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  1. james_w

    2x BeBoxes!

    The blinkenlights work... see video here: ) :
  2. james_w

    2x BeBoxes!

    I don't have a clue - although there seem to be 'plenty' (if you can say about such a scarce thing) of them in Europe as far as I can tell from mentions in forums...
  3. james_w

    2x BeBoxes!

    They're not Macs... but closely related. My latest conquest over here in the UK was picking up these two dual 133mhz 603e BeBoxes. Both need some TLC but they boot The guy who sold them to me also has the even more rare AT&T Hobbit based original BeBox. They had to redesign the architecture around PPC when AT&T decided to stop making Hobbit CPUs. I couldn't get that off him too sadly! If anyone has 3 spare 'blobs' that go on the top of the side 'columns' on the front of the case I would love them! Otherwise I guess I better figure out how on earth to get some 3D printed
  4. james_w

    PowerBook 2400c project questions

    ha oh nice! Once I move house I'm hoping to have all the computers out and regularly in use If not I should consider which stay and which go... Let us know how daily use goes for you
  5. How did I only just discover this project? Looking forward to being able to purchase!
  6. james_w

    PowerBook 2400c project questions

    Good luck. I'm in London and have a 2400c/180, but it's been sat in storage for quite some time
  7. Thanks again @Alex I used the Legacy disc to install 7.5.1 (I forgot to mention it's a 9150/120 so that's its minimum system) last night and everything's working as I'd hoped!
  8. sorry for slow reply, don’t seem to be receiving email notifications. thanks for this - I think that’s probably what I was looking for, off to download and burn now also I’m amused how off topic this thread got!
  9. james_w

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    This is a very promising development! I know it won't help me but I'm cheerleading from the sidelines
  10. I have a CD of Workgroup Server Software for the 6150, 8150, and 9150. It's System 7.5.1. But it's a German one. Much as I enjoy the German language I would like to use my 9150 in English, either US or British I've looked all over the usual sites and found nothing. No downloads or physical media. Does anyone have a CD of the installer they'd be willing to give, sell, or send an ISO to me please?
  11. james_w

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    This is incredible. I still miss my 12" PB
  12. james_w

    Developing a portable user-land AppleTalk stack

    Brilliant! And nice to see someone working on something significant for retro Macs also over here in the UK. Keep up the good work!
  13. james_w

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Yes @JDW I'm afraid my Turbo040 is the old one, just as @Bolle says. I won't be able to test whether I have 100% definitely fried my bored for a couple of months but I'm fairly sure I have If there's anything I can do to help with Epic Blunders or accelerator stuff though I'm willing to help where I can
  14. james_w

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    Thanks to @maceffects