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    Classic Macintosh, Electronics, Apple II computer, Classic IBM-DOS computer, Car sound.

    Current computers = Macintosh Plus, Macintosh portable, Powerbook 145, Apple IIe, Compaq Portable plus, Pismo g3, Macbook pro 15", Imac g4 >>>>

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  1. 64k16bitmac

    Noises comming from macintosh portable speaker

    ill give the spray a try. Im not sure when it started, hard to hear it over conner driver. Its as you said Uni seems like its cpu related, the frequency of the sound changes when a program is loaded or any key is pressed on the keyboard
  2. 64k16bitmac

    Noises comming from macintosh portable speaker

    thanks for the input. Uniserver IDK if you remember but i got it recapped a year or 2 ago. ill open her up and test the caps
  3. Hi, has anyone experienced this issue, or could offer any input on what it could be
  4. 64k16bitmac

    Macintosh Floppy EMU SSD

    Hi again, Does anyone know if it has support for folders? Could I label different folders ( games, apps, ect) and select them From the EMU or does it only support images located in the root directory of the SD card. I remember this being one of the early problems with the CFFA card before they got a firmware update to resolve the single directory limitation. Thanks
  5. 64k16bitmac

    Cffa3000 disk images

    Thanks, appreciated
  6. 64k16bitmac

    Cffa3000 disk images

    Hi, Does anyone know where i can find good hard drive and floppy disk images for my cffa3000 card Thanks, the help will be greatly appreciated
  7. 64k16bitmac

    Macintosh Plus boot problem - Maybe a cracked solder?

    Mine had the same problem a quick reheat with a soldering iron and she was ship shape
  8. 64k16bitmac


    Great item. It like turning your mac into some sort of Dos transformer
  9. 64k16bitmac

    Macintosh Floppy EMU SSD

    Sound like a great little tool to making life easier
  10. 64k16bitmac

    Macintosh Portable Conquest

    Yes I did
  11. 64k16bitmac

    Macintosh Portable Conquest

    I would recommend you get it done by Uniserver and save time and money. He recapped my Macintosh Portable and now works flawlessly, he does an A grade job in no time at all. I would defiantly recommend you get it recapped by Uniserver and make your sad mac happy again