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    I forgot to mention I just started a new project with the Wally: converting my music tapes into mp3. Actually, it's the only computer I got a the moment that can fulfill this task due to sound-in. Maybe even the 1400 could but I rather don't try. My Windows 7 laptop doesn't have line-in and I can't be bothered to by a usb adapter for the sake of recording music. So, I connect my Walkman to the Wally and use Audiorecorder. iTunes for mp3 conversion then. The results are really good. Yes, Zip is something I always wanted to integrate. Well, I do have a floppy module for the PDQ as well as a usb floppy for anything PC/modern Mac. So, some small files aren't the problem. For everything else I send it via email. It's more convenient. Of course, Youtube vids are highly compressed and at lower res, but still, for a quick look at something I don't have to switch machines.
  2. Macflyer


    Something has to be said about the Wallstreet's line of devices, at least the second iteration. I scored a nice one for next to nothing last year and have given it only recently love and attention. The screen is still phenomenal. I've hardly ever enjoyed a screen so much as with this model. Don't really know if it's the size or ratio of 4:3 or both. And I love the boot-from-PC-card feature. A tad slower than internal hard drive, but a working system is only minutes away by swapping the CF it into a backup machine. Or booting from the backup CF in case of card failure. The 256 MB memory are plenty and even the slower 233 Mhz is still enough for my tasks (a bit of surfing, Word, Email. I was shocked seeing it playing Youtube fairly well with the Classilla plugin. Eager to see how it compares with a newly liberated Pismo that's on its way. Sometimes it's the details about a machine that makes you either love it or hate it. So far, of all my vintage acquisitions, this one will be getting the most love. The lack of USB could prove troublesome for quick file transfer onto another machine in the future. I know, there are cards, but at $29 they seem to sell for I don't think I'm going to upgrade it. Either way, it's a worthwhile Mac.
  3. Macflyer

    Confusion about Wallstreet 1/2 specs.

    While I do not the upgrade path for a WS, just bumping it up to 300 Mhz from 266 or so doesn't seem the big deal. Sonnet lists a 500 mhz upgrade.
  4. How a little retro mood can get someone into liberating again Found a Wallstreet hyped with the following specs: 13.3 inch screen & 300 Mhz G3. Low-end-Mac DOESN'T list a Wallstreet with this configuration. Does it exist? Either it's a 14.1" Wallstreet II with 300 Mhz, or in fact if it's 13.3" then it must run at a lower speed. It also has included the floppy which was optional back then. On top of that, it seems to only have 32MB installed which again points more to a WS I than II. Anyways, for price being pretty low, in working condition and good shape and shipping for free, I hit the Buyitnow button. What can I expect from either a WS I or II? New territory for me. Have to admit, the expected screen res made me jump for it. The best my clamshells do is 800*600, as does the 1400. Plus, I really love to be in either OS 8 or 9 world. It seems like a nice upgrade to both, clamshells and the 1400 in terms of productivity.
  5. Macflyer

    Lots of new members?

    I'm such a member who only sporadically logs on and posts a bit until life gets into my way.
  6. Macflyer

    How common was the LC III

    Thanks everyone for the informatin provided. Esp. the tip with the differently branded names might prove helpful. Anyways, if anyone feels to part with whatever LC model let me know.
  7. Macflyer

    The 520c: Opinions please!

    I'm lucky so far with the hinges but can see that they are problematic. Pitty!
  8. Macflyer

    How common was the LC III

    I'm wondering how popular the LC III was (or not)? Reason, I don't encounter hardly any of them where I look. Even on ebay they seem scarce. I figured, I want one of those since they fit neatly on the desk I use for my PC (and hence I can hook it up to my monitor with the adapter), and upgraded with an Apple IIe card I could mess around with old 8-bit software a bit. Of course, the LC II or 1 would do they same job but of course the III has a tad more juice in it. So, why are they so hard to encounter?
  9. Macflyer

    The 520c: Opinions please!

    Just wanted to let you know that this 520c works like a champ. As cheesy as LCD and keyboard are, there is something about this model that makes me using it now almost daily. As I just mentioned in another post it works great via ethernet on my home network (with a copy of EZ-IP running in the background to provide an AppleTalk printer queue) and is used for mainly word processing (on the go and in when I don't want to sit in front of my Windows machine at home). Would like to replace the battery but prices are a bit high.
  10. Macflyer


    Welcome to the forums. Good to see younger folks picking up the same interests. Me, not a frequent poster here but certainly reading along. I got myself into classic Macs some years back when I picked up a Plus with external HD. I assure you, it won't be the only machine you're running right now. I call another Plus my own now, a SE/30, two 520c (one with a PowerPC upgrade), and I'm awaiting a 1400 Powerbook. There's a third 520c PB waiting for me with almost full RAM (28 MB). The Plus has become a bare bone typewriter. I can transfer files on disk to the 520c which is hooked up to my home network. Printing to a lpr queue on Windows which in return prints to a ghostscript emulation printer which in return dishes out beautiful documents on my physical non-postscript laser. This has put my vintage macs back into serious word processing business, something they always have excelled at. I even use the 520c on the go since my other modern laptops all have bitten the dust and couldn't see me spending more money to fix them. System 7 is neat and with open transport networking works great.
  11. Macflyer

    Started the challenge prematurely

    Hope I don´t disqualify!
  12. Sorry folks, but when I got the Torx screwdriver today, I couldn´t resist. Opened the Mac. Figured how to get out the board. ALL CAPS LEAKING! I´m washing it clean now! Needs a week or so to dry. You can read about my preparations on my blog. Any constructive comments welcome. Hey, I just opened my first compact Mac ever!!!! :b&w:
  13. Macflyer

    Macintosh SE

    Okay, I did some reading yesterday about the SE. Seems the SE was the improved Plus. It works between 10-20 % faster, option for internal HD, later models with Superdrive, PDS slot, "better" cooling. Improved on almost all aspects. But, why does it only support up to 4 MB like the Plus? Or, are there easy hacks to get it use more? Then, could a power supply from a late SE serve in the SE/30, since I will need to replace it in the long run and prices are in favour of getting an SE than shopping for a replacement part or a SE/30 on ebay. Couldn't find reliable info on the net plus I'm not much of a technician (yet) to know what to look for to be compatible but Watt&Volt.
  14. Macflyer

    The 520c: Opinions please!

    @all: Thanks for the opinions. @Bunsen: yes, you´re right. If it weren´t for the schools and colleges who have been buying Apple for more than two decades.... Thanks for the tipp with the accelerator. If I could find some more RAM, it looks like this can be a 68k power workstation for future projects. Another question: on the popularity scale, how much does the 520c score? I have hard times to find original reviews and collectors/68k users nowadays seem to prefer later Powerbooks. Was there anything wrong with the series? Too expensive? Any bugs?
  15. Macflyer

    The 520c: Opinions please!

    Okay, I have the opportunity to snag a working 520C for a "donation" to the college. Any opinions of what I should give? Having seen them on Ebay between 45 to 100 $ with Buyitnow. If one is lucky one can get one for less with a bet. Since ebay prices are most likely always inflated, I would like to hear the gentlemens´opinions on that matter. Thanks!