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  1. One may also want to consider the generic AdobePS printer driver for System 7 as well. It supports PPDs and even color printing out of the box.
  2. NJRoadfan

    How to make GS/OS boot disks?

    ResEdit should be able to change the filetype/creator on the files. http://vintagemacmuseum.com/macintosh-type-and-creator-codes/
  3. NJRoadfan

    Repair: AsanteTalk or MicroAsantePrint?

    See notes here about the AsanteTalk, these boxes are apparently pretty quirky: http://ivanx.com/a2server/a2server_lan.html Not nearly as bad as setting up a Fastpath 4 or 5 from scratch though!
  4. NJRoadfan

    How to make GS/OS boot disks?

    Bernie 2.6 should be able to mount them, although like most programs in classic MacOS, you likely need to add the proper filetype/creator to the files.
  5. NJRoadfan

    Trouble Installing GS/OS 6.0.1

    Your picture is a bit blurry, but I already see the problem. The Rev A AE GS-RAM card is NOT DMA compatible. Only the Rev E GS-RAM is fully DMA compatible as per the RamFAST installation manual (I know its not an Apple card manual, but these DMA problems apply to ALL cards). You'll forego 512k of extra RAM, but the Apple 1MB card is fully DMA compatible. Applied Engineering did some really funky designs on their cards to get those oddball amounts and they tend to break DMA. My GS-RAM Plus (6MB card) has similar compatibility problems. Its DMA safe for the first 4MB, but the card won't work in a ROM 3 machine without a GAL swapped out!
  6. NJRoadfan

    Trouble Installing GS/OS 6.0.1

    Create partitions that are slightly smaller than 32MB. I know earlier RamFAST SCSI cards had weird bugs with partitions that were the max 32MB, don't know about the Apple ones.
  7. NJRoadfan

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    The Cirrus Logic chip is the PCMCIA controller. Note that it is impossible to make a 100% Sound Blaster compatible PC Card since the standard lacks any sort of DMA pins.
  8. NJRoadfan

    Orange Micro NuBus PC Card - Need Help

    The Micron DRAM chips directly below the WDC chip (the SVGA adapter) appear to be the VRAM.
  9. NJRoadfan

    Classic Mac OS will survive Y2038 (and maybe longer)

    The UNIX epoch problem has already been a problem and solved in many systems. The end date for 30 year mortgages for instance......
  10. NJRoadfan

    Newest conquest: Apple IIc

    Remember to check the ROM revision. type PRINT PEEK(64447) from a BASIC prompt. If its anything but "255" you can use a FloppyEmu in Smartport mode for storage. Revisions 3 and 4 have the memory expansion slot and the model number on the bottom of the case will be A2S4100 vs. A2S4000.
  11. NJRoadfan

    Millenium bug after 20 years?

    Heh, Apple must have known the Lisa was doomed to fail. That machine's clock can't even be set past 1995.
  12. NJRoadfan

    Insane SCSI to FW prices

    Just be very careful with those Toshiba XM series tray loaders. The motorized eject mechanism is very fragile and can induce rage when it breaks. http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?40455-Toshiba-SCSI-CD-ROM-Drives The computer store I used to work at sold a bunch of machines with the IDE version of these drives, and within a year the vast majority were replaced since they refused to eject the tray.
  13. NJRoadfan

    Insane SCSI to FW prices

    FWIW, Plextor SCSI drives can be jumpered to 512 or 2048 byte blocks. Regarding high prices of FW to SCSI bridges. They were a transition adapter that outlived its usefulness. Its not surprising that they didn't hang around long.... just enough until folks replaced their SCSI stuff with Firewire or USB and even than it was only really targeted at Mac users.
  14. NJRoadfan

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    At that point, I would just get ADTPro setup and create disks that way. Yes, it requires a serial cable, but the program makes everything SOOOO much easier then the Disk Copy floppy shuffle on an old Mac.
  15. NJRoadfan

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    A FloppyEmu is a good investment. This is coming from someone that has both a SCSI card in a IIgs and a CFFA3000.