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  1. clopes66

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    In addition to the excellent post from Simon_Carr, here's some info how to setup SCSI2SD with other vendors and products recognised by Drive Setup. I was having little luck with the patched versions of Drive Setup and then found this post that shows how Drive setup recognises attached SCSI drives. I examined the fSCR resources from Drive Setup 1.5 and made the following compatibility list. Choose any combination from the first list below ( * means any character string). Avoid combinations from the second list. I set the Device Type in scsi2sd_util to Hard Drive - I don't know if any of the suppoerted devices are Removable. I am not sure if the Revision matters - I always put 1.0 Supported "vendor_id,product_id" The " are not part of the codes “QUANTUM,FIREBALL*” “QUANTUM,*” “CONNER,*” “IBM*” “IBM OEM,*” “ SEAGATE, ST225N” “SEAGATE,ST250N” “SEAGATE,ST157NB” “SEAGATE,ST19171W” “SEAGATE,*” “CDC,*” “SEAGATE,ST410800N” “AVID,ST410800N” “MICROP,*” “DEC,*” “SYQUEST,SQ55#” “SYQUEST,SQ511#” “SYQUEST,SQ310#” “SYQUEST,SQ3270#” “SyQuest,SQ5200#” “SYQUEST,EZ135#” “IOMEGA,BETA90” “IOMEGA,BETA150” “IOMEGA,BETA230” “FUJITSU,M2511A” “FUJITSU,M2512A” “SONY,SMO-C5#” “SONY,SMO-C3#” “SONY,SMO-F331-00” “RICOH,RO-506#” “MOST,RMD-5200#” “MOST,RMD-51#” “SHARP,JY750#” “SHARP,JY800#” “RICOH,RO-301#” Apple OEM driver. required (Drive Setup will show Unsupported) “QUANTUM,Q280*” “QUANTUM,Q250*” “QUANTUM,P80S*” “QUANTUM,P40S*” “QUANTUM,LP40S*” “QUANTUM,LP80S*” “QUANTUM,LPS270S*” “QUANTUM,LPS540S*” “QUANTUM,EMPIRE_1080S” “QUANTUM,MAVERICK 270S” “QUANTUM,MAVERICK 540S” “QUANTUM,LIGHTNING 365S” “QUANTUM,LIGHTNING 540S” “QUANTUM,LIGHTNING 730S” “QUANTUM,LPS240S*” “QUANTUM,GO40S” “QUANTUM,GO80S1” “QUANTUM,GO120S” “QUANTUM,GO160S” “CONNER,CP3045-40mb-3.5” “CONNER,CP2025-20mb” “CONNER,CP2045PK-40Mb” “CONNER,CP2255-240Mb” “CONNER,CP2175-160Mb” “CONNER,CP2084-80Mb” “CONNER,CFP1080S” “IBM,DSAS-3270” “IBM,DSAS-3360” “IBM,DSAS-3540” “IBM,DSAS-3720” “IBM,DPES-31080” “IBM OEM,DFMSS2F” “IBM OEM,DFMSS4F” “IBM OEM,DFHSS2F” “IBM OEM,DFHSS4F” “IBM,WDS240” “IBM,WDS280” “IBM,WDS2120” “IBM,H2172-S2C” “IBM,H2344-S4C” “IBM,DHAS-2172” “IBM,DHAS-2258” “IBM,DHAS-2344” “IBM,DHAS-2540” “IBM,DVAS-2810” “SEAGATE,ST1480” “SEAGATE,ST11200N” “SEAGATE,ST3600N” “SEAGATE,ST12550N” “SEAGATE,ST32430N” “SEAGATE,ST15230N” “SEAGATE,ST9235N” “SEAGATE,ST9195N” “Apple,SCSI_HD” “ADTX,*”