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  1. The reason newer ATX power supplies have less capacity on the 5V line is that CPU power has long since moved to using voltage regulation from a 12V source. Back in the 68k days, CPUs were still being run directly off the 5V rail.
  2. NJRoadfan

    FUN CHALLENGE: 2006 iMac in 2019

    Thats...... kinda sad. I still have a Dell Inspiron e1405 laptop that gets used still with a similar CPU. I joked that it wasn't much slower than some new laptops..... turns out I was somewhat right!
  3. NJRoadfan

    Connecting Apple IIgs to PowerBook 1400c

    If the IIgs is running GS/OS, you can setup an AppleTalk network between the two with just a serial cable. Otherwise you need terminal software to communicate between the two.
  4. NJRoadfan

    RAM required for DOS card

    It should take the same RAM as the 6100 does. Any 72-pin FPM 70ns SIMM should work. 16MB modules definitely work, don't know if 32 or 64MB modules will.
  5. The ImageWriter LQ emulation in GSport is completely modular. All you'd have to do is write a port monitoring deamon for Linux and pipe the emulator's output to CUPS and run it on something like a RPi.
  6. NJRoadfan

    Modern printer on old Mac?

    As long as the HP JetDirect server in the printer supports AppleTalk, you can print from ancient Macs and Apple IIgs machines using the LaserWriter driver.
  7. NJRoadfan

    Modern printer on old Mac?

    Modern inkjets will not support Postscript or PCL at all. The only way around it is using something like a RPi or VM running netatalk + CUPS/Ghostscript to "create" a Postscript printer queue on the network that classic Macs can see. The printer server will convert the Postscript to whatever the printer wants. The Mac itself would need to have Ethernet or a Localtalk bridge.
  8. A few notes. There is no guarantee that the serial port emulation from the DOS card to Mac side will work at all, there may be timing issues with MIDI devices. SoftMPU only works with non-protected mode games since it uses the 486's MMU to port trap writes to an emulated MPU-401 and redirect them. Anything protected mode needs modification directly (very few games can be configured to use a MIDI device on a serial COM port).
  9. NJRoadfan

    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    A2Server works fine with classic MacOS machines as well since the Apple IIgs and IIe Appletalk stacks are from the same era (AppleShare 3.0), A2Server also includes Samba so Windows machines can access the shares as well.
  10. NJRoadfan

    Quadra 610 PDS slot

    Heh, the Quadra 610 PDS card connector looks like a recycled Microchannel one (the extended version with video signals).
  11. The OSSC has applications on more modern systems as well. It supports sync-on-green, composite sync, and H+V sync sources, so it has utility in that area as well. The scaler function can be disabled if one wants 1:1 output on the digital side. Regarding refresh rates, the "mismatch" is rarely a problem with displays. You won't get judder/tearing from the mismatch (67hz into a 60hz native display) simply because a vintage mac can't output a solid 67 or 75 frames per second via its onboard video chip anyway (remember that this was the era of postage stamp sized 15fps video).
  12. The weirdest thing I've noticed with "picky" LCDs is that many of them will take those oddball resolutions/refresh rates no problem if they are converted to DVI/HDMI using the OSSC in pass-thru mode (just about every Samsung TV I've encountered can natively handle 240p via HDMI with no upscaling applied beforehand!). They won't touch the same signals via the onboard VGA port though.
  13. NJRoadfan

    IIc and IIGS Key Caps - Interchangeable?

    The later Apple IIc with memory expansion (A2S4100) and the IIc plus should interchange with the IIgs keyboard as they have Alps key switches. Just note that they keyboard on the IIc likely does not have keycaps the same color as the IIgs.
  14. 8.6 is likely the best OS for 601 machines provided they have enough RAM and fast storage. I was able to run 7.1.2 on a 6100/66, but that board didn't see much revision.
  15. I was able to disable the onboard 3D Rage Pro chipset on my beige G3 by using some OpenFirmware commands as I use an ATI XClaimVR 128 as the primary video card on that machine. The reason was OS X kept defaulting to the onboard video on boot. This was many moons ago and I can't remember the command I used to do this.