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  1. Spend the money for the ReactiveMicro power supply with the Apple /// cable, and you can remove power problems from your troubleshooting equations. And, if your /// is a goner, you can get the other cable and use the same power supply in a Apple ][
  2. ScutBoy

    ADC video card that works for 6400 ?

    Approx $40.00 seems to be the going rate that I've seen, and getting cheaper over time.
  3. ScutBoy

    Pull power supply from SE

    Is it necessary to pull the whole analog board if I want to get a power supply out of an SE? I've never had to do it before, and the Apple Service Manual calls for bringing out the whole analog board, but it seems possible to be able to snake it out on it's own. If that is more trouble than it's worth, then that's fine, but I was hoping to save myself a little work
  4. ScutBoy

    G4 Cube Monitor Support

    The Mac Radeon 7500 is a great video card for the Cube. Does not need extra cooling, and can drive the 23" ADC display directly. You will need to remove the fence from the back of the card, since it won't fit in the Cube, but I've done this on many with no ill effect. Can be found on eBay for $10-$20, or can often be found in QuickSilvers or MDDs that are otherwise might be heading for the recycler...
  5. ScutBoy

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    Nice trackball!
  6. I got really lucky on a CL old Mac pickup when I saw the seller had the framed dealer copy of the cutaway poster leaning against the wall in in his storage unit. He tossed it in for an additional $20! Hangs now in my office.
  7. ScutBoy

    AppleTalk net cable

    I don't think you are supposed to have a closed loop. In fact, page 9 of the manual upthread says "always a line, never a circle".
  8. ScutBoy


    A lot of early/mid-90s Suns had SCSI DVD drives. E250, E450, Enterprise 3x00, 4x00, etc. Just another place to look...
  9. ScutBoy

    Homebrew PRAM Batteries

    That's why you write the replacement date on a piece of masking tape that you stick on the bottom of the machine. Or, a post-it note that you stick to the glass of the screen, which is easy to clean and can't leave a nice discolored spot you need to retrobrite out later
  10. ScutBoy

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    Yes - that's exactly what the FastPath is, and what it's doing at my house. Best I can tell, Ethergate is a later, more feature-ful version of the same thing.
  11. ScutBoy

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    Looks like fun gear, but for what I do at my place, I don't know it gets me more than what I have with my FastPath 5...
  12. ScutBoy

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    I've not seen nor heard much about the Ethergates. Interested in what you might be asking for one with the software, etc.
  13. ScutBoy

    This Does Not Compute SE/30

    @ThisDoesNotCompute - Thanks for the multiple "shout outs" to Free Geek Twin Cities! Steve from FG
  14. Here's one... https://www.pda-soft.de/en/hardware/emate/disassembly/disassembly.html This is how to take it apart - there's a link at the bottom on how to specifically address the hinge/ribbon cable problem. Hopefully the ribbon cable is OK and you won't have to deal with fixing/replacing it.
  15. ScutBoy

    TAM questions - How is it as a stereo?

    Yes - There is iTunes that will work on the TAM in OS 9. I have it on CD. I will have to verify the version, but it was the one Apple was passing out for free in Apple stores early on. Recently sold my TAM to a friend here in town, but i can verify that the sound quality is awesome and will do perfectly well in almost any reasonably sized room.