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  1. Apple PowerCD "portable" CD ROM drive

    Oh yes I did. Also a scsi slash cd-player. I really want to know which one it was. I have forgotten it’s name.
  2. Apple PowerCD "portable" CD ROM drive

    Had one. Didn’t care much for it. Sloooowwwwwww. Painfully. Sold it for a handsome price. Beware. A lot of players are missing cables. And they come in 2 colours. ‘Brownish’ and ‘blueish’.
  3. Bridge Mac

    Two zipdrives working great here. Thanks everyone! Was tempted to buy a PowerMac 8500 a saw in a thrift shop but I didn’t...
  4. DIY Power supply 30” cinema display

    Oh, and again, if you build your own power supply you will have a new one, not an old one that can fail you at any time.
  5. DIY Power supply 30” cinema display

    For me, it started with this YouTube movie. A power supply for a 23 inch cinema display will have other technical specificationsthan the 30 inch one. The 23 inch power supply is 90 watt, also 24,5 volt And 3,7 ampère. (The 30 inch has 150 watt And 6,5 ampère) I have always understood that you can use a larger power supply on a smaller display but not the other way around
  6. I agree; it doesn’t look like something Jonathan Ive would come up with but it does the trick. My DIY 30 inch cinema display power supply. I could have bought a second hand one but this one has the advantage of being new and very cheap.
  7. Bridge Mac

    Thanks. I have found 2 plus models but no scsi ones.
  8. Bridge Mac

    The usb zipdrive works great. The scsi zipdrive turned out to be an internal one. My bad for not asking the right questions. Do any of you have any experience with the zip plus? That model is both scsi and parallel.
  9. Bridge Mac

    I will be using an iMac G4 700MHz with os 9.2.2
  10. Bridge Mac

    Two zipdrives (usb and scsi) are in the mail....
  11. Bridge Mac

    Thanks. That would be a great addition to the SE/30. For now I’m looking for zip drives. I just bought a usb-version. Now I just have to find a scsi-version.
  12. Bridge Mac

    Thanks. Great stuff but I’m in The Netherlands and the prices the US couriers charge are ridiculous.
  13. Bridge Mac

    Thanks. But my SE/30 doesn’t have a netwerk card.
  14. Bridge Mac

    Does a parallel zip drive with a parallel to usb cable work on a Mac?
  15. Bridge Mac

    That’s also a great idea! Thanks.