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  1. Cory5412

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    Just so everyone's aware, this thread was originally posted almost four years ago and the original poster hasn't replied to it in three years.
  2. Cory5412

    Jessenator's conquests

    Remembered where this was, as previously linked to by you: http://macinfo.de/hardware/boards-g2.html And, sure enough - PowerWave and PowerTower Pro are listed there under Tsunami. And, yeah, Tsunami with bits deleted does make sense as a platform choice. This makes me want to see a PowerWave, because Tsunami implicitly does not have onboard video, though I suppose nothing's stopping a vendor from integrating their own onboard video. Catalyst is an interesting, although from a "the clones are supposed to be budget oriented" perfectly sensical choice for the other PowerComputing machines.
  3. Cory5412

    Jessenator's conquests

    Hmmmmmmm. I'd forgotten a detail earlier. The PowerBase was a 603e clone, available both in the same tower as the PowerTower and the low profile desktop case, so it's board is probably different, but it's form factor is the same. (Dang it you said that, sorry I'm not entirely on the ball this morning.) And, the PowerTower Pro didn't have onboard graphics, in swap for the 6 slots. the PowerCenter had 1M Onboard graphics and the PowerTower had 2M onboard graphics, though if it's what Apple was doing you could upgrade a PowerCenter to 2M, and given that these things are all ~25 years old their configurations may have changed. (If it's the Apple onboard video from the 7000/8000 series, max vram is 4M.) Also, I appear to have missed entirely that this system is using a riser. That would make more sense for systems that can be configured as a low profile desktop or a minitower. Catalyst is the 7200's architecture, it appears, I suspect maybe one generation of these clones is using that arch, but the PTP's definitely using a higher end architecture that matches the 9500. (Thinking about this: if the PT/PWave/PCenter all have 4 RAM slots I think that's a fair indicator, the 7500+ and 8500 had like 8 RAM slots. (This kind of makes me want a PowerComputing clone, but it's a Catalyst with a 120MHz 601 onboard.) I think that's the 8100 architecture. The Power 80/100/120 are NuBus/601-based PowerComputing clones. I have a /120 and just need to get it fixed up and going.
  4. Cory5412

    Jessenator's conquests

    Long delay - I know. That's pretty normal. You should be able to unsheath a DVD-RAM disc or buy one that's not cased up and pop it in and use it like you'd expect a DVD-RAM disc to work. The bummer thing about that is that DVD-RAM discs aren't, as far as I know, being made any more, and this functionality became mainstream way later than I'll argue it should have, but. This is a very handsome looking box. Re the PowerWave and PowerTower - I had thought they were different platforms (although, that's only really relevant on a "weird niche technical details" or "writing drivers to run linux on PowerPC hardware" detail level. It's possible this board is a transplant or they weren't different platforms and the thing I'm thinking of is PowerWave vs. PowerCenter. Ultimately though, thinking about it, it would make perfect sense for the powercenter/wave/tower to all use the same base platform, since the real differentiation was in what CPU/cache/whatever you put in it, and the case/form factor.
  5. Cory5412

    The 2020 Experience

    The Control Panels were all rewritten (or at least split out) for system 7 or 7.5 so it's not entirely surprising that bugs exist in system 7/8/9 control panels but not 6 ones (and the reverse.)
  6. Cory5412

    GOTEK Floppy Emulators in Classic Macs?

    Probably not. These are set up to simulate a regular PC floppy drive, which Macs can not use. Apple diskette drives were controlled in a different way and were electrically different from PC ones. The Mac equivalent would be the FloppyEmu, https://www.bigmessowires.com/floppy-emu/
  7. Cory5412

    8 Pin MiniDIN to USB?

    Specifically, Localtalk uses RS422 functionality. It might also rely on some other features above that in the Zilog SCC. Unfortunately, I suspect this device isn't it. As mentioned, you'll be able to use terminal/communications software todo things like x/y/z-modem transfers. Despite that, I think that a modern ethertalk to localtalk adapter is one of the things that's arguably "missing" from the existing repertoire of vintage mac replacement/augmentation hardware. It's not impossible to find one for yourself, but a new one would be really nice, especially in conjunction with something like Netatalk 2, which should allow setting up a file server that talks to both vintage and modern computers. I'd have to look but: AppleTalk and AFP are different things. AFP server connectivity for OS 9 works through 10.4 or 10.5 but AppleTalk only works through 10.2 or 10.3, if I'm remembering correctly. Some, but not all, serial adapters support LocalTalk. The earliest ones meant for use with, like, the RevA iMac G3 probably do, but EtherTalk<>LocalTalk bridges were also available and often a better solution for any scenario where you were going to have more than one "newer" mac.
  8. Cory5412

    Regressing to an earlier OS?

    eBay might have, it Mac Garden appears to have a copy, although I haven't used this image before: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/mac-os-85-851-update (Look for PowerMacG4CD_86.ZIP on that page, download number 18.)
  9. Cory5412

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    If you don't already have an IDE card and you can find a SATA card reasonably priced, that's the way I'd go entirely for the reason that inside a computer, SATA cables are much easier to manage and route. Incidentally, I'm like 90% that the Kingwin adapter is the one I have (except I got mine at Fry's Electronics) and I couldn't get it running, in my QS'02, in a firewire enclosure, with disks above or below 120 gigs. At some point, I do want to find a working adapter though, because being able to use some of the onboard IDE connections in some of my existing systems (with onboard IDE and pre-routed cabling) would be very convenient.
  10. Cory5412

    Regressing to an earlier OS?

    Yes, you'll need to find and buy or burn a Mac OS 8.6 CD that originally came with that computer, boot from it, repartition+reformat the drive, and then you'll be able to restore or reinstall that OS version. A retail 8.6 CD likely won't do it, but it would depend on the specific machine, often a machine that ships with a specific OS version has hardware not supported by the retail version of that OS CD. (iMac and Mac OS 8.1 is a great example.)
  11. Cory5412

    Best all-round Apple CRT monitor?

    Sure, although except for at the very very low end and the 20-inch Multiple Scan, not many Apple monitors were literally an Apple logo slapped onto an existing design - Apple contracted to have a monitor built to certain specs with a certain type of design and styling and various contractors, Sony among them, filled those contracts. The meta on this entire thing has kind of changed a fair bit in the past ~10 years. I have two Multiple Scan 20s and I love them. I also have a 16-inch Macintosh Color Display, the middle sibling in the ~1991 Macintosh Color Display family, and it's great. My thought here is that a lot of these displays will have aged into death by now and if you just want a monitor - 2000-2010s 3:4 and 5:4 business LCDs are probably the easy first choice. If you want a CRT, pretty much any regular VGA monitor is suitable, and if you want an Apple one, you'll probably have to wait, be patient, look fairly actively, BE WILLING TO TRAVEL, and be willing to settle for pretty much anything that comes your way. Case in point, my MCD16 came from a forum member in Oregon and my two MCD20s came from the Phoenix Metro Area, round-abouts 1700 and 170 or so miles away from where I live, respectively. That said, if there was a single Apple display I could get like ten of and just use on all of my systems, it would probably be the MS1710/MS750/CS750 and/or the AV version. (they're all relabels of the same display). They'll do up to 1152x870 (I think they'll actually do up to 1280x1024, but I'd probably only run 1152, mostly because I use a lot of quadra and powermac onboard video) with a fallback to the MCD16 or the MS17 for older, pre-multisync macs or anything that can't run the applevision drivers. They do have a bit of a premature death problem, relative to other Apple monitors, but they are very nice when they work properly. Second after that would be any of the 20-inch ones, which would be easier to see/use at the same resolutions and in some case capable of higher, but perhaps from a more practical perspective, a couple solid multiple scan 15/15avs would be great, really flexible displays that look good at both 640x480 and 1024x768, and are physically easy to move around, put on shelves, put on top of desktop-case Macs, and so on. The other meta-change is with regards to basically any CRT monitor someone thinks will work on a regular PC which is "vintage gaming". It's become really difficult to buy CRTs of late because people have recognized that there's retro value to them and have started pricing them above what they're "worth" in the sense of their original usage. (especially now that Intel and most of the GPU manufacturers have taken VGA off their chipsets, so if you want to use a CRT on a modern computer you have to put an old video card in it.) CRT televisions arguably have it worse, because of people feeling pre-HD video game nostalgia.
  12. Hi everybody, Just the quick typical announcement post about the outage. The Let's Encrypt certificate and the relevant automation was put in place on roughly November 4, and when that happened, there was an error in the configuration of the automation. That certificate expired on February 4th, as they do, at which point we noticed it, and then had to get time together to fix it. The automation script is now fixed up and the certificates should be renewed before they expire. Thank you again for your patience. Best, Cory W.
  13. Cory5412

    £2000 powerbook 520!!

    As mentioned, please do not post links to auctions for the sole purpose of criticizing the price or the seller.
  14. Cory5412

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Hmm.... makes me want to get such a card and look. I've got an 8600/350, a Beige G3/300 and a blue-white G3/450 (which of course has onboard 10/100 ethernet) and while I can see those systems being able to push more -- and 29 is meaningfully more, especially if you paired it with a really good file server and, IDK, were editing video or running Virtual PC machines off of networked storage, how it would be a big upgrade. I saw a card the other day with USB, Firewire, and SATA on it that I'm told works on classic Macs, it was linked in the IRC channel, but I've forgotten the name. Re setting up a new disk system, Agree with Byrd, I'd favor SATA over IDE. The newest IDE disks are over ten years old at this point. If you already have a big investment in IDE infrastructure, then yay, but if not, then a SATA card is going to be operationally more convenient.
  15. Cory5412

    68kMLA Forums API?

    Ah - that's on purpose on my part, it didn't occur to me it might cause people to think not to contact me, however. To be honest, at this point it's more out of habit than anything else. Anyway, I'll float this by wthww and see what he says. I don't know what access the API allows but a read-only view seems reasonable for something like this, I just don't know what tools wthww wanted to build himself.