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  1. kissmyash933

    Large volumes in a 68030

    That's weird that it wont spin up, but I have actually had this problem before. Does it spin up if you hook it up to a regular ATX PSU? I've seen some PSU's on macs not provide enough power, and I've also seen sometimes that there is a Motor Delay jumper set, or even a motor jumper that needs to be set to tell the drive to spin up, look at the jumpers on your adapter. also: these adapters aren't what I would call excellent quality, I've had a few of them fail on me. Check for cold solder joints and buy a couple more of them that actually have the labels next to the jumpers for testing.
  2. kissmyash933

    Large volumes in a 68030

    The adapters quoted are the exact adapters that I use. It seems they have gone up a little bit in price though! They work like a charm, just make sure you have a terminator on the end of your cable since these drives don't do internal termination.
  3. kissmyash933

    Large volumes in a 68030

    Heck yes, this is exactly the information I needed! Thank you!
  4. kissmyash933

    Large volumes in a 68030

    So, I recapped my IIci and stuffed it full of cards only to find out that the HDD was dead. My standard method of replacement is a 2.5" IBM Ultra 320 SCSI drive on an adapter, partitioned into small chunks. I booted up the machine, formatted with a Patched Drive Setup and installed System 7.1 only to find that it wouldn't boot, and then wouldn't mount when I booted up with a DT disk. The error received was "You need a 68040 or PPC mac for large volumes" I was under the impression that as long as I kept the partitions under 2GB, everything should work fine. Any way around this particular issue?
  5. kissmyash933

    SE/30 Serial Ports not working

    Hey, MLA! Been a really long time since I've been around, but I have a question regarding an SE/30 After a very long send-away to get the board recapped, It finally came back to me. I plugged it in and the SCSI controller wasn't doing its thing, after a few hours of probing the SCSI controller, I found a few bad data lines and ran a few bodges, the system came up and booted directly from the HD that it came with. My usual routine is that I drop a Disk Tools disk in and boot the machine, format the drive and then boot from a Network Access Disk and Install the system over LocalTalk. Imagine my surprise when the Serial Ports didn't work at all. Figuring that there must still be a bad trace somewhere, I spent a fair amount of time testing continuity from the Serial Ports all the way back to the Zilog chip, but then got hung up on what I'm looking at all the way on the left side of the schematic. At this point, I'm tired and frustrated and looking for some help and pointers. I did notice that one of the yellow chips in the RP section had been replaced with something that has its four corner pins missing, but upon looking at the schematic, it appears that those corner pins are just ground. I know there are some real experts here that can probably help me point out the issue, anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  6. kissmyash933

    Quadra 950 NuBus issues.

    Well, Sorry for the very delayed response here y'all. The forum crashed, and then life got in the way, and now apparently the system assigned my post to another user, and the account that I made this post with vanished into thin air. (LXLS) Amazingly, my account from five forum software updates ago is still active, so here we go. The Last three posts, @Floofies, @Unknown_K, @beachycove, you guys I'm going to respond to all in this post. First off, good to see so many old school members still around! Floofies, I have never had to actually measure the voltage of the PSU on a Q950, where would I find the pinout to do this, and how would I jumpstart the PSU without having it connected it to the board? Unknown K, I tried it with the terminator off, no go, but I did find the solution to my problem, see below. (Also, please try my solution, perhaps you can get your card working in your Q950 again.) Beachycove, you're the man. I vaguely remembered flashing my original card upon initial installation because the driver alerted me to the fact that it needed an update. I tried using SCSIProbe and TechTool as suggested, and still no go, but then I was frustrated and walked away from the machine for a couple of weeks. I sat back down and re-read this thread in its entirety and as a last ditch effort downloaded fresh drivers from the link you provided. (I believe my original set came from there as well.) I figured what-the-heck, and had a look through the readme file that came with the JackHammer. In the readme, it describes how to manually update the firmware for the card. as it turns out, the computer knew that both cards were installed, but didn't know what to do with them, you were spot on when you said it needed to be reflashed. Here's how to do it: Open the JackHammer Control Panel, Select "Slots". Hold the Option Key, and press the version (3.2.3) listed at the bottom of the CP. A dialogue box will appear and tell you that no cards were found, what slot would you like to manually program? Select the slot and you should get a confirmation, reboot the machine and tada! The SCSI JackHammer (both of them!) now appear in SlotInfo. The question is, why did this happen in the first place? I'm an old school mac user and have been using SCSI for almost my entire life at this point, but perhaps I'm losing my memory already! (I'm only 25!) So, lets recap how you're supposed to set scsi up in case i'm wrong. 1: Connect SCSI Cable with active terminator on the end to the card. 2: Connect HDD to SCSI Cable, and set SCSI ID making sure that it is unique. 3: Enable TermPower on drive to supply power to the terminator at the end of the cable. 4: Cross Fingers and hope that the machine boots up. Right? This has always worked for me before, so I don't know what the deal is. Does anyone have a PDF of the manual for the SCSI JackHammer? It'd be interesting to see how this card is actually supposed to be set-up. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction. I sat and worked on this issue for HOURS before taking a breather from the machine. I guess I just needed some time to relax and look at it from another angle.
  7. kissmyash933

    Retouching Newton casing/plastic using vinyl dye?

    JB, The Newton 2100 is coated in that rubbery stuff, NTLK has yet to figure out what that stuff is actually called. I do know however that I have used my 2000 so extensively that lots of that rubbery stuff has come off. The Plastic underneath it is green as well. I'm not sure that vinyl dye would work, but who knows, it may! and if you mess up the plastics, I'm sure Frank Gruendel would be be more than happy to sell you a set of plastics for it. B.
  8. kissmyash933

    Apple/Bose Roommate speakers

    BOSE: Buy Other Sound Equipment. They honestly look to me like what Bose calls their outdoor speakers these days. I know lots of people are fans of Bose equipment, but I will be honest here and say that I've never enjoyed listening to anything they've ever built. Still, It's pretty cool that they have an Apple logo on them -- I was under the impression that the only relationship apple had with Bose was with the TAM.
  9. kissmyash933

    Radius Lemans GT or Radius Thunder IV/GT?

    Thanks for all the links and help! I think that waiting around for a 1360 might be what I do, unless I can find some other card that will give me 1280@24. W/ QuickDraw acceleration. My preferred Display for old macs continues to be a CRT. I don't have any Square LCD Panels any more, and found them to either A: not play well with macs of this vintage and B: Not make System 7 look very flattering. I feel that for the right feel of System 7, a CRT is required. Besides, I don't think old macs look very great with an LCD panel since they were never intended to be used with them. While PhotoShop acceleration with DSP would be pretty cool, It's not mandatory, especially if I have to use a second slot to do so. If I can't find a card that will do 1280@24, I'll probably just buy a 24xk. B.
  10. kissmyash933

    Radius Lemans GT or Radius Thunder IV/GT?

    I suppose that is a good point. Since you and Trash80 seem to be the authority on NuBus Video Cards around here, do you think that the IV/GT would be faster than the Lemans or a 24xk? I suppose that for ProTools experimentation, a bit of AutoCAD and some word processing, running 1280x1024 @ whatever bit depth would be fine. but does the 24xk do 1280x1024 at any bit depth?
  11. kissmyash933

    Radius Lemans GT or Radius Thunder IV/GT?

    Thanks for the help! Now I know. I would ideally, like to find the 1360 IV GX. that way i could push 1280x1024 @24bit. I feel like $75 might be a bit much for the 1152, I can do 1152 with the 24XK. That and the fact that i'll have to use a second nubus slot in my Q950 for photoshop acceleration makes me think i should look around for a little longer. B.
  12. kissmyash933

    Back at the "Extended Keyboard II"

    I used an AEK II for many years with an iMate (which is now falling apart) Then I ran into an AEK I. What a difference! The AEK II is stiff as a board in comparison.
  13. Hey all, I've got the opportunity to purchase a Radius Lemans GT or a Radius Thunder IV/GT (1152) I really can't find much information on the Lemans other than what I can find here on the MLA. If I were to purchase the Thunder, it would come with a PhotoEngine card, but not the daughtercard version. The person I would be buying it from says the photoengine card is a separate NuBus Card. I had no Idea that they made those. My question is, if I were able to source the daughtercard version of the PhotoEngine, would it work on the Thunder, thus turning it into a IV GX 1152? Where would I go about sourcing a daughtercard? I'd love to keep a Nubus slot free if I can. Thoughts or opinions? I have no experience with NuBus Video Cards (yet.) B.
  14. kissmyash933

    How to make an installer disk

    yes, you can absolutely re-write your old diskettes. Disk Copy should automatically ask if you want to format the disk. you can download System 7.5.3 here: http://www.info.apple.com/support/oldersoftwarelist.html#system
  15. kissmyash933


    very nice! I've always wanted a mini, I think that will be my next iPod when my 1st gen dies. (it's almost there, it definitely needs a new battery) I think if you take out the microdrives and replace them with CF cards you'll get better battery life though!