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  1. I've been pulling out my old hardware and setting up a network. I have a IIci I've been setting up as a file server. It currently has a DaynaPort E/II-T NuBus Ethernet card in it (and a 50MHz upgrade) and I've been setting it up as an AppleShare 3 server to NetBoot a couple of IIgses and serve files. Right now I have 7.6.1 on it, and I'm trying to find some working drivers for the DaynaPort card. I downloaded 7.7.2 and I'm not getting any response in the TCP/IP control panel
  2. bcmadore

    IIci and DaynaPort E/II-T

    It's the old DayStar 030. I think I have a cache card for it as well. I'll try something like that. Also I'm going to try to fix the install. It's unfortunately a folder and not a disk, so the installer is choking.