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  1. 68kbits

    Latest Mac 512k find :(

    I think the logic board is probably ok, the analog board needs some kind of repair. The floppy clicks, but I have not tested further
  2. 68kbits

    Color Classic no power issue debunked!

    If there is a hard drive I it, it does boot up. Otherwise it's gray screen with flashing floppy and pointer in the top left. It boots itself on regardless if a keyboard is attached or not. So for some reason it isn't waiting for the power button on the KB to be pressed. I replaced the caps on it months ago and initially thought I fixed it when I heard he boot chime, but quickly realized the pointer didn't move. Then I noticed it just booted straight up even without a keyboard attached.
  3. 68kbits

    Color Classic no power issue debunked!

    Thanks for the reply Doug, I did flush the chips with acetone and wipe the area up. I may remove the chips later, but I have a few other boards I'm working on simultaneously. I actually have what I believe is a different revision of the CC board I want to break back out and tackle now. This other one powers up immediately when the switch is flipped, but the mouse doesn't work. I'm thinking the ADB is shorter some how.
  4. 68kbits

    Color Classic no power issue debunked!

    Must have had a cold solder joint on one of my ICs. Checked the voss in that area, they all checked out good so I decided to just touched up all the joints on all the ICs before removing any of them. Now it turns on. Need to throw an hd in the machine to actually function test it, but cursor moves around at least
  5. 68kbits

    Color Classic no power issue debunked!

    I got all excited that this might fix mine too, but I have good continuity between those two points jumped above. Are there other common points on the cc that have this issue? Should the cc boot with or without a pram battery?
  6. 68kbits

    Latest Mac 512k find :(

    Apparently iPhone images don't auto rotate.
  7. 68kbits

    Latest Mac 512k find :(

    Rest of pics
  8. 68kbits

    Latest Mac 512k find :(

    I don't know if I have posted any finds before, but I thought this one was worth posting. Not for any positive reason, but to commiserate about the stupidity of those who don't know what hell they are doing, yet proceed without education. This is the worst case I have ever come accross. I don't know who did this, but I almost think they were actually trying to fix it, not destroy it It looks like they tried to pry the case open with a large screw driver, then when that didn't work they removed the vent. Then out of frustration apparently stabbed the monitor. They removed the bottom two screws and the battery compartment screw, but not the top too. Came apart no problem for me... At least now I have a compact with a case so destroyed that I won't feel bad about making it into a hack project.
  9. 68kbits

    Help with choosing / using solder paste

    Thanks guys. At least it sounds like even when it gets old it's still useful. I read that the flux separates etc. Has anyone tried adding more liquid flux and trying to mix it again? Or does the flux in there just turn to a gel like consistency?
  10. Hi everyone, I have been interested in giving solder paste a shot for a while, but have been able to get by with wire solder, and been put off by the cost and shelf life of the paste. I bought a hot air station a few months ago for cap removal, and got plenty if good advice from the forum. I would like to try using paste with the hot air station to assemble a 68060 to 68060 adapter as well as swap a couple chips on an se/30 I'm trying to bring back to life. Do any of you more experienced guys have some advise to share on which paste to buy, how to store it for max life, and what it is most helpful for?
  11. Thanks, It would actually be easier for me to just buy enough to either one at this point. I think I might have found the list for one of them anyway. 12 47uF 16v 3 470uF 16v axial 1 220 uF 16v axial
  12. I am placing a cap order and have been looking for the list of what a Macintosh II requires for a while with no luck. Does anyone have a list handy? The machine is in storage, so unfortunately I can't just go look.
  13. How do these Macintosh II series monsters hold up over time from Caps and Batteries? They have two batteries don't they? Do they have a high success rate after new battery and recap?
  14. 68kbits

    Bluetooth on the cheap

    How is the range? I have a cheap little usb nub bluetooth and I had to extend the stupid thing onto my desk for the keyboard to work flawlessly. Can you get several feet from it with the tower on the floor?
  15. It doesn't appear that the unisdisk supports 3.5" emulation yet. Has anyone bought one yet? http://tulip-house.ddo.jp/DIGITAL/UNISDISK/english.html