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  1. ScutBoy

    68K (no Mac) Designs OK?

    The very early Sun machines were 68000
  2. ScutBoy

    Found some Lisa diskettes

    I would want them if no one else does. Let me know a price and/or shipping and we'll see if we can make a deal.
  3. ScutBoy

    Portable & SCSI2SD Questions

    Yes - I have the 5.1 SCSI2SD in my Portable, and it works great. There's a bracket that works for the SCSI2SD for the Portable on Thingiverse if you have 3D printer access. I started with the McMaster adapter, but there was too much cable floating around in the drive compartment (and I didn't have the stuff to make shorter, custom cables, nor the desire). I bought the adapter from Alaska360 and like that much more. If you are interested in the McMaster adapter with cables, let me know
  4. So - I found the original one on an eBay auction and got it on a good "make an offer". It came "as-is", but worked fine. I asked the seller if he had more, and if he did, could I do a buy of multiples, with the intent of getting a good enough deal to resell here at a decent price. Instead, he's decided to put them up again as an auction, here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shiva-FastPath-5-Ethernet-Router/392288421746?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 I was able to do very well with an offer. Don't know how flexible he'll be moving forward, now that he knows people want the things. Couple notes... These have a battery inside that holds the config. It's the same 3.6v battery in most of our Macs, but soldered in (like a IIgs). It will work without the battery, but you would have to reload config any time you powered it off. It's a simple solder job to replace (or put in a battery holder). The battery (Varta) in mine was original and still good Software and basic config info is here: http://www.walshcomptech.com/fastpath5/ Also, the picture shows (and mine came with) an AUI ethernet connection. so you'll need a transceiver to 10base-T or whatever. This wasn't a problem for me. Supposedly other modules exist for other connection types, but I haven't really looked for one, though straight 10base-T would be handy Hope that helps.
  5. pcamen - thanks! I also found olePigeon and mactjaap's older threads on these guys, so I I think I am set for now. In theory I should be smart enough to figure this all out
  6. Does anyone have the Fastpath Administrators Guide they can share? I picked up a FastPath 5 recently and found the software. I have the FP working, but I'd like to have a little more info on all the software options. I don't think it's breaking anything on my network - yet It's fun to have an SE pick up an IP address and telnet into stuff via Localtalk. Need to confirm how well I can see any Appleshare services with System 7, say. A G3 with 9.2 could see my FreeNAS shares over Localtalk via the FP, but not my Synology. My source may have more of these Fastpaths if he can find them. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can get in touch if he finds more.
  7. ScutBoy

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    I feel your pain - I have one original Laserwriter, and just moving that one is no fun I'd be interested in pointers you have as far as "must do" tasks for refurbishment on these guys. It's been ages since I've had it fired up, but I don't remember any issues at the time. I have had to fiddle with NeXT laser printers and their various feed problems, and I would imagine that similar issues might crop up. I'll also keep you in mind if I find I need any parts!
  8. I have in my hands a SiClone "RAM-to-Go" card for the Mac Portable. When put in the machine, the machine chimes, and the screen starts (light herringbone) pattern, but I never get the cursor, nor the Happy Mac. I've let it sit for about 10 minutes, in case it's taking a _really_ long time to do the RAM check, but nothing ever happens. I have a Kingston 1 MB card, and that works fine in the same slot - chime, slight screen pattern, then cursor, then Happy Mac, etc. On the other side of the card from the picture, there is an EPROM that doesn't have a sticker over the window. I suppose it's possible that it's been erased, or I suppose the card might be bad in some other way. It's a 4MB card, so would be a nice add to the machine. I've not been able to find any doc on this guy, only an archived InfoWorld article that talks about the card being released - at $2499.00 for the 4MB version! https://books.google.com/books?id=pjAEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PT31&lpg=PT31&dq=siClone+mac+portable&source=bl&ots=eeXxpaJ_jq&sig=ACfU3U07hBRdEvaBBp2rlaXyF5sPj9IkLg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjblPugr8ThAhWNm-AKHWlsCwwQ6AEwAnoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=siClone mac portable&f=false Any info or hints on how to diagnose this guy appreciated!
  9. ScutBoy

    Price Check: II cards

    I'd be interested in the SoftCard, the SSC and maybe the Z80 card, but I'd have to do a little homework on what prices should be.
  10. ScutBoy

    Fast 'n Dumb question about SE/30

    I have a Dove accelerator in one of my SE/30 that plugs into the CPU socket. Don't know if there were any more besides that and Daystar.
  11. Playing with the font files here, it looks like the "Twiggy" font might be the one you want. Load 'em all up and play
  12. Check this out from the LisaList. I think the one you want is the "system" font. http://www.kreativekorp.com/software/fonts/index.shtml#retro Some background http://www.kreativekorp.com/swdownload/lisa/AppleLisaFontFormat.pdf
  13. I have a "Mac 'n Frost" that I got in a pile of stuff once upon a time. I've never really fiddled with it. I know it's cosmetically rough, and I've never plugged it in. It's in the "someday" pile, unless someone here wants it - and I can find it again
  14. ScutBoy

    How interesting is the Lisa?

    I didn't know Ray was still working on LisaEm. I'll have to go check around and see what's up! I agree with your point on the actual construction - and by extension the fact that you can tell the hardware guys and software guys were working in concert to make the whole environment integrated and play well together. This continued with the early Macintosh when the only software you could get was produced by or heavily influenced by Apple but, inevitably started to diverge once more third-party developers got into the mix. I have Lisae with Lisa 7/7, SCO Xenix, and Macworks, as well as the Pascal workshop, and yes the machine is slow. That hits me again whenever I sit down in front of one, but you get used to the flow after a while I don't recall if the later Sun accelerators worked with anything other than Mac Systems; 7/7 running at, say, 25Mhz on the real hardware would be a blast!
  15. ScutBoy

    Bought myself a Widget drive....

    Looks nice and clean - maybe you'll get lucky!