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  1. Hey Bolle, I don't mean to be a bug but will the Topper cards have the added power socett? TPope
  2. Hey Bolle, Will both versions have the enhanced power connector? If so I want one short and one tall. TPope
  3. Hey Bolle, Would it it be possible to tell me what modifications need to be made to the IIsi PDS to NuBus adapter board to make it work on this board? Has anyone written down all the improvements that must be made? Thanks for your time. TPope
  4. Hey Bolle, Will the IIsi PDS to NuBus adapter work in this card? TPope
  5. Airport Express - wifi bridge to ethernet

    Dear Alpine Raven, I am trying the same thing in a G4 AGP with internet connection suplied by a 802.11 b/g compliant Sprint NetGear AirCard. Do you have specs and model name/numbers for the equipment you used? Also any detailed assembly instructions or videos would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, TPope
  6. Hey Joe, Don't be sad, be strong. Always remember Edison. When discouraged Jobs used to "take a walk" (You know what that means.) Bill Gates would take a 2 week vacation. Maybe try another system: Gamba's 8.1 hack. It will work out. Peace. TPope
  7. Wow! It's beautiful! Any NuBus in there? TPope
  8. How do we get the flat cable that run from the Radius card to the Asante AUI port? Thanks TPope
  9. 10" CRT in SE/30 - Neck board offset PCB?

    Do you have pictures? TPope
  10. Dear Trash, I believe your creation of the vertical "SideCard" was brilliant, particularly the one set off at 90 degrees to PDS slot. If positioned correctly it would fit into the chassis air vent slot and permit full length boards. I originally thought you were doing that for NuBus cards. Whatever. It is not just a Rube Goldberg idea and don't give up its development. I'm not a Thermodynamic engineer but I believe all heat sinks should face the open volume of the bucket with the hottest components the highest, with a small fan below pushing upward or above sucking upward or both if needed. Yeah, the atx psu is unavoidable, new boards, fans, SSD RAIDs, probably electrical cooling and PSI slots next year. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged. You are doing what a lot of can't do. Peace TPope
  11. Toledogeek's SE/30 Build

    What system are you running? Thanks TPope
  12. jt's Random Questions Thread

    Hey Comrade, What's the status of the SE/30 PDS project? The last I heard there were reserved pins on the slot that complicated development. Is it still the case? Thanks for your time. TPope
  13. Dear Trash, When the final product is finished will it be one board, like the sketches, or will it be several smaller protoboards offering different connectors? I wanted to mount two 601 cpu's via cpi's and two pds boards (Radius video, and Asante ethernet) and one nubus. I know I will probably have to upgrade or replace my PSU. According to Daystar's marketing material the Turbo 601 was supposed to work in the SE/30 so I'm hoping the 6100's will too, (I 've got several of those). Will we have a choice in what we order? Thanks for your time, TPope
  14. Hey Trash and Themk I like the idea of the proto boards. The flexibility is most important to me. But what about the issue of resistance? I thought the purpose of the big board was to unify all the signals. Anyway I support what you are doing see you breathing new life into the SE/30, keep up the good work. tpope