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    pb 165

    The 165 can use the 19w 7.5v 2.0A "Low Power AC Adapter" I think mine was a APS-17adp) as well. Only the color screen 165c and 180c need a 24w/3A supply.
  2. NJRoadfan

    Umax supervista s-10 scanner drivers?

    OK, you want Vistascan 2.43. It should work OK with 68k machines as UMAX says 68k support was dropped at v3.1. Later versions of VistaScan don't support the Vista S series scanners, if you need an advanced scanning interface, the Magic Scan software used by their Powerlook and Mirage lines will work. I used to use it under Windows 2000 with my S6E since that old version of VistaScan didn't work under it.
  3. NJRoadfan

    Um... What is this cable?

    Yes, that card is for the 6100.
  4. NJRoadfan

    Umax supervista s-10 scanner drivers?

    I used to own a Vista S6E, it had 68k Mac support. I didn't even know a S10 existed. the TWAIN drivers are called "VistaScan", UMAX should have them somewhere. Sadly I just tossed all the drivers and stuff for mine since the scanner is long gone. If I recall it was Vistascan 2.3 or something. Old versions of Silverfast should support it as well.
  5. NJRoadfan

    Diskettes, which brand?

    All modern 3.5" HD floppies are pretty much crap. Brand new out of the box, they will format fine and a few weeks later develop bad sectors. Its not the floppy drives either. What I can't figure out is why my disks from the mid 90s are all fine, but anything from around 1998 or so is completely toast. Its frustrating when I have to boot a machine that only uses floppies only to have to go through a pile of 10-15 disks to find 1 good one. Imaging programs like DiskCopy are very unforgiving too. A hint of a bad sector and they spit out the disk.
  6. NJRoadfan

    Awesome -- fast -- bad cap removal tool.

    Take it from a n00b. I removed the caps from my Portable using the cut'n'pull method and did not lift any pads. This was my first time ever doing ANY sort of SMD work. The solder job afterwards didn't look pretty, but neatness comes with experience.
  7. Looks like its a Wireless-G Compact Flash card in a PC Card adapter. There are a few CF Wireless-G adapters out there that are MUCH cheaper, but have the antenna plastic stub. The other problem is lack of Macintosh drivers. These CF devices have Windows CE and XP drivers from what I can see.
  8. "Dealer Installation Required" HA! When you get it up and running, can you post screen shots of the various panes of the control panel? The vintagemacworld site only has a few of the screens. http://www.vintagemacworld.com/lc_images.html Nice little FAQ: http://www.vintagemacworld.com/lc_card_faq.html
  9. NJRoadfan

    PB 145 screen recap question

    I'm running into the same problems with my PB165's screen. The contrast setting "floats" depending on what content is on the screen. I took the screen assembly apart and saw the caps in question, but they are surrounded by a white plastic frame making any solder work impossible. How the heck do you get that frame out without breaking anything?