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  1. Macintosh SE FDHD Restoration Project

    Yeah the black looks really nice. Wish i had gotten to this machine before the Maxell exploded, but then probably wouldn't have gotten it for as cheap as I did Thanks! The paint does not conduct electricity, so anywhere that ground wires attach, I've been sanding the paint off to expose the metal. I'll keep taking photos as I make more progress and add them to this thread, and I've also been recording some video so I'll edit it all together and post that when this project is done. This cabinet uses just sand, not beads or anything Sandblasting cabinet is at a makerspace I'm part of, but yeah definitely nice to have access to. This is the first time I've used it, but it's definitely useful.
  2. Hey guys, So last year I got a dead Macintosh FDHD complete in box for $10. Spent the money on it no problem figuring even if the machine was totally dead and unrepairable, I'd buy the box for $10 no problem. Crack it open, and it's a victim of the Maxell bomb. Luckily the ROM chips and SWIM seem to be salvageable, and everything else looks good minus a bunch of rust. I put the Macintosh carcass on my shelf for another time Fast forward to last week, looking for a project, decide to start work on restoring the FDHD. Bought a replacement SE board from a member here(slomacuser), the chassis while rusty, appeared only to be surface rust so I sandblasted it. Opened up the power supply which had a bunch of rust, but the board seemed fine, so sandblasted that too. Powdercoated both the frame and the PSU casing black, and am working on reassembling the whole thing. I'll probably attempt to retrobright the back housing since its fairly yellowed, and may end up doing the front while I wait for the new board to come in. I'll be posting my progress in this topic as I get further along this project. Here's an album of my progress so far
  3. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    The 6100 has that HDI45 connector on it for video, which I don't have a monitor or adapter for. Sounds like I'm gonna have to dig up another beige Mac w a floppy drive to know for sure what the issue is.
  4. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    So an update several months later(been busy and haven't had much time to work on this project). Cleaned the drive, still nothing. Tried a different drive from a powermac 6100, same thing. Could it be a logic board problem?
  5. Macintosh SE won't read any disks

    Maybe the heads need to be cleaned?
  6. Apple 20SC external hard drive

    Ah yes, forgot about SCSI terminators. I have one of those too I think. Going to my parents house this weekend and I'll start digging through boxes
  7. Apple 20SC external hard drive

    Managed to save this from a recycling center. Not sure if it works or not, Fan spins up and is really loud, no weird cliking from the drive or anything which is a good sign. Gotta track down a SCSI cable to fully test it. http://imgur.com/ZVJad0M
  8. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    Cool. I ordered a set of 2 for my 512ke a while ago so I'll probably replace the one in the SE/30 too
  9. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    Thanks, I'll clean it and probably replace the gear. It's the same gear that's the tiny one on the 800k drive, right?
  10. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    So I made sure that nothing was blocking the motor and it still only spins for a second. It is no longer making the weird sound when it spins though. I gotta get some alcohol but I'll report back when I try it.
  11. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    Is the motor on the bottom? I think I tested it holding the drive from the side but I'll double check. (It wasn't working while mounted inside the case eather). I used some compressed air for the head but I'll try some alcohol maybe?
  12. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    If I push it down it spins for a second or 2, and then stops. Also it doesn't sound totally smooth. Should it keep spinning if i keep it pressed down?
  13. SE/30 not reconigizing floppy disks

    Not yet. I'll probably do that this week and give that a try and see how that works
  14. Hi all, I just got myself an SE/30 but it's having an issue reading floppy disks. If I put a disk in, it opens the shutter, but doesn't seem like it's attempting to read it. After trying a couple of floppy drives(none of which are guaranteed to be good) and cables, I got it to read a disk once, and then never again. Here's a youtube video It seems like sometimes the head is covering the exposed disk, sometimes it's moved back. The disk inside doesn't seem to spin, but not sure if it's supposed to be spinning or not When you reboot it the machine it seems like it's trying to read it for a second, and then it ejects it. Any ideas?
  15. Yeah, the hot glue is kind of ghetto but it works. I figure it's not really going to be moving around much anyway so shouldn't be a big deal. I haven't used it yet on the tiny screen at the desktop, but I'll post back when I determine how usable it is