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  1. I did come across a few (rather expensive) Apple OEM'd Deskstar 40GVs last night while looking around, they didn't carry the Apple part numbers I was looking for but they also seemed a little too old to have been pulled from DA G4s or 2001 iMacs. I'm sure as Franklinstein said there were a variety of different options that the service source diagrams didn't list. I think I might take a gamble and pull the trigger on a 75GXP, from what I've been reading it looks like you can avoid some of the potential issues if you keep them cool and apply firmware updates.
  2. As I continue my search, I'm really starting to like this idea. Definitely looks like it the more I'm searching around. I think for the time being I'm going to forego the original disk and fit an appropriate higher-end model instead. I'm currently debating between the DiamondMax Plus 45, DiamondMax 80 and the Deskstar 75GXP. The 75GXP seems like the best performer and they're also quite easy to find, but that reliability record makes me hesitate. It seems like even examples that have survived this long can still be at risk of head crashes and PCB failures. Maybe I just need to look into some Atlas 10Ks instead. Thanks for helping me out!
  3. Hi guys! After a while spent waiting for the right opportunity to come along, I've now become the happy owner of a DP 500 MHz/Gigabit Ethernet Power Mac G4. This machine acquired quite a few upgrades over its decade-long service life but since I already have some newer and overall faster OS 9-capable hardware, I'm looking to set this system up as more of a museum piece and gradually restore it back to its original factory configuration with a few Y2K-appropriate additions. To this end I've tracked down a few of the build-to-order options that have been replaced over the years, but I'm having trouble finding the right hard disks to throw back into it. It's a bit of a weird question, but does anyone know what particular models of hard disks were used in the GbE G4s? I'm looking to refit my system with the standard 40 GB ATA disk as well as a pair of 36 GB SCSI disks, and according to the service source diagrams these options had part numbers 661-2323 and 661-2321. I can't seem to find any examples of either. It seems like Apple tended towards IBM disks for the most part around this time from my own experience, but I've also seen many Seagate and Quantum parts used as well in both ATA and SCSI systems. Thanks for reading.