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  1. BadGoldEagle

    Daystar Turbo 601 IIsi adapter...SE/30?

    Wait... This works??? From the link you just sent: I always thought this combo had already been tested and didn't work?!
  2. BadGoldEagle

    Quadra 950 PSU died... <cry>

    That might very well be it... The thing is, I wonder if it’s not overkill? Maybe the original fan has a lower static pressure? Also I hope the original connector supplies 12V because that’s what this fan is expecting. Also what’s the diameter of the original fan? Is it a 120 or a 92?
  3. BadGoldEagle

    Quadra 950 PSU died... <cry>

    Necro Threading time... @GeekDot You have a very interesting article on your website about Vintage Fan replacement. I now understand why "industrial" fans are so different. There are a few industrial grade Noctuas that have a static pressure of 4 mmH2O. They are louder than the ones from the 'normal' series but they move a lot more air as well. Would you happen to know the brand and model number of the original fan found on the 950's power supply? This 120mm doodad could do the job very nicely I think...
  4. BadGoldEagle

    SE refuses to boot anything System 7. I’m stumped.

    Someone really needs to image these ROMS...
  5. BadGoldEagle

    Strange card on a mac plus

    I can remove the Powercache and the logicboard as one unit without bending the chassis at all (thanks to the tracks in the chassis being different and better IMO). Same thing with the Micromac 030 in my Classic although I do have to slide it all the way up. I don't have a FPD yet so I don't really know about those. I thought the accelerator or the Magicbus card could stay on the board and be removed the same way. Now that I think of it, probably all cards that have the same width as the logic board need to have the chassis bent a bit to be removed. So that's almost all early mac boards, plus some (most?) of the SE cards. My bad.
  6. BadGoldEagle

    Strange card on a mac plus

    Yep, that's how you're supposed to remove the board when you have accelerators etc on early macs. It's a different story for compacts SE onwards. Start by positioning the Mac on its face and look at the bottom (logic board), grab the left side of the chassis (if needed, rotate yourself to the left so that you can see the floppy drive), put your thumb inside the Mac where the red arrow is and carefully bend the chassis (and the tracks) outward to 'release' the board.
  7. BadGoldEagle

    Strange card on a mac plus

    02 usually means bad RAM but I'd be willing to bet the add on card is the cause of this issue. I'd say the additional PSU has failed (recap in order?) and can't drive the Megascreen card properly, which in turn causes issues with the Mac's logic board in the RAM department. The analog board still seems to have enough juice left to power the display and the logic board. If you can get it further apart, I would recommend trying to disconnect the add on card from the logic board. You can still leave the additional PSU connected to the Analog board as it seems to be fine with that.
  8. BadGoldEagle

    Apple Monitor IIc A2M4090Z Capacitor list

    I'll probably have to fiddle with a few pots to get a picture back too. The raster was vertically distorted towards the top. A good tune up will be in order. Is your monitor a 120V unit by any chance? On the service manual, the US model is the one pictured and the filter caps are not Rifas. Yeah! It's quite painful all right. It's got so many screws of different lengths for no apparent reason too.
  9. BadGoldEagle

    SE/30 Recurring Freeze at Cold Boot

    Hi James, Somehow I didn't see your thread, otherwise I would have done some checks on my SE/30 as we seem to have pretty much the same setup, only my ROM image is from a IIsi and was hacked to remove the ROM and RAM checks (I think the olePigeon ROM is pretty similar...) and I only have 32 megabytes of RAM. But I too have that socketed 50MHz Powercache and no PDS cards connected (at the moment!). I did experience a couple of crashes with mine lately. Most of them were due to the fact that I forgot to patch my system files for the new ROM. I fixed that yesterday evening. The funny thing is that after that, it once froze like yours on cold boot (but at the Welcome to Macintosh screen) and only when the Floppy EMU was attached in HD20 mode and with one specific disk image. I blamed the image and proceeded switch the thing off (reset or interrupt wouldn't do anything) and removed the Floppy EMU. It then rebooted just fine. I powered it off normally and reconnected the Floppy EMU but this time with another image and it worked fine. I didn't do any further diagnosis as the problem fixed itself. This might be completely unrelated but this does seem strangely similar. Could it be caused by having some weird volume mounted (that image on the F-EMU in my case and your ROM image in yours)? Hummm... Could your ROM be corrupted? I haven't watched the whole 90 minutes (sorry about that!), so excuse me if I suggest something that has been tested before. Have you tried running this config with the stock SE/30 ROM? It seems to me that this could be the cause of our issues. Cheers, Lambert
  10. BadGoldEagle

    SE/30, IIsi ROM, 32bit addressing woes

  11. BadGoldEagle

    SE/30, IIsi ROM, 32bit addressing woes

    Yes, I knew that was the system's behaviour when 32 bit addressing wasn't on. I just thought it was on... System seems to be running fine now. I just need to design an external battery holder now because I don't want to take it apart every time I want to use more than 5megs of RAM... This is completely off topic but I thought about designing a holder that uses the security slot of the Mac as a support. If I make a fake battery with two terminals, slot it into the real battery slot, run some wires to the back of the case and insert the holder with a fresh battery inside the slot, I should be golden. That way, I can take it off whenever I'm not using it and not risking any leakage..
  12. BadGoldEagle

    SE/30, IIsi ROM, 32bit addressing woes

    I found an archive of Gamba's website: http://home.earthlink.net/~gamba2/os8_se30.html. I did the modifications and the Mac is now booting fine. But now there's another problem... I have 32megs of RAM in this machine and the system folder is consuming 27megs. I don't think this is normal. What should I do? Edit: Apparently 32 bit addressing turns itself off every time I shut down the system... I don't have a PRAM battery but I thought the system kept the settings if it was still plugged in... I just rebooted it (without powering it off) and now the RAM usage is normal. @Cory5412 @Bunsen @wthww @Gorgonops Could you please change the title of this thread to "SE/30, IIsi ROM, 32bit addressing woes"? Thanks!
  13. Hi all, A month or two ago I bought a GGLabs SIMM for my SE/30. I had the seller flash a custom image and I think something went wrong with the programming (the ROM image works otherwise fine with Basilisk II). The SE/30 freezes when the Floppy EMU is connected in HD20 mode and System 7.5 refuses to boot (sometimes 7.1 as well) even on 'real' hardware. I don't have a ROM programmer for this SIMM. Does anyone have one and is willing to flash this SIMM for me? All I wanted is the IIsi ROM with RAM check disabled, nothing else... Thanks! PS: I'm in Europe.
  14. Hi all One of the AC filter capacitors in my IIc's monitor blew a couple of days ago. I downloaded the SAMS for it (it seems to be the only service manual available), but it doesn't have a capacitor reference/list. Plus my model is 240V so I very much doubt there's a list for it out there. My monitor is not NOS, it has seen some use but I doubt it's a high hour tube. The electrolytics looked fine (no bulging) but I decided to swap them out anyway (the vertical got screwy not that long ago). I recommend getting 105C+ rated caps. Things get kinda hot in there and it'll only do those new caps a favor. Most of the ones I bought are Nichicons (some are Panasonic and others are TDK), and there are a couple non polarized caps on the main board but they were all easily obtainable. Here's what's on the boards 1x 25V 3300uF [C701] (that's the big one with a diameter of approx 25mm) 3x 35V 10uF [C104 & C413 & C405] 2x 16V 47uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C107 & C102] 1x 16V 10uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C108] 1x 25V 10uF [C110] 1x 25V 4uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C515] 1x 50V 100uF [C514] 2x 16V 1000uF [C510 & C409] 1x 16V 47uF [C105] 3x 50V 4.7uF [C111 & C702 & C505] 1x 16V 100uF [C103] 1x 16V 330uF [C508] 1x 63V 100uF [C517] 2x 350V 1uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C513 & C518] 1x 16V 2200uF [C704] 1x 16V 470uF [couldn't read...] 1x 16V 220uF [C411] 1x 33uF [C408] 1x 250V 0.1uF X FILTER CAP (daughterboard) [replace with film capacitor] 2x 4700pF (0.0047uF) Y Filter CAP (daughterboard) [replace with film capacitor] Here's what I recommend getting (remember that you can always go up in voltage as long as you keep the same capacitor value! This makes the list slightly shorter) 1x 25V 3300uF [C701] 4x 35V 10uF [C104 & C413 & C405 & C110] 2x 16V 47uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C107 & C102] 1x 16V 10uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C108] 1x 25V 4uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C515] 3x 63V 100uF [C514 & C103 & C517] 2x 16V 1000uF [C510 & C409] 1x 16V 47uF [C105] 3x 50V 4.7uF [C111 & C702 & C505] 1x 16V 330uF [C508] 2x 350V 1uF BI-POLAR / NON-POLARIZED [C513 & C518] 1x 16V 2200uF [C704] 1x 16V 470uF [couldn't read...] 1x 16V 220uF [C411] 1x 33uF [C408] 1x 250V 0.1uF X FILTER CAP (daughterboard) [replace with film capacitor] 2x 4700pF (0.0047uF) Y Filter CAP (daughterboard) [replace with film capacitor] Last but not least, Your Mileage May Vary. I cannot guarantee that your board has the same caps. Hope this helps someone!
  15. BadGoldEagle

    Portable & SCSI2SD Questions

    @godfatherq8 you’ll need a 50 pin to 34 pin SCSI adapter/cable but apart from that SCSI is SCSI so yes it’ll be compatible. edit: Apparently Alaska sells them... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Macintosh-Portable-34-to-50-pin-SCSI-Hard-drive-Adapter-/312047710466