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  1. MinerAl

    3D-Printed Objects

    The school I work at has purchased a 3D printer that has a 10"w x 10"d x20"h (254mm x 254mm x 508mm) print area. That's big enough to print a compact Mac bezel (diagonally at least). 128k, 512kx, Plus, SE/x, Classic, and even the Color Classic should all be do-able. Immediate applications that come to mind - customized floppy openings for different media (Zip/Jaz drives, optical drives, Twiggy drives, SD cards), customized monitor openings and interior mounting lugs for for flat screens, simple replacement of broken bezels, Macquaria and Macsks, even whole new esthetic takes on the front of a compact Mac (like this. ) I don't think buckets are possible yet, but it might be fun to do a 5/9 scale one with a little 5" CRT or 4:3 flat screen. Anybody got a good scan of the face (interior and exterior) of any compact Mac? I'd really like a Classic model to mess with, but any compact Mac face will do.
  2. 1/ Did you have any left over or bequeathed to you from back in the day? About 4 Mac 512s that I inherited from the school that bought them new in the late 80s. I hadn't bought many since the early 2000s, until the universe messed with me a few months ago and a $50 Plus in original box showed up at the recycle joint. 2/ When you got the bug and set out to acquire one, which model was it? I ordered 3 SEs and one SE/30 ("Osiris"), all with network cards, from a usenet post back in the mid 90s. $700 ($150x3 + $250) 3/ After you started collecting, how many refugees were simply tossed your way or were found items? Most of mine were acquired when I left the grade school teaching job in '03. I only kept the best 10 or so, 4 being the FatMacs from #1. They threw away the other 10-15 because it was 2003 and they were "useless" (even though they were all Appletalk'd to a printer and word processing like champs at the time...) They later tossed the 12 fruit iMacs and the 12 G3 AIOs. New guy wanted PCs. He was also a thoroughgoing creep, so they tossed him the next year. 4/ How many did you run across and fell irresistibly into their inescapable gravitational well. 2. A craigslist SE/30 for $30 a few years ago, and the aforementioned Plus-in-the-box 5/ How many models were you then irresistibly drawn to after exposure to the first? All of them. Except... I was originally using them for email/printing in classrooms, because I could get them super cheap from the surplus place. There were literal piles/walls of the little guys in the 1990s. $50 for SE/30s, $25 for SEs, $20 for 512s and $10 for 128s. I routinely turned up my nose at the sad little 128s because they couldn't run the (super low resource) email program I put on them for teachers and a word processor. Wish I'd had a 1996-$100 worth of them of them in 2011 when the "Steve Jobs signed" craze was going on. Coulda sent my kids to school for a year. 6/ How many were unintended results of trades or purchases of other Macs. None. I'm responsible for every one of these doorstops. 7/ How many were you forced to acquire for parts? None. I've cannibalized a few and made other things from their shells (Macquaria, Halloween masks, a tiny little black and white SVGA monitor, 80% of a Quadra Classic) 8/ How many models were acquired for testing/evaluation of expansion options that fell into your lap? Again, I have a surplus, and some of them had batteries go boom, so... 9/ How many seem to have appeared from causes unknown. I only know/remember the circumstances of about 5 of them... the rest are all a blur. Fun! Thanks for asking!
  3. MinerAl

    Can a LC 520 be converted into a 575?

    If you have a 520 available and easy, go get it. An external SCSI CD-ROM (although an Ethernet card would be a better $20 investment) and a 575 LoBo will do what you want to do until you can trade up to a full 57x later
  4. MinerAl

    Extract icons from pre-OS X mac apps

    If you have a pre OS X machine, you can Get Info about the app, select the icon in the upper left corner and command-C copy it, then paste it into your image-editor of choice.
  5. MinerAl

    Color Classic CRT specs

    Whoops. Misremembered what this thread was about. Nevermind. Sorry.
  6. MinerAl

    Color Classic CRT specs

    They're back (not my auction), but the increase of rarity has had an effect, of course.
  7. MinerAl

    Macintosh classic II - office find

    There are occasionally 9" B/W POS SVGA CRT monitors on eBay that fit nicely in a Classic case. F'rinstance They fit and look much much more stock than any flatscreen ever will, but they are limited by lack-of-color and resolution (800x600 max).
  8. MinerAl

    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

    You should go back and get the other SEs. Then you'll have plenty of parts for a FrankenMac SE.
  9. MinerAl

    DB-19 Hot Juicy Awesomeness

    This is just cool!
  10. MinerAl

    wash with naphtha?

    Use the highest % isopropyl alcohol you can get. If it's actually caked-on muddy, you might want to start with distilled water, followed by the alcohol to speed drying
  11. MinerAl

    Auto Eject Mod

    The Classic and Classic II both had auto-inject, so if you mate an auto-inject with the 605 board (which works), your floppy will be fine. Keep the stock Classic floppy drive in there, and you won't have any chassis issues. Trying to put a manual-inject in the Classic chassis could also work with some shimming/offsetting/angling. It'd be easier to go with the floppy drive that was designed for the case/chassis.
  12. MinerAl

    Auto Eject Mod

    Yes you can. LCIIs and LCIIIs came with both/either without changing anything about the logic board. Further, I've accidentally switched them and wondered why floppies wouldn't fit in bezels right!
  13. MinerAl

    Color Classic CRT specs

    It is a 10" POS monitor, so it just looks like a regular (but tiny) CRT computer monitor from the 90s. It's a Fujitsu; Type No: PB600441, P/N:80602101, manufactured by Action Electronics Co. LTD in Taiwan in April 2000. It has a lot of Dutch (or possibly Afrikaans) writing on stickers on it, so there's that... A previous auction where they were sold (in 2013-14) was titled "ebay.com/itm/New-10-Fujitsu-CRT-SVGA-Color-Monitor-1024-x-768-Resolution-Type-PB60044" As I mentioned, the tube might fit if you shaved the bezel wider, but it is 1 7/8" (48mm) too deep to fit in the Classic bucket without serious surgery. It isn't super blurry at 1024x768, very usable. But much clearer at 800x600 and 640x480. You will have to dremel out the port holes on the back of the bucket, as they do not align at all. You will have to have a cable from the video port back into the case to drive the CRT you eventually put in there (this is what led me to switch to the equally perfectly fitting 575 board, with its video output on the edge connector on the front of the board). But with those caveats, yes! It fits beautifully. On the metal chassis there are tabs that hold the Classic's tiny board in the track just the right amount; you'll need to bend them flat and remove the fan shroud, but then you're golden. I bent new tabs further in to accommodate the deeper 605 board.
  14. MinerAl

    Color Classic CRT specs

    There used to be a really nicely illustrated thread on here about me putting at first a 605 (which fits perfectly in a Classic if you remove the fan shroud, you don't even have to turn it in sideways) and then a 575 (which is the same dimensions as a CC board, which in turn was clearly designed to fit in the (non-Color) Classic chassis) in it. The point was to have it be a c.1994 Classic III (I liked the name "Quadra Classic") with the manual inject floppy opening pout surgically added. Unfortunately the forum changed software in '14, the pictures went missing, and the thread is pretty useless without the pictures. Anyway... I did successfully put a 9" grayscale SVGA (800x600) "new" POS monitor in a Classic chassis and run it from the 605 board. Getting it all buttoned up with the logic board inside and the '94 style face on it has been receding in likelihood for 2 years, but I'm 90% there. A color CRT (9" or otherwise) will not fit in a Classic case without some major plastic surgery on the bucket. Color CRTs are much deeper than their monochrome counterparts. You'd need a hole/bump on the back cover to deal with that depth. The 10" color XGA monitor I have could probably fit in the front with some judicious bezel trimming, but it is at least two inches too deep for the bucket to fit on the back.