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  1. MJ313

    PowerBook 1400c With Mysterious CPU

    That would be Metronome, installed with Sonnet drivers ~ http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/sonnet-driver-2002
  2. Favorite pic: Loaded and ready to launch Nifty increasing (or decreasing depending on pov) card length installation arrangement! Any room to improve on the HDD? (Those little 10k drives came to mind).
  3. IIcx! They make nice RadiusRocket launchpads... that's where mine lives. Got it from a nice guy.
  4. You guys kick ass. Awesome job joe, jt and everyone else working on this!
  5. MJ313

    IIci restarts after shutdown

    I had this exact problem with my IIcx and after testing different power supplies, checking caps, rewashing the board etc., it turned out to be the keyboard of all things. Easy enough to check if you have a spare keyboard. For some reason the soft power switch in mine got fouled.
  6. MJ313

    LC III found curbside

    Message trag about kits- he's helped a lot of us out!
  7. Awesome! You've been wanting to do this for awhile-- nice to hear it worked out well! looking forward to pics.
  8. MJ313

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    Fantastic! Nice tidy job!
  9. MJ313

    PM/WS 8500 needs AV module to boot?

    Are you able to discern whether the issue is with the logic board or the cpu card? Do you have a stock 604 cpu from a 75/76/85xx to put in the 8550 and see if it boots? You could also try the cpu card in another 75/7600 to see what happens. The logic board is *seemingly* stock, so replacing it if it's dead wouldn't be the end of the world. Just some suggestions.
  10. MJ313

    PM/WS 8500 needs AV module to boot?

    I'm loving unity's explanation. it's so good in fact, i've changed my mind on my guess... That cpu in there... unicorn!
  11. MJ313

    PM/WS 8500 needs AV module to boot?

    I took apart an 8550 and 7600 once and noticed that neither one had a VLSI chip. Out of curiosity, I wonder if your board has that chip. When I looked at 8500 boards online, they had the chip (the silkscreen on the board actually outlines the chip.. it's near the center of the board). The boards are all so similar though and the 8550 didn't ship with an A/V module anyway. I will guess that it really is exactly what the box says it is... an 8550... and a nice proto! Neat find regardless of what it is!
  12. Love it and it's a beaut. You do nice plexi-werk.