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  1. This is true, an HD monitor(not TV) should work fine with it. I tried hooking my Mac Mini up to a couple of now older HDTV and did not work.(just got a black screen). I wish there was an easy workaround for this since I want to use it with my video capture card witch SEEMS to suffer from the same problem.
  2. I have had this problem with several old video cards. Looking into it, DVI and HDMI are not as compatible as most people think. For one thing, HDMI uses "Y′CBCR" colour space by default with RGB being optional, DVI uses "RGB" and "Y′CBCR" is optional. Some old video card had an S-video connection with a higher number of pins and with the correct adapter(example: https://www.thinkcables.com/products/01779.html, you would use this to hook the card up to a TV with component video. Audio would be separate.
  3. jamie marchant

    New guy with a "Mac Plus" music player

    Nicely done.
  4. jamie marchant

    5.1 PCI Sound Card for Beige G3?

    That's a good idea. Offhand I can't think of many programs or games that have surround sound in Mac OS 9. A shooter probally does but I don't usually play those.
  5. jamie marchant

    Javascript slows down a G4

    You can also try the "mobile" version of sites.(i.e m.facebook.com). The "mobile" version was originally meant for "dumb" cellphones but with modern smartphones even they have been becoming more resource intensive.
  6. jamie marchant

    5.1 PCI Sound Card for Beige G3?

    Wasn't there an old "Sound Blaster Live! for Mac"? Maybe it's old enough that it will run on your machine.
  7. jamie marchant

    PCI sound cards that work on Mac OS 9

    Sorry, forgot about this thread. I have a Sound Blaster something (model: CT4B10), I don't think it's very good. I have a Sound Blaster Live(CT4830), this was a good card for PC but I've heard the Mac cards sound better or about the same so I have not bothered to modify the driver, even though that is something I've heard of. Lastly, I have a Vortex AU8829B2. Sorry other than the Live I don't know the 'name' of these cards.
  8. jamie marchant

    PCI sound cards that work on Mac OS 9

    Hi: I ave some old sound card lying around and was wondering if any of them would work on OS 9. They may or may not be better then whatever I have built-in to the machine I don't know.(I have a PowerMac G4 PCI). Does anyone have a list of compatible cards? If not I only have 3 cards, I could just list them off. -Jamie
  9. jamie marchant

    Power Mac 9600 200 mhz start up problem

    Do you have a Mac serial cable? I've never tried this when I had a Mac of this era but I've read you can asssass Open Firmware using such a cable. It PROBABLY needs to be adapted to be a null modem cable. With it hooked up to another machine, hold ⌘ Cmd+⌥ Option+O+F at boot. Then you run terminal software on the other machine. It sounds like Zterm would work for Classic Mac and PuTTY would work on Windows.(though getting an adaptor for Windows is hard.) Linux and OS X can use the "screen" command. Some of this comes for quick Google searches so I could be wrong about some of it. Ounce connected you can PROBABLY dionose your problem. Every implementation of OpenFirmwar is slightly different but a basic guild can be found here: http://www.firmworks.com/QuickRef.html. I can't be any more help since I have barley played with OpenFrimware on machines that don't need serial cables to access it.
  10. jamie marchant

    Writing a system Extension

    I don't know that much about the inner workings of the Classic Mac OS but is there no universal place that one could patch the time mechanism. Also I think Denodster was talking about the date stamp on files in which case he is correct.
  11. jamie marchant

    Imac g4 and system 7.6.1

    AFAIK one of the reasons for this is they don't have AKB ports and only OS 8.6 has support for USB at boot.
  12. jamie marchant

    Writing a system Extension

    Hmm I am probally thinking of some other old OS.
  13. jamie marchant

    Writing a system Extension

    Mac OS X should be but I don't think Classic is not. A workaround most people use it to set the date to four digits this works with most programs. At most all you end up with is files coming up in the wrong order.
  14. jamie marchant

    Writing a system Extension

    I don't know anything about programming extensions but would it be possible to fix the Y2K bug?