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  1. Torbar

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Has anyone successfully gotten this to work on a Mac yet? I have a question with how this works if I have some boards made. Is the pi getting power from the floppy connector through the GPIO pins?, or does it need its own power source. I'm assuming the former since it appears the power line of the floppy connector goes to the 5v GPIO pins If so, can this replace the main internal HD on a Mac and have it boot off of that? If so, I'm assuming the pi needs at least a few seconds to boot into the OS. How does the Mac handle that. You turn on the Mac, which powers up the Pi. Does the Mac know to keep looking for the hard drive as the pi is booting up, and once that boots up it will auto boot from the disk image?
  2. Torbar

    haplain's never-ending quest

    Somehow just discovered this thread. This stuff is really cool, thank you for sharing it!
  3. I haven't done much troubleshooting yet(have a couple of other projects I'm working on first), but what lead me to the flyback is the dead mac scrolls. Would definitely be good if it wasn't the flyback. What're your thoughts the best way to determine what the issue is? Inspect the analog board and see if there are any bulging/leaking caps? and if I dont see any, power it on and try to get more of a sense of what's emitting the odor? Thanks!
  4. Yeah, probably the best idea actually. Especially if I find a FDHD that was a victim of the maxwell bomb with the ROM/SWIM chips intact
  5. Torbar

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    Don't want to hijack this topic, so at some point I'll create another topic and/or send PMs. I'll be out of the country for the first half of october, but maybe late october/early november might be a good time? Never knew we had so many CT members!
  6. I was at a video game convention in NJ over the weekend(Funnily enough, it was actually called A Video Game Con), and at one of the booths there was a Mac SE with a sign taped to it saying something along the lines of "we accept trades" or something like that. Long story short I ended up asking the guy if it was for sale, and we settled on $25 since it was untested because he didn't have anything needed to test it out. I booted it up last night and it booted to the flashing question mark floppy icon, and emitted a smokey odor which IIRC is the flyback transformer, so I'll have to swap that out and look at the caps. It's got the 800k disk, 20mb hdd, 1mb of RAM. Might try to find the 1.4 ROM chips/SWIM chip, and a 1.4 floppy drive to upgrade it. Also does anyone know if the flyback from a Mac Plus would work on it? Overall the machine is in pretty good shape, little yellowing, and has the programmer switch installed
  7. Torbar

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    Almost sounds like we should do a CT 68kmla meetup
  8. Torbar

    Smallest Mac Motherboard?

    The Bandai Pippin motherboard appears to be about 7x7 if my very scientific guessing is correct(looking at a picture of it and using my thumbnail to guess how many 1/2 AA batteries can stretch across) According to this post someone got System 7.5.5 running on it https://www.applefritter.com/node/3510 With that being said, im not sure how easy it would be to find just a motherboard for one
  9. Torbar

    Macintosh SE FDHD Restoration Project

    https://i.imgur.com/LbzVkTo.jpg Success! Got the new board in last week, moved the ROM and SWIM from the old board(SE FDHD) to the new one(regular SE). Booted up first try The front case is in real nice shape for the mostpart, but the back needs some retrobrighting
  10. Torbar

    Macintosh SE FDHD Restoration Project

    Yeah the black looks really nice. Wish i had gotten to this machine before the Maxell exploded, but then probably wouldn't have gotten it for as cheap as I did Thanks! The paint does not conduct electricity, so anywhere that ground wires attach, I've been sanding the paint off to expose the metal. I'll keep taking photos as I make more progress and add them to this thread, and I've also been recording some video so I'll edit it all together and post that when this project is done. This cabinet uses just sand, not beads or anything Sandblasting cabinet is at a makerspace I'm part of, but yeah definitely nice to have access to. This is the first time I've used it, but it's definitely useful.
  11. Hey guys, So last year I got a dead Macintosh FDHD complete in box for $10. Spent the money on it no problem figuring even if the machine was totally dead and unrepairable, I'd buy the box for $10 no problem. Crack it open, and it's a victim of the Maxell bomb. Luckily the ROM chips and SWIM seem to be salvageable, and everything else looks good minus a bunch of rust. I put the Macintosh carcass on my shelf for another time Fast forward to last week, looking for a project, decide to start work on restoring the FDHD. Bought a replacement SE board from a member here(slomacuser), the chassis while rusty, appeared only to be surface rust so I sandblasted it. Opened up the power supply which had a bunch of rust, but the board seemed fine, so sandblasted that too. Powdercoated both the frame and the PSU casing black, and am working on reassembling the whole thing. I'll probably attempt to retrobright the back housing since its fairly yellowed, and may end up doing the front while I wait for the new board to come in. I'll be posting my progress in this topic as I get further along this project. Here's an album of my progress so far
  12. Torbar

    SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    The 6100 has that HDI45 connector on it for video, which I don't have a monitor or adapter for. Sounds like I'm gonna have to dig up another beige Mac w a floppy drive to know for sure what the issue is.
  13. Torbar

    SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    So an update several months later(been busy and haven't had much time to work on this project). Cleaned the drive, still nothing. Tried a different drive from a powermac 6100, same thing. Could it be a logic board problem?
  14. Torbar

    Macintosh SE won't read any disks

    Maybe the heads need to be cleaned?
  15. Torbar

    Apple 20SC external hard drive

    Ah yes, forgot about SCSI terminators. I have one of those too I think. Going to my parents house this weekend and I'll start digging through boxes