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    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    A2Server works fine with classic MacOS machines as well since the Apple IIgs and IIe Appletalk stacks are from the same era (AppleShare 3.0), A2Server also includes Samba so Windows machines can access the shares as well.
  2. NJRoadfan

    Quadra 610 PDS slot

    Heh, the Quadra 610 PDS card connector looks like a recycled Microchannel one (the extended version with video signals).
  3. The OSSC has applications on more modern systems as well. It supports sync-on-green, composite sync, and H+V sync sources, so it has utility in that area as well. The scaler function can be disabled if one wants 1:1 output on the digital side. Regarding refresh rates, the "mismatch" is rarely a problem with displays. You won't get judder/tearing from the mismatch (67hz into a 60hz native display) simply because a vintage mac can't output a solid 67 or 75 frames per second via its onboard video chip anyway (remember that this was the era of postage stamp sized 15fps video).
  4. The weirdest thing I've noticed with "picky" LCDs is that many of them will take those oddball resolutions/refresh rates no problem if they are converted to DVI/HDMI using the OSSC in pass-thru mode (just about every Samsung TV I've encountered can natively handle 240p via HDMI with no upscaling applied beforehand!). They won't touch the same signals via the onboard VGA port though.
  5. NJRoadfan

    IIc and IIGS Key Caps - Interchangeable?

    The later Apple IIc with memory expansion (A2S4100) and the IIc plus should interchange with the IIgs keyboard as they have Alps key switches. Just note that they keyboard on the IIc likely does not have keycaps the same color as the IIgs.
  6. 8.6 is likely the best OS for 601 machines provided they have enough RAM and fast storage. I was able to run 7.1.2 on a 6100/66, but that board didn't see much revision.
  7. I was able to disable the onboard 3D Rage Pro chipset on my beige G3 by using some OpenFirmware commands as I use an ATI XClaimVR 128 as the primary video card on that machine. The reason was OS X kept defaulting to the onboard video on boot. This was many moons ago and I can't remember the command I used to do this.
  8. I had to keep a 10BaseT hub with a coax jack on it just to run my FP5. I later managed to snag another FP5 with the AUI module.
  9. The 10BaseT EtherModule for the FP5 is like hen's teeth, you'll never find one. AUI is best, at least you can adapt it to whatever you want. The FP4 has both AUI and coax built in. Regarding configuration, the FP5 or 5.0 PROM upgraded FP4 is relatively easy to configure using the Shiva NetManager software and even works on OS X 10.4 under Classic. Configuring the FP4 with 4.0 PROM using the old Kinetics FastPath Manager is a total PITA though and REQUIRES classic networking. The software doesn't work with Open Transport at all limiting you to Nubus Powermacs or a 68k machine running System 7.5 or older. Phil Budne (an engineer who worked on the FP5) has a complete set of manuals for the FP5, but they are not easily scanned since they are perfect bound books. I have been looking for a set for years and have come up empty. The FP4 docs are on uxwbill's site linked above.
  10. NJRoadfan

    Quadra 650 and Houdini II Dos Card

    The card came with the stock Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 driver and application bundle, nothing special.
  11. NJRoadfan

    68030 PDS: implimentation inconsistencies?

    -5V is rarely used by expansion cards. The host's power supply might not have it available either.
  12. NJRoadfan

    SE/30: Micron Xceed Video Card, DB-15 to VGA

    If the Xceed card only has pin 3 and is following the standard DA-15 video pinout, its only outputting composite sync any maybe sync-on-green. VGA monitors only support separate horizontal and vertical sync with a small subset also supporting composite or SoG. Many of the switched adapters have a built in sync separator to convert the composite sync or sync-on-green to separate H+V sync. You can build a relatively simple circuit using a LMH1980 chip too.
  13. The 5MP lacks any sort of expansion slot, its a "personal" desktop printer. HP's official print server solution was an external parallel port JetDirect box.
  14. PPD = Postscript Printer Description, its used by the driver to define things like resolution, paper trays available, etc. The 5MP only has parallel and localtalk, so a bridge is likely needed for hassle free Mac use. USB to parallel cables work fine with Windows (which uses a PCL driver), but not Macintosh. Classic MacOS only expects Postscript printers to be connected via an Appletalk network, hence why the LaserWriter8 driver only works via the LocalTalk port.
  15. All you really need is the PPD for the printer and they shouldn't be too hard to find. The LaserWriter 8 or AdobePS driver does the rest. EDIT: Drivers are still on HP's support site for OS 8 and 9.
  16. NJRoadfan

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Beige G3s can take standard ATX power supplies (mine is running one right now). There is a jumper that you have to change on the motherboard in order for them to work.
  17. NJRoadfan

    ATX to Tanzania / 4400/7220 PSU adapter

    The reason for the lower rating on the +5v rail is that modern machines use +12v to power the VRMs on the board for the CPU. Older machines directly fed everything with +5v. Honestly all that machine needs is a cheap ATX to AT adapter and some wiring of the 3-pin power switch harness. The only "work" would be wiring the +3.3V harness.
  18. NJRoadfan

    SCSI2SD reverting to default device config

    Real internal SCSI devices terminated in that manner. If you are using an external case without a termination switch, you were expected to plug a terminator into the open daisy chain SCSI connector in the back. There were some devices that attempted to detect that they were at the end of the chain and auto enable termination, but it was unreliable and caused headaches.
  19. Old ATX is the same as New ATX, just the latter lacks a -5V rail (irrelevant for Mac use) and has more power available on the 12V rails since newer machines rely on 12V powered VRMs for CPUs.
  20. Its doubtful an Ethernet card needs -12V. Even if it does, its easy enough to pull off the power supply.
  21. NJRoadfan

    ATX to Tanzania / 4400/7220 PSU adapter

    If the power supply has a real power switch, turn it on and see if the fan runs. Put the negative lead from your meter into a ground pin (almost always black) and use the positive lead to probe the various pins for voltage. Standard colors for various voltages on PCs is below -Yellow +12V -Blue -12V -Red +5V -White -5V -Orange +3.3V
  22. NJRoadfan

    ATX to Tanzania / 4400/7220 PSU adapter

    If the old power supply works and just needs a fuse, than replace it and test the voltage present on the connectors. The wire color is generally standardized between Mac and PC, so don't expect any surprises. The aux connector exists because the original AT connector lacked 3.3v rails (late Baby-AT 486/Pentium boards generally used a VRM to supply 3.3v to parts that needed it). Its likely the Mac doesn't need -5V at all, I don't see it present in the power supplies of other PCI Powermacs.
  23. NJRoadfan

    ATX to Tanzania / 4400/7220 PSU adapter

    What the heck does the 4400 need -5V for? Early ATX power supplies had it (white wire, pin 18), but phased it out when the ISA bus vanished from PCs (very few ISA cards actually used it). You can likely safely omit the -5v line on a Mac. No need to "create" pins, you can y-split the 3.3v and 12v wires on your harness if you need extras. The +5VSB pin is always energized on ATX supplies, even when off as its the standby power pin.
  24. I know folks like to slam the 4400's case as being cheap and PC like, but the design and finish appears to be WORSE than actual PC cases. The only case I could directly compare it with is the horrible excuse of metal that Amiga 4000 desktop came in (also recycled from a case design from Commodore's PC division).
  25. NJRoadfan

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    I might still have a 300Mhz 604e card from a 8600 laying around here if needed. I also still have that boxed G4-450Mhz upgrade for sale (see OLD post in trading forum). Mac ATA cards definitely don't need drivers to boot, the driver is the onboard ROM.