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  1. I transfer files like that. I have iMac 21" Late 2009 connected to USB 1.4 MB floppy drive. You will need PC Exchange on SE/30 Mac to write files to the Floppy. Floppy is DOS formatted so Mac OS can read/write to it.
  2. slomacuser

    PowerBook 1400 VST MO Drive

    Some drivers https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/vst-zip-100-drive-powerbook-1400
  3. slomacuser

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    I think it is nothing wrong with keyboard, it is probably the system you are using like US system has different key maping like International system. International had special keyboard layout control panel.
  4. slomacuser

    WHAT FONT? "can't wait to get out of that bag"

    Athens it is. @JDW are you trying to do a replica?
  5. slomacuser

    Original floppies

  6. If you need original iMac G5 restore media I have it..
  7. slomacuser

    WHAT FONT? "can't wait to get out of that bag"

    files by size: ------------- Letters 43K Finder 31K Pictures 30K System 23K Screen1 22K Screen2 22K Screen3 22K Screen4 22K Screen5 22K Screen6 22K Screen7 22K Screen8 22K Screen9 22K startup screen 22K DeskScrap 4K InsaneData 3K -----------TOTAL 354K
  8. slomacuser

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    I like that monitor stands too. Will probablly recreate one for IIcx and II. Here is the Radius ad from Macworld magazine And IIcx stand from SuperMac showroom
  9. slomacuser

    Quicktake 150 software

    I have succesfully load mine qt 150 on IIsi with System 7.1, it is probably something wrong with camera? qt200 needs 040 or PPC
  10. slomacuser

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    The prototype from '81 used Apple III Apple logo badge Later changed to Apple Lisa and Profile style
  11. slomacuser

    Farallon PCI 10/100 card questions

    Here it is Install FastEtherTX-10_10….sit
  12. slomacuser

    Farallon PCI 10/100 card questions

    Maybe this will work, will upload tomorrow
  13. 7.1 is pretty boring. I have installed 7.6.1 and it runs very well. You have all extra extensions (Desktop Patterns, TCP/IP, Apple Talk, Apple menus, Apple Profile, Drag & Drop, PC Extension, Sound Manager, better save/open dialog) that you are missing from 7.1 and feels more stable.
  14. slomacuser

    Futura SX in IIci - help me please

    I think that the mac-vga cable is fixed to 832 x 624 resolution. Try that with dial 1 or 5
  15. slomacuser

    Power Mac 7200 Broken Plastic Tabs

    This is what I have, I have some more but need to do some extra search