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  1. Massive collectoin of Mac 68k disks OS and applications

    Brilliant! I knew 6.0.6 had issues but love to hear these kind of stories
  2. SE/30 Stripes on Display?

    I have a very similar, if not the same issue (accompanied by the boot chimes of death) - see third picture here below, on my instagram. I've recapped it, cleaned the board, removed all the RAM and ROM SIMMs, and I tested the "Bourns" or resistor networks as per this video of techknight's (can't work out how to paste a link and not get the embedded video, sorry). But I've had no luck
  3. Massive collectoin of Mac 68k disks OS and applications

    Cool, I have a Gold Master of System 7 too
  4. SCSI2SD Mount for the SE/30

    This is awesome! I'll be sure to be printing one off as soon as you've perfected the design
  5. Massive collectoin of Mac 68k disks OS and applications

    I'm pretty sure Juggler was the codename for System 6's MultiFinder, the multitasking update for Macintosh, see this news article: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=fGXpro99fIsC&lpg=PP1&ots=AVKJinM6GZ&dq=apple macintosh juggler system 6&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q=apple macintosh juggler system 6&f=false The most well-known solution for multitasking before then was Switcher, written by Andy Hertzfeld after he left Apple. Apple almost acquired it but it didn't work out in the end. See his story about developing Switcher here: https://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?story=Switcher.txt
  6. Apple Hard Disk 20 repair: A success story

    That article looks very extensive and interesting - instapapered! thank you
  7. Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    This is great - another project to add to my backlog!
  8. Macintosh IIsi

    Aw a IIsi was the first Mac I owned myself, bought second hand when I was a kid. Sold it to help pay for my first from-new Mac, a PM 6100 with DOS card. Nice idea to have a System 6 machine, I may do similarly with either my IIci or IIsi. My family's first Mac was a Classic II running 7.1 so it's only been in recent years that I've got to know 6.
  9. Bolles finds

    Always nice to meet a proper workhorse Mac!
  10. Great haul... and a bargain one at that!
  11. Dynamac Smokin!

    Yep had to do the same to mine. Not fun to work on that PSU!
  12. SE/30 Green Fuzzies!

    Vinegar is the magic cleaner!
  13. A reminder that leaking caps kill more than Macs

    Thanks for the link and info apm, I'll try both when I get the time to Not looking forward to dealing with my Sega Mega CD and Multimega either (Sega CD and CDX in US IIRC)
  14. Left behind a Newton OMP H1000 in a thrift shop

    No I think you made the right call. It's nearly always worth waiting for a good deal to come along. With your eyes open, it'll happen one day, and sooner than you think
  15. SE/30 Grayscale Project: 640x480 @4 bit or 8bit

    Andrew I've got 4 Classics arriving into London today... so we can see if any of those contain what you need. I also remember that I disassembled a Classic II many years ago for a hack project, which I both regret and was quite fun at the time. I think I the flyback may still be inside it and not needed. There's chance it did get chucked out. It's also still in storage but when I get everything back out I can check