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  1. It's very complicated to find a LCD (or even a CRT) who accept Sync On Green. A home, i have many display, and the only way to have an image is my acquisition card.
  2. iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    This one (in the center)
  3. iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    I have tried a PowerPC 604 from an IBM machine on my G3 BW : it will not boot, with a long beep.
  4. Are these rare?

    Actually, the Mac PB is an LocalTalk to EtherTalk adapter, but he can draw power from ADB (or external adapter). Many Farallon adapter are faster than "normal" adapter : with an external quartz, it's possible to speed up the connexion to ~1 Mb/s (only ~230 kb/s with Localtalk). But only with driver and Farallon adapter.
  5. Aeroflex SCSI to USB adaptor?

    I'm not sure with this specific adapter, but i have a Microtech XpressSCSI USB to SCSI adapter and it works without driver or with driver. Without driver, i can connect one SCSI storage peripheral (just use ID0) and it works as a USB Mass Storage driver. With driver (for old OS like Mac OS 9 or Windows 98), it works with a chain and peripheral like scanner and co.
  6. You can use a Jamport : it's a peripheral like the Stealth Port. http://alexhixon.com/projects/jamport/ The adapter replace the modem to add one serial port. It works with MIDI.
  7. another guess what is my new toy

    I will try that. I have one, but not the power supply, but with the information, i suppose i can adapt one.
  8. I just bought a TAM!

    You can't use the Fat Back with a dual PCI riser, i have tried that (and failed). With the Fat back, you must use the CommSlot riser and the right PCI riser (i have not found a model with the good size)
  9. It's my website I like the Pippin, and i have many things about this console ! Actually, i have a modded console with hard drive, better CD drive 24x), memory and the floppy drive. The next things is to build a PCI adapter
  10. I don't know if Mac OS 9 support that, but a graphic card with a DVI Dual Link output is OK for 2560x1440 and many display can use this mode. With VGA? it's complicated, it depend from the RAMdac speed and many display cannot display in analog at native definition. But there is a (big) problem : performance. Many graphic card for the era are too slow, even to display the desktop. For 4K, i think it's not possible : even with "modern" Mac, it's complicated. Actually, you must use a DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0, tow things only available on computer from 2012 and more.
  11. It's not a good idea on the Power Mac 6100 : the x86 is on top of the PowerPC 601. If you install a fan on the x86 CPU, the heat from the x86 goes direct to the PowerPC, and after go the top of the card... on the x86 CPU. Nope. The x86 on the ODS card is a 486 DX2 (5 V) and you can replace it with a better CPU, like a AMD 5x86 133 or a Cyrix 5x86 GP100 or GP133 (much better). But find a CPU with the correct voltage (5V and not 3,3 V) is complicated. I have tried with an AMD, it works with a "upgrade CPU" (Visiontek), but i can't launch Windows 95 on the card (a weird probem).
  12. I have tested with a USB to DE9 and DE9 to Mini DIN without problem (http://www.journaldulapin.com/2014/09/23/faire-fonctionner-une-imprimante-imagewriter-ii-sous-mac-os-x/). You can find USB to Mini DIN, but there is many problems with drivers on modern Mac OS X. For the parameters : 9600 bauds, no parity, 8 bits and RTS/CTS hardware. If you have a Image Writer II with LocalTalk, you must disable the LocalTalk card too. With Mac OS X it works with CUPS. And it works with a Raspberry Pi and CUPS (http://www.journaldulapin.com/2016/01/02/airprint-imagewriter-raspberrypi/).
  13. A crazy idea: original 2001 iPod on modern Mac?

    USB to FireWire will not work. It's just "scam" : it works only with peripheral who can send a USB signal on FireWire connector (very very rare). But on a modern Mac with Thunderbolt, you can use Thunderbolt to Firewire and use the first iPod without problem.
  14. The TAM Appreciation Thread

    Actually, i use a riser found on Amazon. The size is OK (the height), but it's misaligned with the fat back. The Apple dual PCI riser is OK for that : the PCI connector is shifted. I have a photo (from up) : The first is too short and the card will not fit, because there is the hard drive cage. The second is on the wrong direction. The third is the same as the first. Number for is OK in size, but PCI connector (male and female) are aligned, and it's not good. And the last is too high (i can't use the Comm Slot riser). You can see the shift between male and female connector. I search a riser with the shift (like the dual) and the right size (like the 4).
  15. The TAM Appreciation Thread

    The 820-0689-A are too short in the TAM, i have tested.