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  1. MikeInMass

    Reviving Quadra 630

    Hey thanks! Glad to know that the power supply is operating nominally. Thanks for the links to the CF card and adapter, too. I'll pick those up. One web page I found described reinstalling the OS on a fresh drive as a pretty long process. So I'm also glad to hear that it might be as simple as popping in the install CD... I've got the old 8.1 install CD someplace... now to see whether the CD drive works!
  2. MikeInMass

    Reviving Quadra 630

    I want to revive my Quadra 630, which I haven't used in probably twenty years. It powers on and shows the icon of the floppy disk with a flashing question mark, so that's a start. One stupid question: how is the machine supposed to be powered off? The soft power button on the keyboard doesn't seem to do the trick-- I have tried pressing it, and holding it; neither powers the machine off. Does this suggest something wrong in the power circuitry somewhere? In that case, what's my best path forward? I do have a spare machine that does not turn on, that I could cannibalize for parts; but since the spare machine doesn't turn on, it's probably not going to solve any power supply problems. Thanks for any suggestions!