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  1. NJRoadfan

    Apple Color RGB Monitor

    Does it have the 15khz fly back whine? I recall reading in the past that these monitors could have problems with cold/broken solder joints. No whine means fly back transformer problems.
  2. NJRoadfan

    Apple 800K External Drive

    The Apple 3.5" Drive likely superseded the Macintosh 800k drive after it was released. Going by the number of drives out there today, the Macintosh 800k drive wasn't sold that long. At that point Apple had several machines with differing DB-19 pinouts and the logic on the daisy chain board in the new drive was designed to accommodate it, thus making it "universal". There was also a push within Apple to make all their peripherals compatible with both the Apple II and Macintosh.
  3. NJRoadfan

    Apple 800K External Drive

    https://web.archive.org/web/20160115045328/http://www.vintagemacworld.com/drives.html Does Phil post here? His site is down!
  4. NJRoadfan

    Skate finds a iigs

    Nice to see the free aliasing filter (thanks to the cruddy dot pitch) blending the SHGR 640 mode colors. The most annoying thing about these monitors is the moire pattern they always seem to produce on the Finder background.
  5. NJRoadfan

    Skate finds a iigs

    The last hardware run for the CFFA3000 is for sale right now. I'd grab one sooner rather then later.
  6. NJRoadfan

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    Did you try the software at the FTP link?
  7. NJRoadfan

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    Finding any Shiva/Kinetics software is going to be tough as Intel wiped everything off the face of the internet after they bought the company out (Internet Archive didn't pick it up since all software was on their FTP site). The only thing out there is the Shiva "Net Manager" software that is used to configure the FastPath 5, but it doesn't seem to support the EtherGate. Phil to the rescue(?), see if this is what you need: ftp://ftp.ultimate.com/FastPath/shiva-ftp/distrib/ethergate/
  8. NJRoadfan

    Self-Contained POTS System?

    Verizon is phasing out copper networks in areas served by Fios, so you'll have that dial tone, just connected to an optical network terminal. Meanwhile in areas that haven't been upgraded to Fios, the copper network is literally falling off the poles and rotting away. "Maintenance" consists of a high tech solution known as a trash bag and duct tape and that is the few splice boxes that actually get covered with something. Most of them lay exposed.
  9. NJRoadfan

    How to make GS/OS boot disks?

    I haven't used Disk Copy in a while to remember the menus, but open up the program and there should be an option to write an image to a disk. It should prompt for the image file and then prompt for a disk to write that image to. After its done, eject the disk and repeat for the next.
  10. Above is the contents of the two video driver disks the card came with. I didn't bother imaging them as I can't guarantee they are untouched disks as they have RESOURCE.FRK folders and FINDER.DAT files all over them (albeit with 1993 creation dates) from being read on a Mac with PC Exchange but not write protected.
  11. NJRoadfan

    How to make GS/OS boot disks?

    Apple's software downloads were Disk Copy 4.2 images compressed in self extracting archives.
  12. Likely some silly licensing restrictions. Apple offers their DOS side utility software for download, but not the video and sound drivers. The latter are easily found though since its standard Creative Labs Soundblaster 16 drivers. C&T never offered Windows 95 drivers for the 82c450, so the built-in driver is the best you are going to get.
  13. Attached are the video driver files off the original disks included with the DOS card. The INF files for the Windows 3.1x drivers identify the video chip as a "CHIPS 450". Disk 1 has the Windows 3.1x drivers and Disk 2 has drivers for various DOS programs including the VESA BIOS Extension driver. Looks like it only supports 640x480 at 256 colors and 800x600 or 1024x768 at 16 colors. 6100 DOS Card Video Driver Disks.zip
  14. My (long departed) Mac 512k came with the "early" style power cord. Regarding rounded mouse plugs, Apple went to that style at least when the Apple IIc was released in 1984, don't know if it carried over to Macintosh peripherals right away though. I'll have to check my early revisions "Mouse IIc" which was still a rebranded Macintosh mouse (later Mouse IIc got its own case design).
  15. I'll have to go digging for the video drivers tonight. Whats on-board was not custom in any way, it uses generic Chips & Technologies drivers. Intel bought them out in 1997 and later developed the i740 AGP graphics chip (which uses C&T drivers in Windows 3.1x!) and the Intel 810 chipset integrated video. I think the card's BIOS was VBE 1.2 compatible out of the box, so the generic SVGA drivers for Windows 3.1x (google search for SVGA.EXE) should work in a pinch. DOS software using VBE should work without UniVBE installed.