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  1. Under Dog

    iMac G4 LCD Swap

    I just put together a pianobar build on an old g3 iMac slotloader. It's headed out to the garage to replace the old stereo. What software are you running for streaming music?
  2. Under Dog

    Pandora & Tiger

    My son and I just compiled pianobar on an iMac G3 400MHz. It sounds great and only takes up between 5-15% of the cpu. Makes good use of those old Harmon Kardon speakers...
  3. Under Dog

    Pandora & Tiger

    Try pianobar (I think that is what it is called). It is a terminal app that will connect to Pandora without all the overhead.
  4. Under Dog

    4th Gen. Classic iPod

    At first it was a bad folder error, but it has since turned into the sad mac. We tried reformatting the disk, but we get nothing at all anymore. Looking at that repair site, we are definitely up for the repair. We are looking at some 1.8 IDE to CF adapters at the moment, but are wondering if we could also use a CF to SD adapter in the mix as SD cards are bigger and cheaper...
  5. Under Dog

    4th Gen. Classic iPod

    My son's 4th gen iPod classic has started giving him a "click of death" which I'm assuming means the hard drive inside has died. Is this something he can fix easily? Or maybe upgrade to something like a CF or SD card instead? Ideas?
  6. Under Dog

    Steve Job's Personal Apple IIe

    I can't say if this instance was legal or not. However, for trash that is on the curb it is generally fair game. Your state, county, city, etc... may have additional laws that come into play, but I'm fairly certain federal law allows for it...
  7. Under Dog

    Steve Job's Personal Apple IIe

    Like I said... no legal expert, especially not for any region other than where I live. However, I'll say this is a very common practice in my line of work. Once the trash hits the street there is no longer any expectation of privacy. My only concern is where the trash can is located...
  8. Under Dog

    Steve Job's Personal Apple IIe

    I'm no legal expert, but let me ask you this. Where was the dumpster located? If it was out on the street, it's yours fair and square... Rest easy...
  9. Under Dog

    Using Modern Hard Drives on Old Macs?

    I've gathered there is a 2GB size limit per partition, but is there a limit to how many partitions the Mac will "see"?
  10. Under Dog

    Indigo iMac G3/500 (probably dead)

    I've not found much of a use for the G3 iMacs other than for streaming music over the network. However, those little speakers sound GREAT! I've got one in the garage and one in the basement, and one my daughter likes to use to crank her tunes too.
  11. Under Dog

    Compact Mac Repair Guide

    SWEET! That repair guide has been staring me in the face and I didn't even realize it was there...
  12. I'm curious. I've been looking at the SE's motherboard and I see connectors for the SCSI drive, floppy drives, the speaker, and the power connector... but I don't see how video gets off the motherboard to the CRT. Does this happen through one of the wires of the power connector? If so, does anyone have a pin out schematic for that connector?
  13. Under Dog

    Repairing a SE and more

    I'm with you uniserver... I prefer to see this stuff get used by people who will enjoy them. I've got another hobby that revolves around power tools made in the late 1940's. I HATE seeing them parted out on eBay, knowing that what doesn't sell probably just ends up at the metal recycler. That's another piece of history lost...
  14. Under Dog

    Introduction and acquisition

    Thanks to Macdrone for pointing me in this direction (and his overwhelming generosity)! I enjoy keeping an eye on eBay, Craigslist, and Freecycle for whatever catches my eye, and had just been on a gathering spree. I was given an eMac from someone who swore it worked if I would just take a bunch of non-working electronics and CRT's off his hands. I agreed, hoping to use the eMac for my daughter. Of course it didn't work... While contemplating what to do, I saw there was an SE just up the street. It turns out this lady was selling everything and moving from Oregon to New York to be near her daughter. I told her I'd come by and get it, but she'd have to power it up for me as I didn't want ANOTHER dead computer. When I got there, it powered up to a the , which was good enough for me. She then gave me an SE in its original box, an ImageWriter and StyleWriter (also in boxes, but I don't think they are original) and some random floppies. Apparently her daughter had used this SE to get through college years ago and was now a writer/editor in New York, and she was pleased it was going to a good home (my son wants to be a computer engineer and enjoys monkeying with old hardware). My wife was a little less happy... She had an SE/30 in college. In fact, we had that SE for the first 5+ years of our marriage stored in the basement somewhere. After 2 moves it disappeared. She's never admitted to it, but I suspect she sent it off to Goodwill rather than store and move it so much. I'm the pack rat, she's the declutterer. Regardless, I'm happy to have a little nostalgia back. I wasn't such a big computer guy when we got married. Am now... Anyway, got the SE home and couldn't get past the . An email to another group brought a response from Macdrone, and the rest is history. The SE now works beautifully! p.s. The eMac is now working too! It was filthy inside and needed a good cleaning, and had a bad/mismatched memory stick that was preventing it from booting...
  15. Under Dog

    Repairing a SE and more

    Like he said... I was looking for help getting an SE to boot and he ended up handing me every useful spare thing he had laying around his "shop". I felt guilty leaving with so much stuff. Thanks again Macdrone!!!