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  1. wanderingjew

    WYSE term. emulation?

    Does any newton program have this? I'd really like to term into my work server, but the guys in the upper echelon many years ago decided to use the WYSE standard for terminal. I don't know why.
  2. wanderingjew

    Help getting Toast to burn

    Really helps if you RTFM, Needed Thread manager and Drag & Drop support... did a fresh install of 7.6.1, got an update of Toast off of the Pirate Bay, and now I'm burning. Huzzah!
  3. I've got toast 4, and a supported drive, but whenever I press 'write disk' the error message comes up - please insert a recordable CD. I just bought a new pack of CD-Rs, I'm wondering if the media isn't supported? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I made a few videos of me and my quadra 950, with protools and such, Just to give everyone else a feeling of how great they are. Here are the videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i1ZXlxlbpQ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ra_2peEaHY enjoy!
  5. wanderingjew

    Q950 Shutdown problems

    Yep, as I have guessed, the problem only arises when my Avid disk connected to my SCSI accelerator card is turned on. I have no idea what is going on here.
  6. wanderingjew

    Q950 Shutdown problems

    Disregard the previous post. I think it has somehting to do with my Digidesign SCSI accelerator card. For now, I think I can live with the problem, but I'll look into it further. Any ideas>?
  7. wanderingjew

    Q950 Shutdown problems

    Well, I think I found a solution; rebuild the desktop file. I'll post again if this isn't the case, but for now let's just call this the 'fix' for this problem.
  8. wanderingjew

    Q950 Shutdown problems

    Using my Q950 for some little audio work with 2 digidesign 442s. It's great. Wish I had a nuverb card, though Anyway, when I click shutdown from the special menu, nothing happens. at all. I'm thinking this is one of those deals where I've never had a computer with a friggin key! That's sooo cool!. Does it need to be in the off state to turn off? IDK.
  9. Let drop. Did a fresh install of 7.6.1, moved the Control panel over to the old system folder, and erased the new one.
  10. wanderingjew


    Pics of the PS/1? That was my first compy.... back in '91. damn, Prodigy was the shit....
  11. I'm SOOOOOOOOOO close to having my protools rig up 100%.... Not only that, but I don't feel like going through an install process. Trust me, this is the easiest way. benchoff@gmail.com
  12. wanderingjew

    I ditch my Q700 for a 950, and suddendly...

    I have no idea. There was just this ebay auction for 2 442s and the cards, all the software, etc... all for $50. so I bought it. No other bids on that, either.
  13. Q700s are the toast of the town. How do you like that? I didn't ditch my 700, I just cannibalized the 230M hard drive from it, and am going to replace it with the 230M drive from the 950, copy everything over and have a running spare of my studio computer. Here's what I've got. Q950 with 100M ram (probably going to bump that up), 230M system drive and a 40-something-gig (Avid!) external drive. 2 digidesign 442s for 8 tracks for recording simultaneous CD-quality audio. Woot. Also a SCSI accelerator. Also have Myst. And Warcraft. Gonna put my houdini card in this thing, already have an image with windows 95 on it, so that's good.
  14. wanderingjew

    Q950: ADB not working?

    7.6.1, what do you suggest?
  15. wanderingjew

    Q950: ADB not working?

    Yeah, everything worked. Total facepalm moment there. On the bright side, I just liberated a Q950. Swapped the HD from my Q700 so I'd have everything where I wanted it. Looks like it was previously used just as an internet machine (!). Lots of benchmark software, too. Right now it's running with 3 nubus cards in it: 2 digidesign 442s and the scsi accelerator that comes with those cards. Have a 40-odd-gig hard drive hooked up to the accelerator so I can now record WEEKS of CD quality audio. I think I'm going to put my houdini card in there as well, for some old school DOS gaming under windows 95. Now it's just needing a video capture card for the ultimate in 1992-93 era multimedia extravaganza. Any suggestions on a card & software? Pretty nice setup, if I do say so myself.