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  1. Torbar

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    I think eraser started the whole new ribon thing, and then maceffects took over(but I don't think he's doing that anymore as he has his hands full with the cases) The ebay link says it has 1 year warranty and the dude has really good feedback, so could be worth buying it from him
  2. Torbar

    3D-Printed Objects

    https://www.reddit.com/r/VintageApple/comments/f5w03m/free_macintosh_floppy_drive_eject_gear_3d_model/ https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4167139/apps/print/#apps Not mine but someone has released a floppy eject gear. I've actually been working on one on-and-off for the past week since I have a couple of machines that need a new one, but this one looks to be pretty accurate
  3. Torbar

    A Perfect Condition SE/30

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AVNHC4td7MQ I've never done retrobriting myself yet, but I'm planning on trying the method that he trys about 10 minutes in since I don't really have a good spot to do it outside. He seems to do a pretty good job. 8bitguy has done a similar method to a Commodore 64 in his most recent video too
  4. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    I was surprised you didn't grab them before me! Good luck with the Classic, looks to be in decent shape from the pictures
  5. Torbar

    Torbar's Conquests

    Figure doing a conquest topic seems to be a trend, so I figure I'll do one too rather than individual topics for each find. A buddy of mine was looking for a compact Mac to hook up to his Emulator II synth since the software for it was only written for classic Mac OS, so in keeping an eye out I found 2 SEs on craigslist for $50 total. No keyboard/mouse, untested, but they looked to be in decent enough shape, so we took the gamble and went halvsies on them. Both are pretty much a base model, 1MB of RAM, 800k drive, 20?MB HD. They belonged to a copy shop and have sat in boxes in storage for the past ~30 years Popped them open, no leaking battery(they were the soldered on battery, idk if those are less likely to leak?), removed the batteries, and they powered on no issue for the first time in almost 3 decades. Hard drives were dead and the floppy drives needed a good cleaning, but popped a scsi2sd in and was able to run 6.0.8 on them no issue. Probably going to see if I have some extra RAM lying around and do an upgrade of mine to 4MB
  6. Torbar

    SE FDHD Restoration

    I'm in Wolcott and work in Cromwell. Never actually been to C&C but I've heard great things about them, gotta make my way over there one of these days
  7. Torbar

    SE FDHD Restoration

    What parts store? Cables and Connectors in Newington?
  8. Torbar

    SE FDHD Estate Sale

    I don't know if it was someone did all that work, as I got an SE FDHD a couple of years a go with the same thing, and it didn't look like the socket was added after the fact. Maybe some revision SEs have the wired in batteries, and some have the socket?
  9. Torbar

    Yellowed(brown?) Performa 550

    I have some leftover woodgrain vinyl from a woodgrain pentium build I did a while ago(inspired by LGR's woodgrain 486) Luckily that stuff is pretty easy to remove, so I might give it a try
  10. Torbar

    Yellowed(brown?) Performa 550

    Yeah, that was my other thought. Either make it black, or even some other color(gray? wrap it in woodgrain vinyl?)
  11. Torbar

    Yellowed(brown?) Performa 550

    Got this from a buddy of mine, no hard drive but at least boots to the question mark. Very yellowed though, might be a good candidate to retrobrite
  12. Torbar

    KansasFest 2019

    I'm gonna try to make it out there this year, gotta see what my financial situation looks like, but my fingers are crossed that I'll be able to go
  13. Torbar

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Good point on using it externally, never even considered that to be fair. If the rascsi works with the Pi Zero though, I have a decent amount of spares of those
  14. Torbar

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    I've definitely considered the SCSI2SD and will probably go with that for some of my machines, but I have a good amount of machines that I don't use often enough to justify the $50+ pricetag on.
  15. Torbar

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    bump. Internet would be nice, but to me at least that's not as important as HDD emulation