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  1. tjjq44

    Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    Apparently, it isn't possible to boot a plus from scsi2sd... (many threads about this in the forum)
  2. tjjq44

    PowerBook 540 A Few Issues

    Be very careful when you install the new flat cable not to pinch it! Especially when you'll reassemble the powerbook in putting back the side "conic" plastic tab...
  3. tjjq44

    520c: Help Needed

    Better to flip back to original position since Vmain is 1.5A. With only 1A you may run out of power when using floppy drive with backlight at max intensity for example... and it will stress your power supply uselessly
  4. tjjq44

    Bringing a Mac Plus back from the dead!

    maybe you shorted something when you remelted solder... It worked a little bit the first time before it trip your house but maybe the short made a component fail and then this failure makes your mains crack up? Give a last try with logicboard out of the computer just to see, if it doesn't trip your house and you hear kind of "flop flop flop" repeating from the mac, then your logicboard should be the matter, but I don't think so... there is a good chance it'll act the same way whith or without the logicboard attached
  5. tjjq44

    PowerBook 540 A Few Issues

    All the symptom except the corner getting dark seem to come from the ribbon cable you mentioned (audio uses this cable too). Try to find a spare ribbon cable. For the darkening corners, it's a well known weakness of apple's monochrome active displays and there is no real fix for this... sadly
  6. tjjq44

    520c: Help Needed

    Si old batteries will never charge, even with a known good PSU... I just suggest you use vbatt (which seems to be ok) to power the computer and see if it boots. If it boots then go recap your PSU, if not maybe it'll be cheaper to buy another powerbook instead (540c are great, avoid 540 (non c) cause their displays tend to dark in the corners and there is no real fix for this)
  7. tjjq44

    520c: Help Needed

    When you'll get it opened, try to invert wires "1" and "2" just to see if it boots and exclude another problem on the powerbook itself!
  8. tjjq44

    Bringing a Mac Plus back from the dead!

    Bad solder joints on the analog board! Re-melt them (especially the flyback and connectors). For floppy, you'll have to disassemble the drive, there are several tutorials about that
  9. tjjq44

    520c: Help Needed

    First check your power supply, if it is ok then try to find a blown fuse on your logicboard
  10. tjjq44

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Would be very pleased if you could put a video of your plus booting on scsi2sd on youtube cause even using Lido 7.56 to format my scsi2sd (even with a 40mb drive) it is seen on my plus when booting from floppy but doesn't start by itself... My Plus has "v3" roms
  11. tjjq44

    Mac 512k -> 1024k ?

    I'm mostly a hardware guy, I don't think I'll be able to modify the rom at all (assembly language is chinese for me) I'd rather give up on this project (unless one day someone on this forum who has already succeed in upgrading his 512k mac to 1024k or more without using 128k roms gives me a tutorial). Here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-32-chips-256K-x-1-DRAM-Memory-NEC-D41256C-16-Pin-DIP-80ns-PC-MAC-/172873188904?hash=item28400b8628:g:SI8AAOSwTLlZwTQ6 Or here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-pcs-x-D41256C-10-IC-DIP16-DRAM-256K-x-1-Dynamic-RAM-256K-x-1-D41256C10-NEC-/322204262326?hash=item4b04dedfb6:g:PAoAAOSwdzVXldRl
  12. I'm shooting my hair in trying to boot my mac plus from scsi2sd. I googled around and found that nobody had success I tried with many versions of HD SC setup, even the 1.4 from the system 2.0.1 disk... The disk is on the desktop ok but you have to boot from floppy or another boot disk However on the scsi2sd wiki I found that: http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=SCSI2SD [12 March 2017]v4.7 New firmware Fix bug in SCSI Inquiry command for SCSI2 hosts Added OMTI host quirks mode Fix for booting from early Mac Plus ROMS What is it for since obviously it doesn't work ?!?
  13. tjjq44

    Mac 512k -> 1024k ?

    To be honest, I haven't already bought the 16 256kb ram chips, I wanted to test the circuitry before. I even tried to ground the A0 input of the LS138 in order to inhibit the (not installed) additional ram chips, this way it should work like a stock 512k but all I got was a scrambled startup sound and a jailbarred sad mac Luckily after removing the mod everything was fine!
  14. tjjq44

    Mac 512k -> 1024k ?

    I couldn't find any more detailled instructions on google (I spend many hours searching)... I also think it doesn't work since the only chip added is a 74LS138 in order to manage 2 more columns (CAS). In all the third party upgrade I saw (in photo) there is much more chips added! Yes but I want it to work with stock 64k rom too
  15. tjjq44

    64k ROM and internal 800KB drive

    I confirm, I use a 512k motherboard with 64k roms in a plus case and a 800k internal drive, it boots 400k MFS (and even 800k MFS) without any problem The sound the drive makes is just different (lower pitch) than with 128k roms or HD20 init installed