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  1. falen5

    TAM CD repair.

    Hi Byrd. I though the 'gooy' rubber ( if its even rubber) may of offset the cd's rotation into a wobbleas it spun - thats why i took out the spindle - just to clean all the goop off. Just used a tissue and some heavy rubbing to get it all off But when i put it back on it still didnt work - so i dont know if that was the problem. It was only when i sanded of a TINY bit from the spindle that it worked. When i first tried it I had the door switch held so I could see the cd spin up. I didnt push the spindle all the way in - as it tried to read it was the usual crazy movement of the read head - So as it was spinning i used my thump and index finger to "flick" at the center of the cd , to push it on a bit more. The more I flicked/lowered the spindle height the less crazy movement - kept going until it was reading no problem bejasus im delighted with meself!!! - blind as a bat and figured it out weh hey!! Loved that crazy hacked apple II. I never finished it. I got it to work with an apple Iie board. I never figured out the mad old massive hard drive - but I managed to figure out most of its features i think.
  2. falen5

    TAM CD repair.

    Hello to all the Mac fans from Ireland. Been gone for 2 or 3 years now. Its my eyesight. It has gone so bad I just can solder, or work on boards anymore - not that I ever had a clue what I was doing anyway. Big hello to technight and everyone else who helped me so much on here. Anyway I took down my TAM to sell it. Only to find (or rediscover) that the CD player was not working too good. I just fixed it and its working perfectly. Problem : You put in a cd, close the door, the cd begins to spin up and then the laser starts making all kinds of crazy sounds, clicks, grinds, etc etc for ages and ages. Eventually the cd icon appears on the desktop , but you still cant do anything - playing audio cd results in long pauses and noise in the audio. Having cleaned the laser lense i discounted that. You can fool the tam into thinking the door is closed by pressing the little silver switch on the left side of the bay, towards the top. This starts the laser off... moving, focusing, left , right, up , down etc etc. That seemed to look Ok to me. Then i put in a cd and did the same. CD spins up and then the laser starts its wild movement all over the place. Still could not see what the problem was. So I started to wonder about the height of the CD from the laser. HERES HOW I FIXED IT. I carefully removed the black , plastic, center spindal that the cd sits onto. I did this using 2 small screwdrivers, levering from opposite sides - carefully and gently and it pops off. I then cleaned the old rubber that had basically liquified ( its the face that the CD sits onto) - i thought this old rubber was causing the cd to "sit" to high above the laser. Put it back and tried again , but it still did not work. I carefully looked at the gap between the cd and the cd bay and decided there was a small amount of room to "lower" the cd closer to the laser. So I took off the spindle again, got some fine sandpaper on a flat surface, sat the spindle on the sandpaper, cd side facing up, and removed just a tiny amount of plastic. The point is to try get the cd a tiny bit closer to the laser. Well feck me blue and call me a blind paddy, i put the spindle back and my CD player is working perfectly. Dont know if that has been discovered before - I just discovered it for myself and thought Id share it for anyone else with the same problem. God Bless people
  3. falen5


    How did you get on with the lisa - any update
  4. Have you checked the power supply volatges
  5. falen5

    SE/30 double image

    I was going to say........thats how all Macs look to me now!!!! -- my eyesight went from 20/20 to shite/shite about 2 years ago - and getting worse. Me thinks solder fumes from recapping , are not good for the eyes - either that , or old age - jaaaaysus!!!!
  6. falen5

    Vintage Mac Safety

    dont know why you would want to leave a mac plugged in and turned on over night but I wouldnt. All my vintage machines get plugged out when its time for the zzzzz's if your house catched fire i dont think the warranty would be worth much plug em all out man
  7. Its still sitting on the shelf like Tech. The last part was to fix the hard drive and see if I could access it, and see if i could get the videx card to work but i need the original board working. I got most everything else working. But since this machine , I got a Lisa. Then a load of siemens nixdorf PC's ( playing half life on a pentium 166 with 32 meg of ram takes time!!) Problem is time. Just havnt got back to it yet. Then there is the crazy terminal i got. 3 atari st's came after that I keep collecting stuff. But I will get back to it eventually.
  8. falen5

    Any ideas? SE/30 with squares

    recapping wont fix your display problem
  9. falen5

    Any ideas? SE/30 with squares

    get that battery out of there and keep it out. It only holds the date , time and a few settings like volume. Not worth the risk of destroying the machine. I dont have any batteries in any of my macs and i have about 50 of them. that machine is almost 100%. Worth fixing. The messed up screen is usually ue8. Get a meter and meter out the leg of each pin to the first via along the corresponding trace to see if you have good connection. If they all look good try the chips either side.
  10. falen5

    Any ideas? SE/30 with squares

    Recap the board. Check UE8
  11. falen5

    Retrobrite Failure

    Great Job man. dont know if it would work, but how about printing off the SE/30 logo, on a label sticker, and make a stencil out of it. You would have to , by hand, cut out the letters. If its good enough , peel off the back and stick it in place , mask off the rest of the machine, and get a tin of black spray paint - 2 or 3 shots from the right distance , let it dry Theres probably a much easier way id be happy with the case as it is! How long did it take to sand ? good recovery.
  12. falen5

    Retrobrite Failure

    davidg5678 - there is a solution for your case the original color can be restored by sanding. You will loose the surface finish but you will get a consistant color all round. just get a bit of 2x1 and some p100 sandpaper and get stuck in. finish it off with p200 and it will be as smooth as a babys %$£" you will have to do the whole thing. I was going to do it to the atari st i mentioned above, but there were loads of thin, strips( like a vent) on the case and would of taken to much time give it a shot. Your case will end up looking like a brand new prototype case!!
  13. falen5

    Retrobrite Failure

    i tried a bit of retrobrighting recently as well had mixed results some good , some like what you got i found that if you use the cling film you have to keep going back to it every 5 minutes, lift the film, and keep spreading the goo. keep working it. dont just let it sit in the sun for hours without checking on it. The sun in ireland ( when it decides to show itself) can retrobright a case in 30 minutes. I did a color classic last month. I could literally see the case changing color by the minute on the color classic, as the color was getting brighter i could see those patches forming. Lifted the cling film, used a small paint brush, and just spread the goo everywhere again. Only small amounts. The patched i was getting were the same as what you have, but i kept re-spreading the goo, kept am eye on it, and ended up with a perfect retrobright. If i didnt keep checking it , it would of ended up like yours. I found that by tilting the case you can see where the goo/solution is and is not. Within 1 hour the case was like new. However! !!!!!!!! I tried the same on an atari st case using same process - disaster. This time i ended up with patched as well, but these patches were brighter than the original color. The peroxide goo had actually bleached the plastic, brighter than its original color. So far i cant see a way to undo this damage, except maybey to let it in the sun for 10 years to go yellow again. You can try different polishes but it wont fix the problem. The case was beyond rescue so i decided to experiment with it. I took a small bit of p200 sandpaper to the bleached parts, did a bit of sanding and the original color come back. But this destroyed the original finish of the plastic. Then broke off another bit of the bleached plastic and took a look under a scope. my eyes are not the best but from what i saw it looked as if the plastic has basically melted from the peroxide. Even the surface finish felt different. I think it all comes down to the plastic itself and what additives were used in creating the batch. ABS is what most computer cases are made from. There are many many additives in plastic, plastizer, uv stabilizer, fire retardents etc etc. Long story short , if i want to retrobright something , take the case in question and TRY A SMALL TEST PATCH ON THE INSIDE OF THE CASE FIRST I have done a few cases so far and cant see and consistancy in the process. I am using the same peroxide goo, clingfilm and process, but get different results, mostly good, each time. Id advise anyone who wants to retrobright their beloved machine do a test patch first. Dont cover the entire case and hope for the best. You could ruin the case And when I say ruin , i mean it. You could end up with a case that is 40 shades of cream. Ugly !! Retrobrigting does work, but not on all plastics. Be warned.
  14. falen5

    A different kind of conquest...

    Great looking Macine, with an even better looking case, with an even a better story. Great stuff. I always ask for any history on a machine either face to face , phone or message. When I recap a machine I usually put a sticker inside the case listing the work, when I did it ,and my name. If theres a history with the machine I sometimes write a text document detailing the machines history and let it sit on the desktop. Next owner can add their story to the list. Who knows, in 2030 I might buy an old Mac and discover I recapped it back in 2014!! Joe make a history for that machine and keep it with the machine. It just adds to the machine so much. Great post joethezombie
  15. falen5

    Got this cool looking, old terminal.

    thanks gorgonops