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  1. toples50

    Apple IIe and sound.

    Problem solved! The cable was detached...Thanks guys
  2. First time Apple IIe user and when I start it I don't hear the beep.Is it normally or not? Can I do something else to test the sound of the machine? The IIe has built-in speaker?
  3. toples50

    Mac 512K and floppy drive

    The floppy drive isn't mounted right (or slipped internally) inside the machine so it needs to be fixed. Thanks guys for the answers
  4. toples50

    Mac 512K and floppy drive

    Is it easy to disassemble?Thanks for the guide
  5. toples50

    Mac 512K and floppy drive

    I have purchased a Mac 512K but the drive seems to be defective.I can't push the disk inside it.Is it easy to disassembly and repair it?
  6. toples50

    SE/30 rom

    Guys this rom simm is necessary to work (boot) the SE/30?
  7. I have bought an Apple IIc without power supply and I'm looking for a compatible one to test it.Where can I look for it?
  8. toples50

    Macintosh SE/30 and lines

    The seller does not wants to cooperate unfortunately.He blames that I open the machine first...I did it his favour and send him money with PayPal gift-unprotected.His answer is the following: "You didn't do me a favour paying by Gift, I insisted on it because I knew if it got damaged you would behave like this.My reputation on this site spans 10 yrs or longer without incident or people claiming I have sent them items not as described.I can tell you now, recapping that machine will not make it boot. The board was damaged in transit and you accepted that responsibility.Can you honestly explain to me how I took pictures of a working system fault free on my bench before I sent it to you !!!! I have the time stamps of the date the photos were taken too.One further reason I am not happy about is that you have stripped the machine right down and handled the board before reporting it as damaged, if you wanted me to share responsibility maybe you should have advised me first before stripping the machine down and handling the board.How do I know if the system was booting before you took the board out !!!! See it works both ways !!"
  9. toples50

    Macintosh SE/30 and lines

    Does not chime unfortunately.I bought it as recaped and as working.I don't know what to say.I will try to wash the M/B first.
  10. toples50

    Macintosh SE/30 and lines

    I have removed the rom but nothing again.
  11. toples50

    Macintosh SE/30 and lines

    If I wash the board?
  12. toples50

    Macintosh SE/30 and lines

    I have purchased an SE/30 and when I switch on the machine it shows lines.The seller told me that reaped the computer.I have tried to reseat the memory modules and rom module but nothing again.Have to unplug the hard disk or what?
  13. toples50

    Help for Power Mac G3 tower

    I can hear clear and strong sound from 9.2 Mac OS.Yes the Mac starts without battery from year 1956.I have to try again with a good pram battery.
  14. toples50

    Help for Power Mac G3 tower

    I have done this but still nothing...
  15. toples50

    Help for Power Mac G3 tower

    Thanks for replies guys. I have another one "issue".The startup sound (chime) sounds very very low.Can I fix it?