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  1. Maconthemove

    Got a AMP (Avid Media Processor )

    At the begining Craigslist was the best and now that recycling fever has hit, the recycling centre is the best.
  2. Maconthemove

    Got a AMP (Avid Media Processor )

    I think it is media composer 6.5 and 7 something. The versions are written on the dongles. Just going to keep the nubus stuff. Thought I could put it into the Quadra 950 but not sure. The AMP case is large.
  3. Maconthemove

    Got a AMP (Avid Media Processor )

    Got my hands on a AMP. It is a based on the Mac PM 8100/100 motherboard, with a custom enclosure. It has a nubus extension board to give 6 nubus slots. The AMP came with: Rasterops Paintboard Prisim GT nubus card Digidesign Pro Tools Audio Card Avid Trueview Nubus card(ABVB) Avid Python nubus card (Advanced Jpeg) Box 1 Avid iS9 ext 9gb hd qty 2 Atto Silicone Express 4D nubus scsi card Granite Digital Scsiview cable testers. Set of thress Avid Shuttlle Box 2 Scsi and video cables Box 3 Scsi Zip Drive Belkin Mini Vak ADB Dongles Qty 2 20Gb DLT drive Zip disks DLT tapes Sigma Series 2100 Lacie ext cdrom Box 4 Avid modded Apple keyboards Qty 2 A/V connectors Peavey interface Amplifier Atto Silicone Express IV nubus scsi cards qty 3 Box 5 Truevision PCI card w/ 2 daughter cards Avid PCI Janus card Twin Turbo 128 pci video card Atto Expresspci scsi card Radio Shack Baseboard 1X3 Amplifier Quantium 18 gb scsi hd Pair of Roland MA-12 speakers Avid ADB interface Box 6 Avid 888 Audio i/o Pro tools Video slave driver VSD Video slave driver Digidesign audio interface Trueview video card nubus The software is on zip disks. The pci cards came in a PM 9600. I gave the case to a friend. The only mods to the case were a fan above the cards and a avid sticker on the case.
  4. Maconthemove

    ANS conquests

    The 500/132 has 32mb ram, a psu, floppy, cdrom, tape drive and a two gig hd.
  5. Maconthemove

    ANS conquests

    Started up the 700/200 without monitor, keyboard, or mouse. the LCD says 202mb's of ram. It has 2x 18gb Seagate Baracuda hds. ST318275LW 2x 4gb Apple/Seagate Baracuda hd's ST15150H 1x Sony Tape Drive STD-9000 1x 8x Apple cd-rom 1x Floppy drive 2x PSU 1x PCI NIC
  6. Maconthemove

    ANS conquests

    Yes, I have two. One boots as far as the AiX start up screen and the other has not been booted up yet. Going to take a vacuum cleaner to it tomorrow.
  7. Maconthemove

    ANS conquests

    Wednesday scored a working ANS 700/200. Have not started it up yet. Going to take a vacuum to it first. Very dusty. No software. Yesterday, I got the 500/132 from the warehouse. They tried to sell it, but gave up. They lost the key, so they nocked out the lock.
  8. Maconthemove

    3.5" conquest

    Turbo Pascal Macintosh-Borland Pyro for the Macintosh-Fifth Generation Systems Fastback II- " Laser Super Spool-SuperMac Auto Doubler-Salient MacDraw Pro-Claris Banneramia-Broderbund MA Works 3.0-MS DeltaGraph-DeltaPoint Microphone II-Software Ventures Foxbase+/Mac-Fox Software Alert!-Maxa Drive7-Casa Blanca Works Square One-Binary Software
  9. Maconthemove

    Software conquest

    Boxed unopened How would you Survive? Grolier Interactive MP Express - Bytes of Learning Focus-Micro-Intel Explore Yellowstone -Mecc Picasso-Grolier Interactive Boxed open HyperStudio 3-RogerWagner Spelling-Josten's Learning Teacher's Guide and Resouce Package -Binders with cd/s Ocean's Below-Mindscape The Animals 2.0-Mindscape just Grandma and me-Broderbund The Multimedia Workshop-Davidson Sales Guides-Binders with cds Knowlege Adventure- Blaster Learning System -Kidworks Deluxe -Print Artist 4.0 -The Cruncher -jump-start Learning System -27 cds total Davidson-12 cds Davidson-10cds Davidson- 16cds Davidson-18 cds Cds in jewel case Money Town-Davidson Zombies-Island Odyssey-Learning Company Guitar Method-eMedia Science Sluths Vol 1-VideoDiscovery
  10. Maconthemove

    Help for Q950

    First, I would check to see that the video cable is plugged into the video card and not the computer.
  11. Maconthemove

    Tons of Macs

    You hit the Jackpot
  12. Maconthemove

    A Pismo and some odds and ends

    Got a Pismo 500mhz in a 400mhz case. Runs great. Paid $180.00 CDN Dayna Pocket SCSI/link model DP0901- Need info on power input. Color StyleWriter 2400 Localtalk module Farallon Etherwave AAUI Transceiver HDI-30 to 25pin scsi cable Mac Plus with docs and printer Mac Classic docs 19 copies of iWork 05 trial Pic later
  13. Maconthemove

    Should I buy it.

    After reading the articles, I will be giving this computer a closer look. Could a fan be installed to take care of the heat problem?
  14. Maconthemove

    Should I buy it.

    I have a chance to buy a iMac Oct 2005 2.1 ghz, 500 gb hd, 2.5gb ram, and isight cam. Under Apple Care, he has replaced everything but the motherboard. He is asking $695CDN. What are the problems with this machine that I should be looking for?
  15. Maconthemove

    Lastest conquests

    The hard drive is gone.