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  1. PowerBook 5300ce startup problem

    Thanks guys.Is it worthy to keep the machine and fix it or to sell it?Is it rare the ce model?The hinges are very strong for 5300...
  2. Because I'm looking to buy an Apple IIe without disk drive it is possible to load programs without external disk drive? Is it possible to load programs via SD card with some way? At the end is it worth to buy an Apple IIe w/o external disk drive?
  3. PowerBook 5300ce startup problem

    The problem is I don't want to open because I'm not technician guy.I want just to start up the machine...
  4. PowerBook 5300ce startup problem

    And where can I find battery clock replacement?
  5. PowerBook 5300ce startup problem

    Many people tells me about faulty clock battery.
  6. PowerBook 5300ce startup problem

    Its an easy procedure to open it?
  7. Power Mac 5500 picture problem

    How can I opened it?And where is the analog board? Its an easy procedure or not?
  8. I have a PowerBook 5300ce but does not boot it has stuck the sleep light on.I have tried to reset it but without any luck.
  9. Power Mac 5500 picture problem

    Do I have to recap the motherboard?
  10. I have picture problem(distorted picture)when I switch the resolution from 832x624 to 1024x768.Also sometimes I hear from the screen some clicking sounds.
  11. I have purchase recently a PowerBook G4 with internal screen problem as you can see from the pics.When connected in external monitor works fine.The seller told me that if I hit it around the speakers the picture comes back... Is it fixable the problem or not?Thanks!
  12. Mac related

  13. I need for my desktop G3 Power Mac feet if someone have.
  14. Rubber feet for PowerBook G4 Alu

    What about the rubbers of screen?(they are in the left and right of the screen)
  15. Rubber feet for PowerBook G4 Alu

    Cool!What is the price of this?And where can I order it?