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  1. ScutBoy

    Farallon Fast EtherTX for TAM

    Too bad - I could have sent you the software a lot cheaper!
  2. ScutBoy

    haplain's never-ending quest

    It was in this group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/appleiii/ Couldn't figure out a way to link directly to the post.
  3. ScutBoy

    haplain's never-ending quest

    Dog Cow - totally missed that auction. Pretty neat stuff! Fun to think about the "could have beens" from back in the day. BTW - having fun with all the goodies I picked up from you last fall
  4. ScutBoy

    Newton eMate 300 - not switching on/power on

    Have you tried a hard reset? Sometimes needed in these situations to get the power circuitry back to a sane state: https://www.macrepaircentral.us/emate-300/resetting-the-emate.html
  5. ScutBoy

    haplain's never-ending quest

    Hmm - someone on FB just popped up with one of those half-width HD cases that came with an Apple ///... funny that after never seeing such a thing, two separate sightings happen so close together. That HD in the clear case looks more like a Widget than a ProFile. Must use some kind of external power supply? Doesn't look like there's much room for one in the case.
  6. If you get extra serial dongles for the 2x00 series, I could use 1 or 2.
  7. ScutBoy

    Scutboy's Stuff

    I paid more than $20, more like a nice dinner out. Worth it in my book.
  8. ScutBoy

    Scutboy's Stuff

    Craigslist can be your friend - and always be asking questions... I answered a CL ad to pick up a period Sun monitor (GDM-1962) for some of my lunchboxes. Nice older gentleman; asked if he had any other items and he mentioned he also had "some old Apple stuff" in his garage that he'd picked up over time at 3M surplus auctions... I came home with the IIfx (128MB RAM, 230MB HD, Ethernet card, monitor) a dual drive SE and a 512k with no keyboard, but didn't have enough cash on me for the 2 IIcx or 2 Quadra 700, along with a couple more of the Hi-res RGB monitors. One of the Q700s looked pretty beat up, I may just get one IIcx and the good Q700. IIfx was clean as a whistle inside. Put in two good batteries and it fired right up. I did a quick 7.5.3 install and all seems well. Guy also had a bunch (like 19) NCD and HP Xterminals and an HP9000 to run them all. While there was a time in my life I would have thought that was fun, I had to pass on that many glass monitors! He says he also has some plotters and other "goodies" in storage.
  9. Byrd - you are correct. However they were made, the brackets worked great in my Cube.
  10. That's what I used to put a Superdrive in my "good" Cube - along with the accelerated CPU. I think his forum name was "Paris", or had Paris as part of it. He was a knowledgable guy, and Cubeowner was a great resource!
  11. ScutBoy

    Announcing NeoWidEx

    Boy, does that drive whine sound familiar!
  12. ScutBoy

    Macintosh SE/30 Digi-Key Capacitor List

    Bravo - thanks!
  13. ScutBoy

    Widget drive

    Mine is the same way - it needs a little push to get the platter spinning if it's been sitting for a while, but will then LOUDLY spin up. It gets quieter after a while, and still seems to work OK. Fingers crossed... I don't really want to spend the money on the modern alternatives, but I probably should.
  14. I can second that! I had no idea there was Lisa Cobol. I wonder how many man-hours went into that port vs. the number of copies of the software actually sold...