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  1. james_w

    SCSI2SD Mount for the SE/30

    I've got mine but haven't had the time to try it out yet - looks great though
  2. james_w

    Circuit diagrams/re-cap analog and power supply

    Hi @SE30_Neal! The screen on one of my SE/30s can have a 'wobble' now and again... I'm assuming it means an analogue board recap for me too. It's not top of my priority list though - too many projects at once. I will however try and get to replacing UE8 on my other SE/30 ASAP. Luckily I have a friend with a hot air gun which should make it a lot easier for me to remove the faulty chip and put one of the replacements I got recently in. PS hope you've received that copy of OS 8
  3. james_w

    Apple IIe card

    Nice! I just got a boxed Apple IIe card with all the manuals, software, cables etc so this will be useful when I try it out (I'm also not an Apple II guy but curious)
  4. james_w

    New Quadra 700 Feet

    Very impressive! It's a shame there isn't a colour to more closely match the original grey. I'm lucky enough to have a set of these but I'm sure lots of people will be pleased with them.
  5. james_w

    ADB Wedge Mouse Variants

    This is great! I wish there were wiki pages for tracking the versions of the original mouse and the ADB mice
  6. james_w

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    Oh that is nice! Great work Really want to try this but the list of current projects is getting a bit out of control...
  7. @Bolle @hfrazier cheers for the tips - I am such a novice at soldering, I didn't know about the drag technique before. I've watched a few youtube videos and looks like something I could manage so I'll order some replacement ICs soon
  8. james_w

    SCSI2SD Mount for the SE/30

    @joethezombie brilliant, thank you. I've already put in an order with 3D Hubs and hoping to receive one some time next week
  9. @techknight is the only way to replace/fix UE8 with a hot gun for removing the chip, and is it possible to get replacements? Ive never done IC de-/re-soldering, and I assume my basic soldering set up wouldn't be up to the job.
  10. james_w

    Yet another SE/30 video issue

    I have an SE/30 that wasn't working at all, but with a good clean and a recap I've got a boot sound etc again. Unfortunately it has some kind of video issue, in fact the screen looks exactly the same as the photo from this Apple Fritter post from five years ago: http://www.applefritter.com/content/strange-vertical-lines-macintosh-se30 I've done a lot of searching of google and the forums and it's not mentioned in either of the Larry Pina books I have. Is this the fabled UE8 playing up or anything else someone has come across and fixed?
  11. james_w

    ADB Wedge Mouse Variants

    I've noticed similar, but I've not yet been through all my mice to check the differences. I wonder if there's more than four?!
  12. james_w

    Mac SE/30: no boot and garbled display

    Keep up the great work There are a lot of SE/30 repair threads in the forum at the moment! I have a dead logicboard, a working one, and one that's somewhere in between...
  13. Haha is this an approved technique?
  14. Hi Richard - welcome! I live a couple of miles from MacSmiths. As far as I know they only fix modern Macs. They didn't seem very interested in chatting about vintage Macs when I went in a couple of years ago despite their shelves being full of old Macs, a TAM, some Apple IIs and a Lisa I have an SE/30 that may have a similar issue. I'm not sure though. 1 of my 3 SE/30s stopped working recently and I managed to fix it yesterday, I was worried it was UE8. I have another I bought non-working that I've managed to get almost working but has vertical lines, although I can see the boot background gray, the mouse cursor, and the 'looking for boot' floppy disk icon through them. I suspect this could be UE8 but I'm finding it difficult to find others who found a fix for this issue - I have seen a few photos of the same issue. What's showing on your screen on boot? Nothing?