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  1. I also have a sealed mic. Probably a few more things, but I'll have to look... I've got lots of boxed items, both complete and incomplete, but not all are nib.
  2. aftermac

    G3 AIO Power Supply Jumper

    Excuse me? yes it does. The only difference is how the screen is hooked up. It goes through the Whisper/Personality card on that header with the clips. In fact it's so similar, I transfered mine to a G3 minitower which eissenfaust88 here on the forum has. I also upgraded it with a G4 Zif. It's the EXACT same board as the rest of the G3 towers, except with a lower end config and a built in screen that attaches to the personality card. You can see evidence just on the card that goes into the personality slot on any G3. That 9/15 pin header with the clips is just for the monitor on the AIO to connect. the iMac on the other hand is drastically different. I would akin it slightly more to the blue and white over the beige G3 though. Well, there you go. My mistake it is the same board. That's what happens when you try to post something quick... just got my AIO a couple days ago and haven't torn into it yet.
  3. aftermac

    G3 AIO Power Supply Jumper

    From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Macintosh_G3 The AIO doesn't use the Gossamer logic board, but it was developed at the same time. I would assume this is all related to the CHRP/PPCP projects that were going on at that time.
  4. Yup, found that out the hard way. Lesson learned. I am pretty pleased with the repair job so far, however.
  5. I would be very careful with Acetone... I ruined the front panel of my Quadra 950 a few days ago. However, a couple things that I did discover as a result are that Rust-oleum "fine-textured" spray paint very closely matches the original texture of the case, and Testors Flat Light Aircraft Gray spray enamel is a near perfect match for Macintosh Platinum. Both colors lay between Pantone 420-421. This will also come in handy with another project I'm working on. I have an SE that I had to use plastic filler to repair many deep gouges to the case, and I've been trying to figure out how to restore the texture and color. Next we'll see how a custom ordered rubber stamp (which I Photoshopped with Apple Garamond, and perfectly aligned and sized) works to restore "Macintosh Quadra 950" to the front panel.
  6. aftermac

    2 compacts

    Sucks that water was in the Performa 200... hopefully, when it dries out there isn't too much damage.
  7. aftermac

    A 'few' Ebay Purchases

    Not too shabby... Considering what you got, I don't think the price was all that bad.
  8. aftermac

    How do I Edit my post?

    Fair enough. I've seen it work well elsewhere, so I thought it was worth mentioning.
  9. aftermac

    How do I Edit my post?

    Just a suggestion... don't know if it's possible or not, but would it be possible to allow an individual the ability to indefinitley edit a post just in the Market place? This would allow someone to just keep a running "for sale" thread and prevent a lot of little threads from popping up. This ability could even be granted on a per-thread basis, if the software allows.
  10. aftermac

    PowerBook Duo 2300c/100

    Interesting, and good to know! Either way mine has a 9.5" screen which was unique to the 2300c. That is the first 280c I've seen with the model printed on the top cover.
  11. aftermac

    PowerBook Duo 2300c/100

    Mine is definitely a 2300c, not an upgraded model. The screen size measures 9.5" and the sticker on the bottom of the case reads, "Macintosh PowerBook Duo 2300 Series".
  12. aftermac

    LC Smiley

    Technically, I don't think membership ever goes down, since the accounts still exist even if people stop using them.
  13. aftermac

    PowerBook Duo 2300c/100

    It's been a while since I've had the Duo out... I'll have to take a look at the screen size. I no longer have the 270c or 280c, but I seem to remember it having a larger screen. Plus, didn't the 270c and 280c have the model name printed on the screen bezel underneath the screen, and on the 2300c it was on the "top case" above the keyboard? Mine has neither. Also, I seem to remember the sticker on the bottom saying 2300c. I'll double check that also, but I'm pretty sure that years ago I ruled out that it was an upgraded Duo. EDIT: A picture of it with the wristrest off is in my avatar... I had to repair the battery terminals, but it's not a very good picture to judge by.
  14. aftermac

    PowerBook Duo 2300c/100

    I've owned three Duo's... 270c, 280c, and 2300c (which I still have). All of them were great computers. They were my main laptops when I owned them, I kept trading up for the next best model from about 1997 to 2000 until I bought my Pismo. Unfortunately, I only have a Duo Dock I, so there are rub marks on the top of the laptop. I didn't really care about it at the time and the Duo Dock I was much cheaper than the II when I bought it. Interesting note about my 2300c is that it has a trackball instead of a trackpad. It was like this when I purchased it, so I'm not sure of the history, whether the wristrest or trackpad broke and the wristrest with a trackball from an older Duo was cheaper... maybe a previous owner just preferred the trackball and swapped it out. Who knows...
  15. Very nice! I saw one at a thrift store the other day for $50. $5 is definitly a good deal!