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  1. Byrd - you are correct. However they were made, the brackets worked great in my Cube.
  2. That's what I used to put a Superdrive in my "good" Cube - along with the accelerated CPU. I think his forum name was "Paris", or had Paris as part of it. He was a knowledgable guy, and Cubeowner was a great resource!
  3. Announcing NeoWidEx

    Boy, does that drive whine sound familiar!
  4. Macintosh SE/30 Digi-Key Capacitor List

    Bravo - thanks!
  5. Widget drive

    Mine is the same way - it needs a little push to get the platter spinning if it's been sitting for a while, but will then LOUDLY spin up. It gets quieter after a while, and still seems to work OK. Fingers crossed... I don't really want to spend the money on the modern alternatives, but I probably should.
  6. I can second that! I had no idea there was Lisa Cobol. I wonder how many man-hours went into that port vs. the number of copies of the software actually sold...
  7. Lisa 2/10 Error code 82 :(

    I can second this. One of my Widgets needs a nudge to get spinning after it's been sitting for a while. I do it with the eraser end of a pencil when the drive is in the machine. If I started it every couple of days, it probably wouldn't be a problem, but if it sits more than a week or so, it needs the nudge again. I should probably get used to the fact that an X/Profile or ideFile is in my future if I want to keep running this machine, but I like the Widget and the little squeaky noises it makes on disk access
  8. Removing Apple Standard Keyboard Keycaps

    I've had success with the bent-up big paper clip
  9. CC

  10. You could drop a note to Ray A. at http://lisa.sunder.net/ That's where LisaEm came from. He's a good guy. I helped him with some Lisa doc way back when. I am only speculating, but I'll guess the reason the emulator is geared towards the Lisa 2 is that he didn't have access to a Lisa 1 to do any reverse engineering.
  11. List of Mouser part numbers for Color Classic Caps?

    Yup - that works. I can see the whole cart now. Thanks!
  12. List of Mouser part numbers for Color Classic Caps?

    That link comes up with one line for qty 8 of 399-8356-1-ND. I assume there should be more. Interested since I do have one of these guys to get capped one of these days.
  13. Cap kits?

    Trag sent me a couple SE/30 kits in the last few months or so. I'd IM him and see if he's still around.
  14. Disk Backup over Serial port

    That's sweet! Hope to god I never need it, but that's quite an accomplishment!
  15. SCSI2SD Mount for the SE/30

    Nice - I'll look forward to this - I have a couple v5 boards to install, and these will be perfect.