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  1. Yes, I've seen the guides and it seems to be a long and tiresome process. One of my G4s are having overheating problems, and after resetting the pmu with no succes, I consider opening it to have a look. Any experience?
  2. John_A

    7600/120, AppleVision 1710, and Other Goodies

    When the g3 came out, tests indicated a 20% performance gain at the same clockspeeds. Noticable? In 1998, yes.. but now, not that much. Its just slow vs a fraction slower.. But I always had a soft spot for the 604 from when I got my Power Computing clone. But 9600/350 was the real dream that never became real..
  3. John_A

    Cool Apple Accessory

    Calculators are cool! Have a ti-86, similar to the ti-83 but with more ram. Have my eyes on a vintage HP 45 right now.. Love the feel and old school design..
  4. Ok, you mean in bin or hqx format? Sit files doesnt work after putting them on pc formatted floppies, if I remember correctly.. How about cpt?
  5. John_A

    7600/120, AppleVision 1710, and Other Goodies

    That is a proper beige setup, a good find! (A Side note: I find it a bit discouraging when I think about all the user data that have been lost/deleted from old Macs. Its of course the right thing to do when its someone elses property. But a big part of the real Macintosh legacy, to me, is all the projects that were made on Macs and the impact the Mac had in news/ads/editing/graphics industry. Its like saving the book cover, but ripping out all the written pages.)
  6. John_A

    New acquisition - Radius Thunder IV GX 1600

    Great find, I have not seen one for sale in a while. Had the 1360 version in a iifx some years back, it made a huge difference compared to the Apple "Toby" card that came with it. Its a shame that those dsps never got used much besides in early Photoshop versions.
  7. Hi, I have a PB G4 1.67 that Im going to refurbish (new Charger + HD) and install Osx tiger + Mac OS 9. I plan to use it partly to transfer files via a usb floppy drive (wich I dont have but need to purchase) to some older 68k machines. Any pitfalls or problems I need to be aware of?
  8. Well, I dont know if this has been posted here before, the search didnt return anything. Anyway, the topic of configuring a fpga to run 68k mac code has been discussed a couple of times. I didnt know this, but there is a accelerator card solution for the amiga 500 & 600 that uses a coldfusion fpga. From what Ive seen it looks quite impressive. http://www.apollo-accelerators.com In one of the youtube videos, a guy emulates a mac and run system 7 at speeds that probably outclasses every 68k mac by a significant margin. The mac related stuff starts at 18.54.
  9. Kind of like this youtube channel.. he has videos on a little bit of everything that is vintage computer related. https://youtu.be/wXWlJFrX19s
  10. I upgraded my G3/233 dt to a g4 with a zif card, wich looks almost identical to the g3 that it replaces. The card itself is a small pcb with cpu pins underneath, with the cpu itself, some cache memory, semiconductors and a few dipswitches mounted on the top side. I had mine run at a low 350/400 mhz (adjustable via the dips) so all I needed was thermal grease and the original heatsink. The other card you have is likely a pci card and I doubt you will get that to work in the g3.
  11. John_A

    Huge vintage computer score!

    The more or less complete apple iie setup looks very nice..
  12. Actually, it would be nice to have an updated gpu chart comparison. Comparing all the notebook gpus, pci and agp cards that were ever made for pre osx. Settling on a couple of benchmark routines, and then let the forum members contribute with the results from their own machines. Could be interesting with different systems/os versions/drivers. Would probably be a very long and informative list. Edit: Useful information that also could be handy, Qd3d rave support, opengl version support etc.
  13. Btw... how does the impossible to find 3dfx voodoo 5 5500 pci compare to the top radeon cards? Never seen one, only heard that its the only card that has hardware support for Q3d rave, opengl and glide.
  14. With my Powermac G3 (beige) I upgraded the vram to 6mb on the internal 3d rage II+ then bought a rage 128 16mb, and finally a radeon 7000 32mb. In opengl applications (like quake) there was a difference, but in everyday use, not that much.It depends what you plan to do I guess. Jumped the radeon 9200 since the benchmarks didnt point at any huge improvements and the few available at the time was expensive. The biggest practical difference was that the internal 3d rage maxed out at 1600x1200, while the others went higher. Best mac os9 card overall would be the geforce 4 ti4600, but thats unfortunately agp. Edit: Isnt all the cards in the benchmarks above except the bottom two agp cards?
  15. John_A

    Best CRT Monitor for Games (especially dos)

    A couple of years ago I was offered 2 Lacie Electron Blue IV 22" flat panels for 50$. I didnt buy them, mainly due to size and wieght. Sometimes I regret that decision.