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  1. NJRoadfan

    Insane SCSI to FW prices

    Just be very careful with those Toshiba XM series tray loaders. The motorized eject mechanism is very fragile and can induce rage when it breaks. http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?40455-Toshiba-SCSI-CD-ROM-Drives The computer store I used to work at sold a bunch of machines with the IDE version of these drives, and within a year the vast majority were replaced since they refused to eject the tray.
  2. NJRoadfan

    Insane SCSI to FW prices

    FWIW, Plextor SCSI drives can be jumpered to 512 or 2048 byte blocks. Regarding high prices of FW to SCSI bridges. They were a transition adapter that outlived its usefulness. Its not surprising that they didn't hang around long.... just enough until folks replaced their SCSI stuff with Firewire or USB and even than it was only really targeted at Mac users.
  3. NJRoadfan

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    At that point, I would just get ADTPro setup and create disks that way. Yes, it requires a serial cable, but the program makes everything SOOOO much easier then the Disk Copy floppy shuffle on an old Mac.
  4. NJRoadfan

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    A FloppyEmu is a good investment. This is coming from someone that has both a SCSI card in a IIgs and a CFFA3000.
  5. The Amazon reviews of the Radeon 9200 Mac Edition mention that the DVI port doesn't work on HDMI TVs back in 2006: https://www.amazon.com/ATI-Radeon-9200-Video-100-436011/dp/B0002F8MJY The oldest DVI equipped card I have is a 1999 Matrox Marvel G400-TV with the official DVI daughter card add-on. Granted its in a PC and not made by ATI, I should see if it works with HDMI TVs.
  6. I have a machine with a Radeon X800 (is that early enough? ) using a DVI to HDMI adapter that came with a much newer HD3870 with no problems on some random Vizio 1080p HDTV. Its a 100% passive adapter and DVI to HDMI cables date back to the port's creation. Audio over DVI on newer cards is carried the same way as it is over HDMI, its embedded in the video signal (HDMI has no dedicated audio pins). A 25ft HDMI cable could be a problem though as signal integrity becomes a problem with cheap cables on longer runs.
  7. NJRoadfan

    IIgs RAM Expansion Preventing Boot?

    The error is related to the Apple Desktop Bus chip. Its likely the RAM card has a dead short in it somewhere. A chirping power supply with no activity on the machine is a clear indication of this. Monitor the power rails and see if they drop below their rated values.
  8. NJRoadfan

    How picky are Macs about external CD drives?

    I've had good luck with getting drives to work with the "universal" CD Enabler 5.3.1 from System 7.6. All were SCSI drives MUCH newer then the System 7 era. The "CD Sunrise" extension is a good backup choice as well. http://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/disk.shtml
  9. NJRoadfan

    Booksale Oddity: M0191 Laserwriter Plus Kit

    Aftermarket HP 92295A cartridges are easy to find. HP stopped making them because the Laserjet II/III series was just too darned reliable and people weren't buying new ones.
  10. If running Windows 95, you need PC Setup 2.0 installed for optimal performance as it includes 32-bit drivers for the virtual hard drive and CD-ROM.
  11. You likely saw me at VCF East and didn't realize it.
  12. NJRoadfan

    Hp laserjet 2100tn via ethernet

    Go to "Network Settings" and then the Appletalk tab in the JetDirect web interface and check if its indeed on. Regarding protocols, The JetDirect supports Appletalk printing over native DDP, not TCP/IP, so any Mac (or Apple IIgs!) running Appletalk should see if it its connected to the same network. On the Mac side I've had trouble with Appletalk working correctly and fixed most all the problems with a PRAM zap.
  13. NJRoadfan

    Hp laserjet 2100tn via ethernet

    Make sure AppleTalk is enabled on the JetDirect card via its web interface (just punch in the printer's IP into a web browser). Someone might have turned it off.
  14. NJRoadfan

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    The hard drive limit is 8.4GB, complete nonsense on Apple's part since it was a PC BIOS Int 13h software limitation, not a ATA spec limitation.
  15. NJRoadfan

    Apple Color RGB Monitor

    Does it have the 15khz fly back whine? I recall reading in the past that these monitors could have problems with cold/broken solder joints. No whine means fly back transformer problems.