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  1. Here is a pic of the adapter and specs.
  2. IIcx

    pics of IIcx
  3. Oh an I did have a roommate but he didn't seem to have any interest in it, not to say he didn't bump it or anything. I could have damaged more recently when I was working on it, well I say I as I have children who cant keep their hands off anything I'm working on.
  4. Ok, sorry had to replace fuel pump in my car ( it never ends ) here are some pics of my board The Rasterops card I got this card off ebay for $10, a Mac display 630-0400, specs look like it should work but I cant get it working, tried different settings on the adapter, what do you think?
  5. Well I have spent about 2 hours playing with the RAM, cleaning, inspecting, no luck. Took out the board and went over an over it looking for blown traces, testing different components. I have finally decided I need to get the video working to see the error codes. The Rasterops is a no-go so I found a video board that will work on Ebay for $10 to start me out. I'm not going to give up yet! There has got to be a simple reason why this Mac worked then out of the blue with no warning -poof!!!!- when so many others performed much longer. It sat on the same desk for 3 years, nothing blocking it, nothing spilled on it, not in sunlight with a printer and a modem that were both still working after. Ill update when I get that card in a few days.
  6. I'm not really sure, I wasn't as technically inclined 20 years ago as I am now. I did a lot of trace testing before an after recapping. Under 3 of the caps was obvious leakage, very small and confined to the area just beneath. By no means am I saying your wrong, I have seen some nightmares inside of Sega Genesis/ CD units (notorious for bad caps an my fave retro game console). One of the pads had also lifted but I did find a solder point for it. All was tested for continuity. I'm confident the issue lies somewhere else an I'm continuing with the RAM testing. I really haven't had a chance to get to the video card, had to track down a vacuum leak on my car but with that fixed I'm back on this.
  7. Thanks for responding and good advise. I did try mixing RAM in different ways. I'm guessing bank A are the 4 sockets closest to the hard drive? Also I did figure out why I have no video. The video chip at the rear of the card has damage to 2 pins. Very small and missed it many times. They are bent and not in contact with the board. I am going to try to repair it but Ill have to track down some solder points as the traces look as if they have lifted too. If that doesn't work out how about this card, an Apple Macintosh 8-24 display card (Mac display 670) Specs look like it'll work, $20 on ebay, or does someone have a better suggestion. Oh one other thing, I have listened to some recordings (I cant remember what it sounded like 20 years ago) of IIcx sad Mac chimes an it seems there are 2 notes played before the sad Mac chime. I have no idea if that helps.
  8. Hello all! I'm glad I could find a classic/ vintage Mac site that was still operational. I need some help. I just resurrected my beloved Mac IIcx. Got it used from a friend in 1991 and it helped me thru college. One day in 1994 I started it up and got the sad Mac chimes with just the sad Mac on screen (I don't remember seeing any codes). So into a box it went. Recently I rediscovered it. I fix PCs all the time so I thought I'd give it a crack but when I plugged it in all I got was clicking. After a washdown and rebuild with new Kemet Tantalum and EPCOS aluminum caps I'm at the same point I was at 20 years ago but worse. The monitor was lost to time. I think it was an high resolution RBG, it was not mono chrome. I have tried a 10 dip VGA adapter to hook up to an old 19" Viewsonic CRT but cant get it working. Here is what it will do: Power on and stay on but sad Mac chime. What I tried: unplug everything. Tested battery (good). Tried a different power supply (I have 2). Tried with no hard/ floppy drive. Took all RAM out, switched it around, tried just 4 (of 8 of mixed variety). The hard drive indicator light does not light up. Here's the specs: Mac IIcx 1988, Sony 40mb HD, Astec PSU, 8 Ram cards, 4 Samsung KMM581000A-8 021 SM, 3 unknown manufacture (has a globe on the back) GT-3009 and one with markings other than JMM1M/4M 09S, a Rasterops color board 264 and a standard floppy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.