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  1. mac2geezer

    Finally a IIfx!

    Not true. I bought a set of four 16MB sticks from him several years ago and he told me once that he sold some on eBay for big dollars.
  2. mac2geezer

    Dual 2.7GHz G5 worthwhile?

    To see what model that G5 actually is, pull the metal side panel off and inside near the bottom will be a label (in small print) that lists the model and the factory specs.
  3. mac2geezer

    Dual 2.7GHz G5 worthwhile?

    Hmmm. All four cores on my Quad run at near 100% all the time and the fans never speed up much unless the room temp goes to 80, then they will speed up. But never to full bore except during a KP. My experience with the G5 is that they are much quieter than an MDD, for example (and I've owned/own three of them).
  4. mac2geezer

    Dual 2.7GHz G5 worthwhile?

    I'm no G5 expert, though there are two of them here, but as I recall from Macworld benchmarks the 2.7 was faster at cpu type tasks than the 2.3 DC (and quad?). However, with the slower Ram it's probably not up to the newer models for other tasks. Not to mention the more reliable LCS on the Quad. If it was me, I would hold out for the Quad, which you can probably get for less than $200 if you're patient. In fact there was a Quad for $150 on the local CL a few weeks ago.
  5. mac2geezer

    Gee Five!

    Very nice conquest, especially at that price.
  6. mac2geezer

    IIfx Rom Simm FS

    Anyone looking for a IIfx Rom Simm, Mike Day has one for sale at: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups=#!topic/lemswap/WOe8NtwkFaI
  7. mac2geezer

    PowerMac G4 (FW800 MDD)

    Good to hear that at least one of those cards works. If the others work maybe you can sell a couple and recoup the mailing cost.
  8. I happen to think Bean is a decent word processor and it's free. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of MS Word but is more than adequate for most uses. You can fine it, and other free software, at : http://opensourcemac.org/
  9. The only MDD I ever had (the 1.42GHz dual processor model) was pretty loud, louder in fact than either of the G5 towers here. I never measured the power consumption.
  10. mac2geezer

    PowerMac G4 (FW800 MDD)

    $20 for one of those cards is way too much. I have 4 of them that all say MAC on them; you can have all 4 for the price of shipping. PM if you want them. No idea if they work.
  11. mac2geezer

    LaserWriter 16/600 problems

    Thanks for the feedback. I cleaned the one roller I can get at to no effect. Will have to do some disassembly to do more.
  12. mac2geezer

    LaserWriter 16/600 problems

    The Laserwriter 16/600 here has a problem with "ghosting" on print pages. The manual says to print a few pages and the ghosting should disappear, but that hasn't worked. Changing toner cartridges has no effect. Anyone have other suggestions?
  13. I have an 8*24GC card, driver version 7.0.1, in my IIfx running 7.6.1. According to TattleTech the IIfx is booted in 32 bit mode, and the 8*24GC works fine, though I can't tell you if acceleration is working.
  14. mac2geezer

    LaserWriter 16/600 PS - Free!

    In addition to all of the above, the 16/600 has two Ram slots for a max of 24MB, space and cable for an internal HD, and an HDI30 port for an external SCSI HD. Just in case someone wanted to go wild with the printer.
  15. mac2geezer

    LaserWriter 16/600 PS - Free!

    Congrats on that conquest! Those are great printers and built to last. I have a spare 8MB Simm pulled from my 16/600 when I upgraded it to 24MB. It's yours for the mailing cost if you want it.