combinations with the rotary dial and the DIP switches.. : / Thanks in advance, bamdad
  4. well we're determined that my PSU is not at fault, i've re-capped the board and now everything is fine. but thanks anyway, this might prove useful down the line. : )
  5. hello again, so i bit the bullet and ordered a USB-C iron from banggood and all the accessories, and i'm proud to say my first soldering job was a success - it's ALIIIVE! the SMD capacitors were a bit hard to replace but i managed to do a fairly nice job in the end. : ) thank you guys for all the helpful links and encouragement. a bit off-topic, but searching ebay and the trading post here for an accelerator card (i'm looking for a micromac carrera040 in particular) didn't yield any results. anyone know where i could find one?
  6. cheers for the suggestion, first i'll try a different PSU, if that doesn't fix it i'll take the PSU and logic board to my mate, and if all else fails i'll contact your guy. shipping to the US and back is definitely not cheap.
  7. thanks for the reply. sadly, i'm not that good with a soldering iron, so i'll probably get a new (well 'different' to be exact) PSU, but this confirms my suspicions. if this doesn't fix it and i do need to recap the logic board too, i'll try to ask a friend with more experience. as for the floppy, after the second disassembly, it should work fine. one more question: is there a modern PSU out there that can be modded to fit the connection on the motherboard? seems like a better alternative to me than keeping alive the old one, but might be totally unrealistic..
  8. hello everyone, it's been a while. but to my point: i recently received a iici from an seller in my country that was described as 'macintosh for sale working plays music on power up'. i immediately thought that at least it's doing something, and if the chime is the happy mac one, i'm all set. so i dug around for a cable and some ADB peripherals and indeed, it was asking for a floppy. the SCSI HDD is probably long dead anyway. so i proceeded to disassemble it, do some cleaning before trying some disks. after that i `dd`-d the network install image to a floppy and tried to boot up. it gave me a happy mac and then spat out the floppy. i thought to my self that's weird, must be either some pram problem or a dirty floppy drive. i disassembled the floppy and cleaned and re-lubed that too. on putting the machine back together, it was stone dead. no light, no screen, no response to either the rear or the keyboard power button. i thought to myself well that PSU died quickly and without any notice, but put the machine aside and had a night's sleep. but here comes the weird part: today i thought maybe i'll try it again, and it started right up. i thought woohoo it's not dead, maybe some lingering charge went the wrong way or some unpredictable battery thing. but the floppy wasn't ejecting, it only made some weird noises. no problem, i'll take it apart again. then the same thing happened as yesterday. machine is stone dead. i haven't even moved it.. anyone exprerienced something like this before? should i wait another day or so and it will work? should i order a new PSU or is this something completely different altogether? by stone dead i mean even the monitor i plug into it is dead, that's why my primary suspect is the PSU. it's an aztec one and they are rumoured to be unreliable. anyway, thanks in advance if anyone reads my lengthy story and responds. cheers, bamdad
  9. bamdad

    weird ibook problem

    wow, thank you. you sure beat me at finding nice ebay auctions. sadly, most of them only ship to the us, but i'll arrange something. i'll go along with your suggestion, too, i'm not getting rid of the duo. it's been with me for 10 years now, after all. however, i'll post a new thread about the ideas i have for replacing the hdd with something more silent and effective.. the old 500 meg ibm drive is throwing bad sectors at me like crazy.
  10. bamdad

    weird ibook problem

    thank you. i'm determined to making this machine working again. it still runs tiger (the best release mac os x so far in my opinion) quite nicely, and it'll be the perfect laptop for my mother. anyway, i'll make a post about the duo then. i love it, but it's almost useless without a duo dock, which is really hard to come by. i've been trying to get my hands on one for years now. the only complete one i've found is expensive as hell. ethernet duo docks require drivers. feel the irony.
  11. bamdad

    weird ibook problem

    oh, just a quick last question: do you think a completely working powerbook duo 2300c (with charger and a battery that still holds charge for 30-40 minutes) for a g3 ibook is a fair trade? i'd like to get my hands on one of the latest laptops that can still run os 9 natively. mainly for taking notes and running old apps/games. i was just thinking that g3 ibooks are way too old to use for regular stuff, but they're not vintage either. so, what do you think? is this fair? or should i throw in some more goodies to make it worthwhile? should i post a thread in the trading lounge? thanks, bamdad
  12. bamdad

    weird ibook problem

    i think not. and it didn't work for the guy in the article. anyway, i've succeeded, with a joint solution. there are two chips above the bigger one with the 'ati' label, and the right one remained sensitive to the touch. if i pressed down on it, the machine would boot normally. otherwise just blank screen. so i thought hey, i could put a copper plate between the heatsink and the chip while it's still hot, this way keeping it under a little pressure permanently. and it worked. i can toss it around, turn it upside down, it 'just' works now. the only problem is that this way the cpu runs 10-20C higher than normal, but i can live with that. maybe i'll put some more thermal paste in between sometime. so i was just starting to get optimistic and happy, began to copy some music, pictures, useful apps onto the ibook when boom.. my hard drive died. now it refuses to do anything, i don't even get a sad mac or anything, since the machine can't even initialise it. it makes an annoying clicking sound, too. i guess i'm just out of luck. next time i'll try to pick up a cheap ide hard drive (if they're still selling them, lol) and a gig of memory. right now it only has the onboard 256 megs. thanks for all the help, i couldn't have done it without you.
  13. bamdad

    weird ibook problem

    okay, i'm through with two burning sessions, and it works, but only partly. if i press gently on the gpu chip, it stil goes blank. i've noticed that the alcohol i'm using is only 70% pure, it's hard to set on fire, and it burns with almost no flame. i'm considering benzine, although that might produce a bit too excessive heat.
  14. bamdad

    weird ibook problem

    then burning it shall be. the machine is broken down to bits, i have nice, clean access to the gpu. it's hard to miss, since it has a nice 'ati' logo on top. i'm assuming that i have to place the candle light on the top as opposed to the bottom seen in the burning 'tutorial'. the g4 ibooks have the gpu on the upper side of the mainboard, and it wouldn't make much sense to start heating the board itself on the bottom: the gpu might come even looser. please correct me if i'm wrong. thanks, you've helped me a gread deal so far, and i have all the info i can get, now it's up to me to do the 'dirty work'. i'll do the burning after breakfast, and post my results. maybe some nice pictures, too.
  15. bamdad

    weird ibook problem

    update 2: pressing down on the heatsink did the job. as soon as i let go, the screen went blank. this leaves me with two questions: 1: did i actually press the gpu against the mainboard, thus connecting something that's loose, or did the motherboard sink deeper into the tablecloth, thus separating itself from the chip? the former is, of course, much more likely. 2: why is it that sometimes there's no hd activity on powerup, and if this happens when booted, then why can't i hear the sound up/down feedback sound? i'm guessing sometimes the machine completely freezes because of an incomplete connection. anyway, i'm sure now that this has something to do with the gpu. i have to get some sleep, but i'll try it again in the morning. this is really exciting in a strange kind of way.