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  1. haemogoblin

    General question about B/W Powerbooks and their screens

    So the 140, 145 etc dont suffer from this because they use a passive screen? Is it possible to reseal the screens and how?
  2. haemogoblin

    General question about B/W Powerbooks and their screens

    Unfortunately I live in the North of England where the weather tends to change for much of the time. Its never constantly warm and dry, so my PB is unlikely to 'dry out'. I had it sitting in the airing cupboard for two months and it still letterboxes in the same bottom right corner. So I was curious if there were any other mono display PowerBooks which didn't suffering from it.
  3. haemogoblin

    Plus cap locations

    You sure are a gentleman Now i just need to compare this with the envelope i have full of new caps and see if it makes sense. Luckily my Plus has been unplugged for a few years, so hopefully it wont have any charge in the screen. Perfect time to take the back off and swap out the caps lol
  4. haemogoblin

    Plus cap locations

    Some years back i bought a recap kit for my Plus from a fellow member, however looking at it today i realised I'm not 100% sure i know where each cap goes. Is there some sort of diagram showing cap locations and their values for the Plus? Thanks guys!
  5. I couldn't think of a more suitable place to post this, though I did consider posting it in the lounge. As someone who owns a letter boxing Powerbook, I was wondering if there are any black and white / greyscale display Powerbooks that dont suffer from this dreaded affliction.
  6. haemogoblin

    Scratches and scuffs aluminium PB

    As I've always wanted one of these, wanting too try keep it in good condition that was all
  7. haemogoblin

    Scratches and scuffs aluminium PB

    So if you scuff it, your basically screwed?
  8. Hey guys Does anyone out there, know of a way to rub out the occasional scuff on these shiny machines? I think my wrist watch strap has left a tiny scuff on the aluminium and I've been sat trying to figure out how to buff it out. Thoughts so far, but none I've dared to try. Fine grit 2000 grade sand paper Brasso rubbing polish A green course scouring pad
  9. haemogoblin

    Plus recapping power board

    Hey guys I've had a recap kit from CC_333 in my drawer for over a year now as i've been putting off recapping the power board. I'm now thinking I really should get on it before the caps leak, does anyone know if there is a diagram pointing out the locations for each of the caps on the power board? Cheers
  10. haemogoblin

    Using a 180c in a 180

    Then it looks like trying it in the oven and maybe keeping my eyes open for a 180c
  11. haemogoblin

    Using a 180c in a 180

    I can get my hands on the screen bezel. I was just wondering if the cables for the grey scale screen would work with the 180c colour panel.
  12. haemogoblin

    Using a 180c in a 180

    Thanks for that!
  13. haemogoblin

    Using a 180c in a 180

    For some reason my iPad didn't include screen in the subject of this thread. I'm trying to fit 180c colour panel inside a 180.
  14. haemogoblin

    Using a 180c in a 180

    So I'm trying to side step screen tunnelling on my 180. All the research I've done suggests I'm on the right track. Question is do I need to swap the inverter? Or will the 180s screen inverter work with the 180c LCD panel?
  15. haemogoblin

    PB 180 “head transplant”

    Hey guys I dont want to hijack a thread but I'm in a very similar situation to the op, except I want to do the opposite. Fit a 180c screen to a 180, does anyone know what parts I'd need from the 180c? Would I need to whole upper half of the machine or just the lid?