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  1. Hello , unfortunately not repaired yet.
  2. macalle69

    Macintosh Classic Ram problem

    Happy you solve the problem!!
  3. macalle69

    Macintosh Classic Ram problem

    Hello Folks sorry for my late reply , very busy at work , unfortunately not be able to fix that problem ! Hope you'll find the solution ! Good luck
  4. macalle69

    Macintosh Plus Analog Board Q12 replacement

    this is the international analog board parts list hope this helpful for you Ferrix can help you more than I can do!
  5. macalle69

    Macintosh Plus Analog Board Q12 replacement

    Hello Ochim don't understand if you have international 240v analog board or US 110 V analog board, I'm pretty sure there is something else shorted , you better check and take measurements before burning one more time Q12 , if fuse blow there is a short .See red marked zone and check with multimeter Q11 at first , and then resistors near
  6. Well... aesthetically should be better resolder like original one but I preferred socket for further “accidents “ ( hope will not happen)
  7. I live in Italy I found on eBay in Europe (Bulgaria) object 172668289677
  8. Yep! a lot of Desoldering & Soldering , I have tried to save all the old rams just for curiosity and check how many failed , 8 of those were bad !
  9. Hello Folks finally received all parts , replaced all ram and now my 128K is back to life !
  10. macalle69

    Macintosh IICi SuperMac video Card

    Will try thank you folks for your supports !
  11. macalle69

    Macintosh IICi SuperMac video Card

    will try and let you know , now I'm looking for more infos about the card : it should be a SuperMac Spectrum 24 : https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/supermac-spectrum-24-apple-mac-nubus-171272057 thank you
  12. macalle69

    Macintosh IICi SuperMac video Card

    not able to try s-video port , I tried with 2 Macintosh monitor AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor and Apple Color Display
  13. Hello Folks ! I've got this Video card ( it was inside a Macintosh IICi with battery leakage on Mobo) I have tested this card on several other Macintosh I have ( CX, Ci, Macintosh IIFx and Quadra ) but every time same result video distorted as shown , I have also installed SuperMac software but no success Is Video Board damaged or maybe suggestions to fix this issue ? thank you !
  14. Yes I agree the error shown on my 128 isn't indicated in that "common error list" , I have also tried pigging all ram chips at the same time but unsuccessfully , last time I've been able to identify 4 faulty ram , this time I think the only way is to re-ram entirely ( it is a nasty job but I'll try when i'll be very "inspired" ) thanks everybody for your support , will update as soon as I'll do the job.
  15. Hello Folks , I found this 128K motherboard, unfortunately on start up chime is a little bit distorted and after 1 second of normal grey display , dark screen and sad icon with message 04A000 , I have tested Rom on another motherboard and are 100% working, message appear with and without floppy drive connected, I have tried "piggy" with some ram one by one on the soldered banks but message does not change , only pigging on g11 and g12 and f11 and f12 the display shows vertical strips on startup instead of normal grey with some black points. Any suggestion ? thank you ! see video