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  1. ScutBoy

    Bought myself a Widget drive....

    Looks nice and clean - maybe you'll get lucky!
  2. ScutBoy

    G4 Cube with Sonnet 1 GHz and other goodies

    I have hazy recollection that there might be a firmware or OpenFirmware patch you need to (re)apply if you switch or re-install OS. I can try and see if I can find it in my notes, or perhaps you can Wayback Machine cubeowner.com for clues.
  3. ScutBoy

    What is the current view on these hard drives?

    It will also likely be the loudest Most of my Seagates from this era scream like banshees - but they still run!
  4. Nice work! You've now made another official "project" for me to put on my list!
  5. I like this idea! I already have a USB/Firewire external drive that has different OS installs and CCC to blow them onto a computer, but this would add more flexibility.
  6. FWIW, G4 Cube will run 9, and run it pretty well. It's what they were originally released with.
  7. ScutBoy

    Disk Images

    It's been a while since I've done this... You can create a ProDOS partition on the Mac that has the IIe card. Then it can be visible from both the IIe and the Mac side. Get your software on Mac floppies copied to the ProDOS partition, and then reboot into the IIe and read them from there. Where I get fuzzy is how to create II floppies from the image files; can't remember what software I used to do that step - depends on the image file format. If it will run from from the ProDOS partition, then you're done.
  8. ScutBoy

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    There was a guy on the old Cubeowner.com site (parism?) who sold what was basically a 3d printed (or carved/routed plastic) bracket for the newer drives. I don't know how or where one would find him now, since cubeowner has been gone for a while. It's a shame, that was the best site for Cube info.
  9. ScutBoy

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    Just a thought - if you put in a newer Apple drive, you might need to change the HD to an IDE "slave". Newer Apple Superdrives are hard set to "master", so the HD needs to be a slave. I've had to do this on Cubes where I've upgunned the internal optical drive.
  10. ScutBoy

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    You do what you think is right, but I've been running the Apple Radeon 7500 in a stock Cube for years with no additional cooling, and it's been fine. As always, your mileage may vary. More cooling is never going to hurt. As stated, with a quiet fan, you might not even notice it. My Cube with the 1.5Ghz G4 upgrade does have a base fan, and I can't tell in day-to-day environments.
  11. ScutBoy

    macintosh portable not working

    Assuming all of the above is done, you may need to press the reset and interrupt switches (left side "under" the keyboard) at the same time for 5-10 seconds. This is called out in the Portable service manual, which is available on-line. Battery charge is important. Mine won't reliably start up if the battery voltage is below 5.75 or so, even if the A/C is plugged in. But really - the big thing you need to do is recap and wash the board, and make sure there are no bad traces.
  12. ScutBoy

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    The only couple I've found came out of 5xx series machines, but I've heard of someone who found one in a Duo. That seems unlikely to me due to the space available in the Duo body, but it's been a while since I've had one of those open and could be wrong.
  13. ScutBoy

    Problem with FloppyEmu

    I thought DogCow had sussed out the HD20 protocol pretty well. I'd have to go back and check his blog...
  14. ScutBoy

    My Portable is up next...

    Member Alaska360 makes a replacement in a 3d printed case. He has - or at least had - them on eBay. I have one in my Portable and it works great.
  15. Yes - on my Genesis MP 4-way BeOS uses all four procs.