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  1. Hey Ant, I can't go over all the facts I've discovered on The Unofficial Turbo 601 Site but it is very, very good and even gives hints on how to hack the system enabler: OS 8.5 update. Just check it out. There are a lot of 404 dead ends but a lot of knowledge also. Did you contact VON?
  2. Hey Ant, By going to the Lowendmac site (www.lowendmac.com/2016/daystar-turbo-601-powerpc-processor-upgrade-for-68030-pds-macs/) I found links to The Unofficial Turbo 601 Site. From there I found additional links to "Other Resources". On that page there is another link to version 1.1 of the Turbo 601 Installation disk from Daystar which, unfortunately, is not archived by the Waybackmachine. But this does tell us there was a System Enabler needed for installation. (See bottom two lines of "About the Turbo 601".) Even if you can find that installation disk you have to have the one that came with your card and may have to ResEd hack it or your system, or both, so they recognize each other and work together. After all the product was not initially designed for SE/30's. (If you have ever hacked OS 8.1 for 030's or 040's you know what I mean. If you haven' t go to Jag's site for the info. I have been working on this project off and on since 1996 and just hope that someone, somewhere steps forward with the solution. Also note the version of ROM needed. Will TX you later. Peace
  3. Hello Ants, I don't believe it's just the need of the adapter. I think you need the adapter and the software. For something as complex as a RISK chip I don't think it could be as simple as plug and play. However I am not an Electrical Engineer and I'm sure the people at Lowendmac would be more knowledgeable. Try:www.lowendmac.com/2016/daystar-turbo-601-powerpc-processor-upgrade-for-68030-pds-macs/ I too was in that auction that VON won last year. I don't recall if software was included. Perhaps you could contact him and see if he has it. As far as the adapter maybe Rolle has a working prototype he could lend or sell you. I believe it's just a matter of time before someone figures it out and reverse engineers the 601 PDS BOARD and adapter. If I understand it correctly Trash has almost perfected the NuBus-SE/30 adapter. (So it seems the need is there.) I don't know if Rolle will produce another batch of his. Let me know how it works out. Peace
  4. Hey Ant, I assume you know that the Daystar 601 for 68030 computers requires specific ROM chips, (si or fx) the si PDS adapter and software. The software is an extension and maybe a control panel. I've never seen it just read about them. It makes sense cause you need software to run Daystar's 040 upgrade cards. I have forgotten where I saw that but maybe Macintoshgarden or Lowendmac can help. I will keep researching and will let you know what I find. Peace
  5. Will you pleases end me your SE/30 PDS map. Thanks for your time. TPope
  6. Sounds like a good idea. I've been thinking about it too. The ad vantage might be a NuBus adapter, the opportunity to redesign the power supply system, ditch the CRT (and a lot of heat a weight) and go color LED. Might save on the power budget. Yeah, there's a lot that could be improved on the A/B board. TPope
  7. Hey Von, RE: Daystar Turbo 601 PowerPC Processor Upgrade for 68030 PDS Macs. You may have seen this before, but it might be helpful. From Lowendmac: www.lowendmac.com/2016/daystar-turbo-601-powerpc-processor-upgrade-for-68030-pds-macs/ Let me know how i works out. Peace TPope
  8. Hey Bolle, I don't mean to be a bug but will the Topper cards have the added power socett? TPope
  9. Hey Bolle, Will both versions have the enhanced power connector? If so I want one short and one tall. TPope
  10. Hey Bolle, Would it it be possible to tell me what modifications need to be made to the IIsi PDS to NuBus adapter board to make it work on this board? Has anyone written down all the improvements that must be made? Thanks for your time. TPope
  11. Hey Bolle, Will the IIsi PDS to NuBus adapter work in this card? TPope
  12. TPope

    Airport Express - wifi bridge to ethernet

    Dear Alpine Raven, I am trying the same thing in a G4 AGP with internet connection suplied by a 802.11 b/g compliant Sprint NetGear AirCard. Do you have specs and model name/numbers for the equipment you used? Also any detailed assembly instructions or videos would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, TPope
  13. Hey Joe, Don't be sad, be strong. Always remember Edison. When discouraged Jobs used to "take a walk" (You know what that means.) Bill Gates would take a 2 week vacation. Maybe try another system: Gamba's 8.1 hack. It will work out. Peace. TPope
  14. Wow! It's beautiful! Any NuBus in there? TPope